PeerBlock Alternatives (Programs Like PeerBlock)

PeerBlock is a software program for Windows OS which identifies that with who yours computer system connecting on the internet. It also gives you features through which you can the desired lists of “known bad” computers and you can block all communication with those systems who is monitoring your p2p activities. It can save you from advertising or spyware oriented servers, and even all those computers which have been hacked as well.

PeerBlock is simply a tool that gives you such options, so that you can block certain IP addresses from accessing your system, so they will be prohibited from spying on you or your system and they will never know what data you are trying to access on your system.

However, it still has lack of accuracy and excellence in its features. Also, it seems almost impossible to block all the dangerous IP. So to get more accuracy and features you need to Try some other Programs like PeerBlock. These software programs will work at least way better in features than PeerBlock Or they will be having a pretty good frequently updated database to recognize all of the dangerous IPs.

So here are Some of the Best PeerBlock Alternatives which you need to Try:

1. PeerGuardian


PeerGuardian is one of the best privacy oriented firewall application so far. Unlike PeerBlock, PeerGuardian way bigger/huge blocklist, through which it detects thousands or millions of IP ranges and lets your privacy safe. PeerGuardian simply blocks all the connections to and from hosts those are specified in huge blocklists. PeerGuardian’s main target is to stop those bad IP’s from getting any kind of info while you use P2P.

Also, it is now actively developed for Linux Operating System. Also, For Windows, there is no recent update but the old version still works amazingly and you can try it as PeerBlock Alternative.

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2. Simplewall


It is an amazing Tool which configures WFP(Windows Filtering Platform) and can configure network activity. Simplewall has very unique and simple Interface and has no annoying popups. Its Internal blocklist gives you feature to block Windows spy/telemetry.

Another best part about Simplewall is that it gives you the option so that you can create a custom blocklist where you can create your own rules for blocking and along with that you will get localization support and supports IPv4/IPv6.

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3. iplist


iplist is another open source program for Linux which is used for blocking connection from a specific range of hosts. To blocking connection from a specific range of hosts it uses Netfilter Netlink-queue library. Since iplist filters IP the same way as PeerBlock and PeerGuardian so it can be a good alternative for PeerBlock and PeerGuardian as well. It has many version released with upgraded database since it launched in 2008.

iplist is available for Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch Linux, OpenSuSE, Mandriva, Debian and other Old Distributions as well.

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4. BeeThink IP Blocker

BeeThink IP Blocker

BeeThink IP blocker is one of the Windows IP blocking programs which controls how one computer interacts with other computers over a network. This IP blocking program also used in a production environment, and windows server machines as well, so that you can ban unwanted IP addresses anytime you want. Along with such best features for IP filtering, BeeThink IP blocker is pretty lightweight which works with IP blocking process and different variables such as IP address, protocol, Port and other TCP/IP factors.

It gives you Blacklist and whitelist and Automatically updates IP list features. It also Supports multiple IP list formats, such as Apache’s .htaccess too. One of its best features is that you can also Look up remote IP addresses and ownership information using BeeThink IP Blocker. However, it is not free and will charge you a fair amount to use such advanced features. Although It is one of the best PeerBlock Alternatives.

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