Pillars Of Eternity Console Commands Cheats

Pillars Of Eternity is one of the popular role playings game which is developed by Obsidian Entertainment and released in March 2015. Since then it becomes very popular among the gamers worldwide. This game becomes Best RPG game of 2015 after reaching the attention of gamers so they more likely to play it and later it won Spirit of the PC Award as well. This Awesome game can be played more interestingly with these console commands.

Do you know how to open Console?

Before proceeding to know about Pillars Of Eternity Console Commands. Follow steps to Open and unlock console commands.

  • Press tilde sign(~) on the keyboard (or remap the key in the keyboard control settings if you are using a non-US keyboard layout, then press that)
  • After that, press ENTER key to input a command
  • Type in the first command, “iroll20s” which will unlock all console commands.
  • For commands requiring the character name, use “Player” as the name for the main character.

List of Pillars Of Eternity Console Commands

iroll20sUnlock cheatsiroll20s
AddAbility Adds AbilityAddAbility Player ArmoredGrace
AttributeScore Sets a character's attribute valueAttributeScore Companion_Calisca Might 30
Skill Sets a character's skill valueSkill Player Mechanics 4
AddItem Adds item to inventoryAddItem battle_axe_silver_crow 1
AdvanceTimeByHours Advances time by x hoursAdvanceTimeByHours 8
GivePlayerMoney Adds copperGivePlayerMoney 10000
RemovePlayerMoney Removes copperRemovePlayerMoney 200
AddExperience Adds Experience to partyAddExperience 5000
AddExperienceToLevel Adds just enough experience to level up to the specified levelAddExperienceToLevel 10
NoDamage <0/1>Everyone is InvulnerableNoDamage 1
NoFogDisables Fog of WarNoFog
setzoomrange Overrides Zoom RangeSet Zoom Range 1 2
GodActivates/deactivates God ModeGod
InvisibleActivates/deactivates invisibilityInvisible
FreeRecipesToggleLets you craft without ingredientsFreeRecipesToggle
RestForces RestRest
HealPartyHeals entire partyHealParty
AddToParty Adds NPC to partyAddToParty NPC_Medreth

If you’re using the IE Mod, you can just use these commands without any prerequisites. And if you are not using IE Mod then most of these commands will not work. So, you need to enable it by iroll20s 


