Penc is a well-known window management program that has been specifically created for the Mac operating system. It makes use of trackpad motions to execute a variety of tasks including moving, copying, and resizing the currently running program tab.  It operates in a series of incremental phases, such as the following: initially, you must zoom in or out of the specific window. After you have completed the target zone, it provides you with the option of marking the region of interest with the use of a keyboard shortcut and dragging it to the main screen.

However, if Penc is not working for you anymore? due to some issues! or maybe it is down temporarily, but you don’t want to wait, then here are some of the best alternatives to Penc which you will enjoy surely.

So, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! if you want to try some other programs like Penc then here are some of the best Penc alternatives which you should try:


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Best Alternatives To Penc


Using keyboard keys, you may move and resize windows on Mac OS with Rectangle. Rectangle makes use of MASShortcut, an open-source library for recording keyboard shortcuts in macOS applications that are well maintained.

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Aquasnap is a Windows management tool that allows users to customize, move and resize windows in the desired format. It comes with dock windows, snapping tools and various other tools to offer a top-notch personalization experience. Along with this, it offers multitasking features specially designed...

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BetterTouchTool is a simple-to-use software that allows you to adjust the behavior of various input devices on your Mac computer. It is fully compatible with your MacBook trackpad, standard mouse motions, standard mouse buttons, keyboard shortcuts, key sequences, and text triggers, among many other features...

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Divvy is a whole new method of organizing and managing your workplace. Using this program, you may quickly and effectively "divide up" your screen into precise sections. To use Divvy, all you have to do is start up the interface and start clicking and dragging....

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AltDrag is an intelligent tool that allows you to resize and move your windows. This tool allows you to do more with fewer mouse movements, which is very useful while working with your notepads. You have Multi-monitor capability, which allows you to drag a window...

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ShiftIt is a lightweight Mac tool that lets you quickly adjust window size and location, as well as control the screen in any manner you see fit. This tool seems to be excellent since it makes it simple to deal with numerous windows at the...

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Taekwindow is a simple, lightweight, and free Windows tool that enables you to move and resize windows by dragging them with the Alt key. The free freeware program enhances Windows by adding three customizable features. These include the ability to resize or move a window...

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Moom is a robust Windows management software that enables users to easily manage their windows on the screen. Also users can set custom sizes and postioning of Windows on the screen according to their preference. Along with this users can manually set the position of...

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DisplayFusion is one of the most effective task managers for handling two monitors at the same time. Each monitor's taskbar may be customized to show all of the apps and windows running on that monitor. Other capabilities of DisplayFusion include support for third-party start menus,...

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It is an all-in-one software that makes window management simpler by allowing you to simply establish the visual grid on your desktop so that you can effortlessly snap windows with one click. You can create custom grids or share grids to execute many actions without...

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