Record 3D Video With Your Smartphone

Record 3D video With SmartPhone

Record 3D Video With Your Smartphone

It seems to be crazy by listening that you can record a 3D video with your simple smartphone whose camera is not 3D. But now this is truly possible. A device called “Eye-Plug” comes in. Hidden inside a humble stand deep within Computex here in Taipei,the USB-C accessory plugs into your smartphone adding another camera sensor to your phone for front facing and rear facing camera.

Because the camera plugs into a USB Type C port, it can be used with either the rear-facing camera or front-facing selfie camera.

Along with adding 3D and refocusing capability, the accessory can simply be used to add more depth of field to smartphone photos; because of the smaller sensor, phones aren’t typically able to produce out-of-focus backgrounds in-camera.

The company spokesperson will sell it around $35 which seems to be too cheap for such great feature. Company also haven’t yet scores out the resolution of camera but the picture quality is truly great. You can also shoot 3D video using this little 3D camera.


How You Can Use This:-

  1. Just buy it from the stores or e-commerce website when it will be available.
  2. Plug it into your USB-C port of your phone.
  3. Now you can use this 3D camera to shoot great photos and videos.


  1. Maybe your smartphone won’t support USB-C device or unsupportable to such device completely.
  2. Company is not scoring out resolution and who knows its capturing quality will be good or bad.
  3. You can’t use it on iPhone, company haven’t made prototype for iPhone.

As you might expect, there are some caveats. There’s no iPhone version yet (it’s in the works), your Android phone needs a USB-C port, and the camera quality may not perfectly match your smartphone’s own shooter. Not all sensors are made equal, after all, so color accuracy could be wobbly. The accessory pairs with custom-made camera and 3D viewing apps, and don’t worry if your smartphone’s camera isn’t center-aligned: The software compensates and calibrates when you use the Eye-Plug, to keep things as 3D-ish as possible.

This device will be very useful for those who are willing to make 3D videos but don’t wants to buy very costly camera for this purpose as cost of the 3D cameras is very high and everyone can’t afford them only for fun purpose.

But this device lets you to record your  Fun time, Party and all other happy moments in 3D video format.

Meanwhile there are many limitations as i suggested above. But in simple world “Yes you can record 3D video in your mobile with this cheap device.”

The bad facts about this device is that Company is not giving full video recording specifications  like resolution, power consumption, will there be any app required for this device etc.

Also this device requires doesn’t work with USB-C mobile and if your mobile have USB-C then its not be a 3D video recorder device for you. You have to change your mobile phone to use this device.

If your mobile device won’t have good processing speed then it might happen that this device stops working and might be dropping frames in videos or your device can also crash down.

Power consumption is not specified out by company and might be this device takes large  power ruining your battery life.

Using these Above steps you will be abe to Record 3D Video With Your Smartphone

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