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Recover or Restore Deleted Android Contacts Using These Methods

Android phone is used by million of users worldwide. Users of Android devices are increasing day by day. It’s due to features and apps that Android users can download from Play Store. It has millions of apps, games and other things that users loved to use. Users are storing huge data in their Android mobile phones. If somehow they lost it, they won’t get it back if they don’t have a backup of their data. If Android phone is bricked, damaged or lost, users can get your precious data by a backup. But, you need to create a backup of your data first. Similarly, if you’ve lost all your contacts then you should have a backup of those contacts. But, many users don’t know that their Android smartphone might be making a backup of their contacts secretly. Hence, you can restore deleted Android contacts.

Most of the settings in Android phones by default allows phone itself to make a backup of contacts. You probably didn’t know about those features and how to restore Android contacts if deleted. This article will guide you through all the possible ways and steps which will help you to get deleted Android contacts back. Things like Contacts, Messages, Settings are automatically synced on servers of some service that you might be using previously. These services automatically sync all the contacts on your phone with their servers if you allowed them to do so. Android users kept allowing apps to access things like Contacts, Media, Storage without knowing their purpose. It might be data breach for you but also a very good thing if you can use them as a backup. Read all the methods given below which will guide you to recover deleted contacts on Android.

Recover Deleted Android Contacts

Sometimes our data is accidentally deleted. If your contacts are accidentally deleted you can get them back easily by some methods. These methods only work if you have a backup of your Android contacts. But, if you think you don’t have a backup of contacts then there might be some ways that will help you. Before proceeding, make sure you’ve Displayed contacts from all your accounts, storage, and SIM cards. To make sure that you’ve allowed contacts app to show contacts from all accounts, follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Open your contacts app and click on Options>Contacts To Display.

Step 2. Then select all the contacts option.

recover deleted android contacts

Select All Contacts

Now check your contacts app. You got all your contacts back or not? Sometimes contacts to display option is changed manually by the user or by any app automatically to particular account which doesn’t have contacts. This results in no contacts on your contacts app. By selecting all contacts you might get your contacts back if they’re not actually deleted from your mobile phone.

If you still are not getting your contacts back, follow the methods given below which will help you to restore deleted Android contacts.

Method 1. Using Google Account

Almost every single users are using Google Account on their devices. This is because to use Android phone’s Play Store and other services you should have Google account. So, when we create a new account or login with existing account, COntacts Sync is enabled by default. Most of the users don’t disable Contacts Sync option while adding new Google account. This results in an automatic backup of all your contacts on your Google account. Below are the steps you need to follow to get your deleted contacts back.

Step 1. First, you should have Google account login information that you’ve used previously on Android phone.(before you’ve lost all your contacts)

Step 2. Then open Settings>Accounts>Google and log in to your Google account by entering Gmail ID and Password.

Step 3. When you’ve successfully logged in, Google will ask you to enable Contacts sync feature. Make sure you’ve enabled contacts sync option.

backup android contacts

Enable Contacts Sync

Step 4. Wait till all the contacts are synced. It might take time and depends on your internet connection speed and number of contacts. Once the sync is complete, open your Contacts App and check whether you got all your deleted contacts back or not.

If your contacts are synced with Google Account before then you’ll restore deleted Android contacts back easily. If your contacts aren’t synced before automatically then you won’t be getting your contacts back again. Make sure you’ve tried all the Google accounts that you were using before.

Method 2. Using SIM Cards

Many users stores their contacts in SIM card. By default when you’re adding contacts on your Android mobile phone those are stored in Phone’s memory. But, you be saving them in SIM cards without knowing. So, you can get them back very easily. You need to have your SIM cards in order to get your contacts back. The process is very simple and there’s no need to download any external app on your device. Follow the steps given below to restore deleted contacts using SIM cards:

Step 1. First, insert SIM cards in your Android Phone that you were using before.

Step 2. Now, open your contacts app and select Import/Export.

Step 3. Select SIM card from the options list. If you’ve dual SIM Android phone you can select SIM1 or SIM2. Only one SIM can be selected at once. Then select phone Memory so that all contacts from SIM card will be imported to Phone memory.

Step 4. If you’ve ever saved¬†contacts on your SIM cards you’ll see all the contacts there. Select Contacts you want to import or select All to Import all.

Step 5. Select Done or OK and wait till all the contacts are imported to your Phone’s internal storage.

This is the simplest way to recover deleted Android contacts. If you’ve ever saved contacts on your SIM card before then you’ll get those all contacts back again easily.

Many users don’t have your Google Account or SIM card which can be useful to recover deleted contacts then Method 3. will be useful for them. If you have formatted your phone by mistake or your contacts are deleted by mistake then the method given below will help you.

Method 3. Using Android Data Recovery Method

We’ll be showing you the method which will recover your Android contacts. We’re using a data recovery software in this method., There are over 6,000 Android mobile phones supported by this software. You can try your luck with this software. Recover all your deleted Android contacts. Follow the steps given below to restore deleted Android contacts:

Note: Make sure your Android Device is rooted.

Step 1. First, download the software from here. (Available For Windows, MAC)

Step 2. Now, install and open the software and connect your device using data cable to the PC/MAC.

Step 3. Open your Android phone’s Settings>Developers Options and enable USB Debugging. If you don’t have Developers Option in your Settings menu, open Settings>About Phone and tap 7 times on Build Number.

Step 4. You’ll get USB Debugging Enabled notification on notification bar on your Android mobile phone.

Step 5.¬†Once your Android device is connected you’ll get following options on your PC/MAC’s screen.

recover all deleted android contacts

Screen Options

Step 6. Select Contacts to restore deleted Android contacts and click Next. On your Android device, you should have Super User application installed. Then allow root permission to the software.

deleted android contacts recovery

Allow Root Access

Step 7. Now, wait for some time. After the process is complete you’ll get all your deleted contacts back listed on the software. Note them down or create a backup of those contacts. You can directly save them to the Android phone using the software.


These are the best methods which can be used to restore deleted contacts on Android mobile phone. You can try all these methods to recover your deleted contacts. If your contacts are successfully backed up by one of these methods then don’t forget to create backup of Android contacts. There are many problems you might encounter while following these methods given above. Comment down below and notify us about your problem.

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