  • SetZoomRange minValue maxValue – will not change your current zoom, but will allow you to zoom really close and really far with the mouse wheel… try typing SetZoomRange 0.1 200, You can input any values of course.
  •  Force an NPC who is not a party member to walk somewhere
    AIPathToPoint id1 id2 movementType
    id1 = it’s the guy who you want moved. For example NPC_Medreth_Guard_Dwarf
    id2 = it’s where you want the guy to go. You can give him anything you can find in FindObject or FindCharacter… You can give him TurningWheel(Clone) or NPC_Villager_Female_03and he’ll go there. He won’t go if he can’t reach that place.
    MovementType = it’s a number 2, 3 or 4… = walk, 3 = run, 4 = sprint
    Example: AIPathToPoint NPC_Medreth_Guard_Dwarf NPC_Villager_Female_03 2
  • Make NPC (who are not party members) fight someone
    Same principle as with above, the command is AIForceAttack id1 id2
    Example: AIForceAttack NPC_Medreth_Guard_Dwarf NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man
  • Jump to another area
    AreaTransition MapName PointLocation
    Example: AreaTransition AR_0002_Dyrford_Tavern_01 North1
  • Unlock an area on the world map or all areas
    WorldMapSetVisibility mapname visibilitytype (visibilitytypes are: 0 = locked, 1 = unlocked, 2 = hidden, 3 = developerOnly) – unlocks a certain area
    UnlockAllMaps – unlocks them all
    Of course it’s useless to try unlocking areas that aren’t supposed to be drawn on the map, like some caves.
    If the name of the area indicates it to be outdoors, you can try it.                                                                        For example: WorldMapSetVisibility AR_0301_Ondras_Gift_Exterior 1
  • Deal damage to anyone
    Same deal as before.
    DealDamage ID value
    Example: DealDamage NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man 200
  • Kill anyone
    Example: Kill NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man
  • HealParty
    Doesn’t require any parameters.
  • Unlock container (ignoring lock)
    Open chest_01 true
    UnlockAll – unlocks all containers in the area.
  • Open container (ignoring lock) (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.)
    OpenContainer chest_01
  • Jump to mouse cursor (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.)
    Usage: Jump (no parameters required)
    Teleports selected characters under the mouse cursor, but only if the cursor is on the navmesh.
  • Hire an NPC
    OpenCharacterCreationNewCompanion cost endingLevel
    The first parameter represents how much it will cost if the player does hire this companion.
    The second one stands for what level the companion will be.
    Example: OpenCharacterCreationNewCompanion 0 8
  • To Rest
    Forces rest no matter where you are and no matter what your supplies are.
  • Make someone hostile
    Example: SetIsHostile CRE_Boar_Animal_Companion(Clone) true
    Example2: SetIsHostile CRE_Boar_Animal_Companion(Clone) false
  • Various teleports
    TeleportObejctToLocation guid guid
    TeleportPartyToLocation guid
    TeleportPlayerToLocation guid
    Example: TeleportPartyToLocation CRE_Boar_Animal_Companion(Clone)
  • Spawn an encounter
    EncounterSpawn id — the IDs can be found using the GameObject Browser (console command: tt ). You go up the heirarchy until you’re at the top, then go into 2_Design_Area_Encounters and there you will have your IDs. Sometimes the devs don’t put the encounters into 2_Design_Area_Encounters and they just hang at the top of the heirarchy along with other gameobjects, but can easily be identified, because they start with “ENC_”.
  • Spawn a creature  (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.)
    BSC creaturename bool (0 – for friendly, 1 – for hostile)
  • For now, the only names known are the file names starting with “cre_” in assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle
    So for example to spawn a friendly “Obsidian Wurm” (it’s an animal companion), you type:
    BSC cre_wurm_obsidian_pet 0
  • For a hostile druid cat:
    BSC cre_druid_cat01 1
  • Advance Quest (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.)
    First, you need to get the internal names of your active quests using ListActiveQuests
    This will yield a bunch of lines such as data/quests/00_dyrford_ulterior_motives.quest — sometimes you’ll have to guess which quest is which, for instance this name is assigned to Dyrford’s quest known to players as “Cat and Mouse”.
    Once you know the exact internal name, use ForceAdvanceQuest name
    Example: ForceAdvanceQuest data/quests/00_dyrford_ulterior_motives.quest


  • Rename character
    New a console command to allow you to rename creatures. This is important for when you respec into a Ranger, because your companion will be called something like BearCompanion.
    So again, find your companion’s ingame name, then use RenameCreature ingamename newname
    Example: RenameCreature Animal_Companion_Wolf(Clone) Wolfie
  • Party becomes invisible for everyone
  • Nobody takes any damage
    NoDamage 1 (to turn it on)
    NoDamage 0 (to turn it off)
  • Camera Speed
    CameraMoveDelta float
    Default value is 1. You can use values like 0.5 or 2 or 1.5, etc…
  • Achievements (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.)
    CheckAchievements – this checks whether you have accidentally disabled achievements for this playthrough or not. The only way you could’ve done it is by typing iroll20s, by the way.
    ReenableAchievements – for people who disabled them accidentally.
  • Path of the Damned
    SwitchPOTD – changes your game difficulty to Path of the Damned. Or if it’s already at POTD, changes it back to Hard.
  • Helmet Visibility
    HelmetVisibility true/false
    Affects only currently selected party members.
  • Default Zoom
    SetDefaultZoom value. Default is 1.

These Pillars Of Eternity Console Commands will probably work if you unlock the console. So the very first or initial thing you need to do is, Unlock the console by iroll20s and test all given commands.

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