PureVPN Review – Features For Anonymity

PureVPN review

Nowadays, In this Internet World, everyone is familiar with the term VPN, some know it to make a secure connection and some knows it to make them anonymous on the Internet for accessing various kind of contents. Both are pretty-much same terms, But in the Internet market there you will find a lot of VPNs to use which provides you services more than any usual VPN, one of the amazing one is PureVPN which you must try after looking on its amazing features given below:

PureVPN’s Features:

antivirus protection purevpnAntivirus and Malware Protection: When it comes to accessing the enormous space of internet then your system might get infected with the bad sites forcing the malware files on your system. In that case, PureVPN provides you the malware protection to keep your system safe. Not only that, it keeps your system safe from viruses from other sources. These sources can be other infected files of your system and provide you antivirus protection as well.

adblocking and url filteringBrowser Features[Adblocking and URL Filtering]: Now you don’t need to trust on various adblocking extensions/add-ons to work for your ads free experience, PureVPN has this feature so it can handle it as well along with maintaining your privacy and to make yourself anonymous, so advertisers will not get your personal information to serve you ads accordingly.

Besides, you will get the URL filtering feature which will make sure that you are about to access the right site. It abandons spammy site links that you will try to visit. All those spammy links will get neglected and let PureVPN will let you know about it. PureVPN has such huge database of those spammy URLs which are updated on the daily basis to make the spam free browsing experience.

purevpn platformsPlatforms:

When it comes to using PureVPN in the variety of platforms then you don’t need to worry about that here. PureVPN is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux as well. Also if you need it specifically for your browser then you can also add the extension of it.


PureVPN is compatible with Chromecast, Routers, Laptops, Desktops, Consoles, Roku, Amazon fire, SmartTV, and Smart devices.


If we talk about the connectivity here with PureVPN then it has over 750+ servers so far on 140+ countries which will increase in future as well. This is such a huge number which clearly tells that no matter which country you belongs or where you are traveling to. You will always get access to all your favorite content by using PureVPN.

Multi Login:

PureVPN gives you access to 5 different devices using the same account. So you can enjoy the unlimited access to all over the internet on all 5 devices at the same time.

Server Switching [Unlimited]:

When it comes to Server switching there can be a specific number given to you, but since you have 5 devices to use at the same time with PureVPN so you don’t want to be limited to server switching because it can be a large number due to using it on all 5 devices. So no issue on that, PureVPN has unlimited switching so

Unlimited Data Transfer: It gives you unlimited bandwidth limit so you can download, stream or browse as much as you want.

Super Uptime: Since it gives you access to his servers which are highly and securely managed, so you will always get 99.99% uptime with it.




PureVPN review


The security of your data on the Internet is all depended on the type of Encryption. If your data is Encrypted as low bit encryption, that means you have a high chance being revealed on the Internet. PureVPN has 256-bit of encryption which makes sure that your data will never get decrypted to anyone.

Multiple Protocols:

PureVPN gives you all the latest connectivity and security protocols which includes OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 for different devices.

Wifi Security:

Using an open wifi can be very insured for you sometimes. It gives hacker and spammers the opportunity to sniff on your data and you are actually giving them the access by using their open wifi. If you use PureVPN then it saves you from all such activities of hackers and spammers on your system.

Huge IP Database:

Most cases users basically expect from a VPN is to get a different ID address than the current one. Its mostly because of being blocked on some forums and websites. By changing the IP they can again use those sites. You can change as many IP as you want due to such huge IP database.

DDoS Protection:

PureVPN has such capability of protecting from any kind of high-frequency DDoS Attacks. So you can enjoy the unlimited access without any worry.


As compared to many of other VPN services, the price of PureVPN is very reasonable. The Standard price is $9.95/month. If you will buy the service for 6 months then it will cost you $7.95/month.

purevpn payment page

For further long-term purchases, it gives you more amazing prices time to time. Most of the times you will get exciting offers on purchases on various holiday and festival deals.

If you go through below button to buy PureVPN then you will get 79% discount which will cost you only $2.04/month for whole 2 years.

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OverAll Anonymity:

With PureVPN you will get a complete package of being anonymous on the Internet. Since you have options for using it in multi-platforms so you will have fewer chances of being revealed.

After testing all its features on various platforms, we get 100% from it.

So, no matter if you are using it on PC, mobile device, Android or Amazon TV  it gives you perfect service. It’s the service which you can assume from a paid VPN. If you are a PC user and using browsers like Chrome or FireFox then you must use its extension to get anonymous access.


We have tested all its features and functionality which is amazingly working as we mentioned above on each of them. Also, the price is very reasonable that you can easily afford if buying for the long term. You can also give us your review in the comment section below.