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How To Partition a Hard Drive Using Command Prompt

Windows users are very flexible kind of users. They need a lot of customization in their operating system. They want to create an environment under which they can work with minimum problems. The best thing about Microsoft Windows is that users can modify many things and there are a lot of software and tools that allow customization. Also, there are numerous tools that help you in managing disk space and storage management. Command prompt in Windows can do many things for you. If you need to partition a hard drive using command prompt, you can do it quickly using CMD.

Creating a partition of hard disk seems to be very risky as there’s fear of losing data. There are many software available in the market who can do this thing, but using them is not easy. Those tools/software might be bricked in some cases there might be some bugs resulting in loss of useful data. In this case, CMD is the best way to partition your hard drive.

You might think that using command prompt is very difficult. But, it’s not true as if you have commands then you can just hit them in CMD and your work is done. So, let’s start with creating a partition a hard drive using CMD.

Steps To Partition a Hard Drive Using Command Prompt

To partition your hard disk you need to enter few commands in command prompt and you should have administrator user account access. Without admin privileges, you can’t do anything with the hard disk.

If you need to create a partition which can be used as system partition then you need to create a primary partition. We’ll show you method in this article to create primary partition by diskpart.

We can call diskpart a tool which is inbuilt in Windows OS and can be used to manage disks. You can also create bootable USB using diskpart. You can create, clean, format, and can do amazing things using diskpart. Hence, there’s no need to download any paid tool or software to do these all things in your Windows OS.

Follow the steps given below to create new partition using diskpart:

Step 1. Press Win+R and type diskpart. Hit enter, Windows will ask for Administrator privileges. Click Yes to give it admin privileges.

partition a hard drive using command prompt

Launch Diskpart

Step 2. Now, type list disk and hit enter.

how to create new partition using cmd

List Disk

Select your drive, if I need to create a new partition in Disk 0 then I’ll type select disk 0.

diskpart create new partition

Select Disk

Step 3. Then type create partition primary size=1000. Here “1000” is the size o the new partition in MB. Type size according to your needs.

Step 4. You need to assign the newly created partition with a letter that you haven’t used before. To do so type assign letter=D and hit enter.

Step 5. Type exit and check the newly created partition using CMD.


Make sure you’ve entered the commands given above in sequence and the correct manner. If you have a partition and need to extend the partition by CMD follow the steps given below. Extending partition will increase the size of existing partition from another partition’s free space available.

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Extend Partition Size Using CMD

Step 1. Press Win+R, type CMD, give it admin privileges.

Step 2. Type list disk and hit enter, then select the disk by typing select disk 0 or the number of your disk.

Step 3. Type select volume 1 for selecting existing volume. Make sure you’ve selected correct volume.

Step 4. Now, type extend size=10000. Here 10000 is for 10 GB. Type your required size and hit enter.

Step 5. Once done, type exit to exit. Check the extended site of existing partition.

These are the quick and easy steps to create a new partition and extend an existing partition. Make sure you’ve followed the steps with high accuracy. If you’re having problem comment below to let us know.

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