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Remotely Access Camera, GPS, MIC Of Android Mobile

Millions of people are using Android Devices. Android OS is developed by Google and based on Linux Kernel. It’s open source and anyone can modify Android according to the needs. You’ve probably heard about the custom ROMS for Android devices. Because of Android is open source, Android developers are developing the unofficial updates for some mobile devices. With all these things users have millions of apps on their Play Store. This is the best reason that Android is used by millions of people worldwide. Users have the solution for every problem related to their phone if they’re using Android. But, Android has many vulnerabilities as it’s open source and hackers knew every thing about its working. So, they can develop payload which can track an Android user. In this article, we’ll be showing you the best way to remotely access camera, GPS, MIC and much more.

Some people might be interested in knowing more about their partner. Like are they want to track the activity to check if his/her partner is honest. Parents want to track the activity of children and the best way to do this is having remote access to Android mobile phone. There are many apps on Play Store which can do this thing for you and many of them are paid services. Due to some facts, there are some powerful apps that aren’t available on Play Store and those are perfect mobile phone tracker. You can track Camera, MIC, Contacts, Call History and even more. This article will be focused on how you can remotely access camera, MIC, GPS of your loved ones. Make sure they have Android OS otherwise this article won’t help you. These methods are only for Android mobile phones.

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Remotely Access Camera, MIC, GPS Of Android

Things Needed: You’ll need to configure change some settings and need to install an app on Android phone which you want to track. Also, remote tracking works only when the Android phone has active internet connection. If you’re trying to gain remote access to Android after installing the app and it doesn’t have the internet connection then you’ll not be able to gain the remote access. Now, follow the methods given below. We’ve shown you some of the best apps which can be used to gain remote access to camera, MIC etc. on Android mobile phone.

Method 1. Using TrackMyPhones App

TrackMyPhones is a best free solution to gain remote access to Camera and GPS. This app is amazing and you can do many things using this app. When you’ve downloaded the app and installed it on Android mobile, you need to register there using Email ID and then from a PC/Mobile you can open the control panel. Then you can get the Picture from front or back camera. GPS Location can also be received easily.

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There are many paid services which are providing these features for the cost. But, using this service you can use these features for free. You can even call to a number remotely using this service. Follo the steps given below to get started. Also, read all features about this free service:

  1. First, visit this website here and download the app.
  2. Now, install this app on any Android phone on which you need to gain remote access.
  3. Then open the app and create your account. Click on settings from where you can hide the app icon.
  4. Then visit this link here and log in with Email ID and password you’ve used to register on Android and login to your control panel.
  5. Alternatively, you should disable the notification that this app can generate on Android device. For this open Settings>Apps>TrackMyPhone>Disable Notifications on Android.
  6. Now, once you’ve logged into Control Panel using another PC/Mobile you can do many things. Features are listed below which are totally free to use.
    get remote access to camera


  • Ring Android loudly even it’s in silent mode.
  • Vibrate your Android phone.
  • You can show a message remotely on that Android phone.
  • Remotely call through that Android mobile to a number.
  • Take a picture from Front/Back camera.
  • Can lock the phone and also, you can change the PIN.
  • Remotely enable/disable mobile WiFi and Internet.
  • Enable/Disable GPS and get the location of the mobile device.

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These all features can be used for free and these are enough to track your loved ones. Even if they’re thousands of miles away from you, you can track them easily. This free service will let you know many things about them.

Method 2. Using The Truth Spy App

This is another amazing app bust its some of the features are paid. Even its free features can be accessed only from about 1 month and then you’ll have to renew your account to PRO account. But, if you want to track every single thing on any Android phone remotely then this is the best app for you

gain complete remote access to android phone


Keep in mind that you need root access on Android phone to use some advanced features. You can even track the WhatsApp Chats, Viber Messages and much more. PRO features like live call recording, internet browsing history can e used in PRO version of Truth Spy service. Follow the steps given below:

  1. First, visit The TruthSpy website and download their app. Google it for the download link.
  2. Now, install the app on Android mobile phone and create an account.
  3. Then open the truth spy control panel (Google: TruthSpy Login) and log in using Email ID and password.
  4. You can upgrade your account to PRO version if needed.In PRO version you can access almost every advanced tracking features for free.

Features of this service are given below. You can access these features in PRO version as well in the free version you’ll get some of these features:

  • You can track the phone location. (Also in Free Version)
  • Record the calls and then listen to them later. You can also get call logs in free and PRO version.
  • Track the browsing history of browsers.
  • Get access to MIC and listen to surrounding sounds.
  • Get chatting history of almost every chatting app.
  • Keylogger and remote commands features are available.

Full Control On Android Remotely

These are some advanced features you’ll get in PRO version. You should try this amazing service to gain total control on Android device remotely. These two services are the best way to remotely control the Camera, GPS, and MIC of Android device. If you’re having a problem using these apps, leave a comment below to let us know about your problem.

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