Remove Google Custom Search Quickly

remove google custom search

If you are trying to Remove google custom search and finding the right solution for google custom search remove then you are at the right place. Google custom search really sucks because when you search anything on google custom search then it shows you the search results in an old search engine like the ’90s google and the results are not relevant.

Method : 1

If you are not able to remove it then first watch this video and remove it easily. Most of the times it works but if the problem is deep then we also have other solutions for you below after this video but first of all watch this video and try to solve this.

Method : 2

If the above method did not work for you then try to reset your deafult search engine

Type this chrome://settings/searchEngines into your search bar

and change your default search engine.

If resetting your default search engine did not work for you, then i am absolutely sure that this is controlled by another application or malware on your own system and that trying to stop you to solve this problem and applying its own setting to keep the google custom search in your browser.

So here are these final steps that will help you to solve this google custom search problem.

1. Uninstall all the unknown or unwanted softwares on your system like browser Add-on’s , Downloaders and toolbars.

2. Use Task manager and End all the tasks related to chrome.exe

3. Now Clean Your system Using latest versions of antivirus or antimalware like Malwarebytes or 360 Security.

4. Use Chrome Cleanup Tool to reset your Browser.

5. Before opening chrome again after all the steps of cleanup , right click on the chrome shortcut and click properties.

When you are on the properties window then go to target box and remove any appended url(s) at the end of chrome.exe.



Before cleaning up your chrome browser, backup all your personal data like all the bookmarks and your passwords.

Hope this helps you to remove google custom search from your browser permanently.