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How To Open RAR Files On Windows, MAC, and Linux

Compressing files makes our life easier in terms of data saving. Compression formats like .ZIP, .RAR which are very famous and commonly used. RAR files are created by WinRar data compression tool. When you download an RAR file online you need to extract its contents in order to access its files. We’ll be showing you how to open rar files in this article.

Opening RAR files on Windows, MAC is easy as we can use software for this purpose. But when it comes to opening RAR files on Linux we’ll have to use commands in order to access files inside RAR archive.

RAR files archive can store file system attributes of NTFS hence a full backup with very rich compression ability. RAR supports solid archiving which results in very small compressed files. Hence, RAR compressed file size is lower than the ZIP file.

There are many RAR files extracting tools available in the market with different capabilities and features. We’ll be showing you the easiest way to open RAR files on Windows, MAC, and Linux.

How To Open RAR Files On Windows

Windows operating system has almost every Software and Application that is needed to make your life easier. From high-end software to useful apps and hardcore games you’ll find everything on Windows platform. Similarly, there’re a lot of RAR files opener software available. But you need to choose a better one for instance and quick response while opening RAR files.

There’re many RAR files extractors available for Windows OS but there are two most popular and best extractors in the market. We personally loved to use them while working with RAR files.

Also, we have shared in an article on opening RAR files without password.

These are free RAR file opener and can be download and used without paying. Below are the name of those file extractor tools:

  1. WinRAR
  2. 7Zip

Using WinRar to Open RAR Files On Windows

WinRar is a compression and free RAR file opener which can be used to open and create RAR file archive. This is free to use RAR file converter. Below are the steps for extracting RAR files using WinRar:

  1. Download and install WinRar from this link.
  2. After installing it browse to the RAR file archive which you want to open.
  3. Now right click on the RAR archive and you’ll get the option saying “Open With WinRar“. Now WinRar will open your files.WinRar Files Extractor
  4. If you need to extract the files you can Right Click>Extract Files Using WinRar.extract rar files on windows
  5. Choose the path and click OK.extracting rar files on windows


WinRar makes your way easier in opening RAR files within the software and also extracting files quickly. There’s also another software called 7zip which is another great software to open RAR files.

7zip is completely free to download and use. Simplicity is the best thing in 7zip software. However, 7zip can extract RAR files but you can’t compress files to RAR format using this software. It has its own compression technology knows as .7z which compress files to more smaller size than RAR.

Steps to use 7zip to open RR Files On Windows:

Using 7zip is very simple. It has the capability of opening RAR files and also many other compression formats can be opened using 7zip. Simplicity and easy to use functionality is the best thing about 7zip.

  1. Download and install 7zip from this link.
  2. Browse to the location where RAR archive is located.
  3. Right click and select 7zip then in the sub-menu select Open rar files using 7zip4. Now browse the files within the 7zip software.7zip Files Extractor

    5.You can also extract the archive by selecting Extract option in the sub-menu easily.

So, these are the simplest way to open RAR files easily. We’ve shown you the best way to open RAR files using two free best software.

How To Open RAR Files On MAC

MAC Osx is designed for Apple iMacs, Mac Books, and other Apple products. There’re a lot of software, games etc. available on Osx platform. We’ll be showing you the best way to open RAR files on MAC.

Keka is the best free solution for opening RAR files on Osx. It’s free to download and use RAR opener and extractor tool for MAC Osx. This is also best RAR extractor MAC Osx software.

Also, you can open rar on mac online by visiting this link. This service is amazing and free to use. This is very useful to open rar files on mac without downloading software.

You can simply drag and drop files to Keka to the Dock to compress it. The process is little bit complex so below are the steps:

  1. First of all download and install Keka from this link.
  2. Now, to open RAR on MAC files you need top drag the RAR file to the Dock or simply double click and then pop up menu will appear if the password is required. Otherwise, files will be extracted and you can then browse the rar files on mac
  3. Also, if you want to compress files on MAC just open the Keka, then select the compression technology like RAR, 7zip and drag-drop files to the Dock. Your files will be compressed within few moments.compress files on mac

This software was the simplest way to open RAR files on MAC. Keka is the best free software for performing this action. However, there is also other RAR files opener but this one is free and best to use. We’ve shown you the process to open and compress RAR files on MAC using Keka.

How To Open RAR Files On Linux

Here comes the turn of open source OS platform. The Linux has its own capabilities of doing something great. Due to its source codes are available anyone can customize it to perform different work. Resulting in different Linux distros which have the capability of doing something great.

When it comes to opening RAR files on Linux, it’s no longer remains an easy task. There’s no graphical interface to install RAR file opener on Linux. You need to write few commands inside the terminal to make it happen.

Below are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Log in to root user in your Linux OS. Make sure you’re connected to the internet because we’ll show you the online process of installing unrar.
  2. For online installation type the command given below:
Debian Linux Users:       apt-get install unrar
Fedora Core Linux Users:  yum install unrar
Arch Linux Users:      pacman -S unrar
OpenBSD Users:   pkg_add –v –r unrar
Suse10 Users:  yast2 –i unrar
Suse11 Users:  zipper install unrar

3. Now, unrar will be downloaded and installed within few minutes.

4. After successfully installing unrar browse to the location where RAR file is located. Right Click there and select “Open In Terminal”

5. Type unrar x filename.rar to extract the files. Commands are same for ubuntu, centos and other Linux build.

6. If you want to get the list of files inside the RAR archive then type unrar l filename.rar and list of files will be shown within the terminal.

Hence, opening RAR files on Linux also becomes easier using commands and process given above. Let us know in comment section below if you’re having any problem in opening RAR files on Windows, MAC, Linux.

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