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How To Remove Trotux From Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc.

There are many browser hijackers spread over the internet. Most of them are used to hijack browser and install some adware. This adware is further used to display ads on Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. The homepage is changed in Chrome and startup page is changed. Default search engine and many other things are hijacked using these browser hijackers too. Many times users are browsing some un-safe websites resulting in like hijackers are installed into their browser. Setups like dubious are installed by users which are spread to them from various websites. Once this setup is installed, all the browser gets hijacked and settings are changed. As while installing the setup, it requires administrator privileges and hence this hijacker changes all the settings related to Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. We’ll show you how to remove trotux From Chrome & other browsers.

A number of extensions are installed when this virus is installed. Most of the settings in browsers are changed and much more happened after this virus starts running on your machine. Now, users will continuously get pop-ups and browser kept redirecting users to unknown websites. This happens because hijacker is promoting some websites. That’s why these hijackers are built for browsers. Also, virus can track the user activity, log all the website’s IPs where the user is visiting and much more can happen. Then this information might be sold or used for marketing purposes by browser hijackers.

You’ve Already Tried To Remove Trotux From Chrome, Firefox, Or Internet Explorer?

When the user tries to change the settings to remove the hijacker, they won’t e able to do this. This is because not only a few things are installed on your PC but there are many tools installed on your PC, extensions in Browser and much more which kept updating the hijacker and re-install it if the user tries to remove it. Basically these hijackers are designed to generate more and more revenue. The promote some websites, search engines which are also fake. User information is leaked and sends to their servers which are further used to improve their hijackers. This results in the big threat to privacy and user data. So, these hijackers not only diminishes your browsing experience but also leaks your personal data.

If your Chrome browser is effected with the trotux hijacker, this means Firefox, Internet Explorer and many other browsers installed on your system might be affected. Not only fake search engine but many other fake search engines like, etc. are installed on Chrome browser. These search engines provide fake search results and mostly resulted search pages are filled with ads and other threatful websites which are promoted by developers for revenue.

Why You’re infected With Hijacker?

Most of the time, these hijackers are installed on your system through many threatful websites. Maybe you’ve tried to install any crack on your system. Most of the cracks are fake and designed to harm user by installing browser hijackers and other viruses. Then once you’ve provided administrator privileges to the crack setup, it’s connected to the internet and start downloading hijackers and virus on your system. In fact, this is the only way like hijackers are installed on your system. If it’s only added to the browser, it can be removed easily by disabling the extension. We’ve shown you the step by step procedure to remove trotux from Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Steps To Remove Trotux From Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

Now, let’s talk about removing the trotux from Chrome. We’ve already talked about trotux virus above and now we’ll show you how you can remove troutux from Chrome and another browser. You need to remove it manually from your system. if you’re thinking of using some malware tools, they can remove it but it’s possible that this hijacker is triggered back into your system. So, removing it manually and using malware removal tools is the best ever thing you can do.

Note: We recommend you not to browse some of the unsafe websites. You should be aware that some illegal websites are designed to deliver threats to the users. Also, don’t use any cracks to use any paid program for free. These cracks might be full of threats and using them will surely get you in any serious trouble.

Removing Trotux From OS First

Let’s get started and start removing trotux from PC/MAC. There are different steps to remove trotux from various browsers. But, first thing to do is removing the unknown programs from OS which are installed while your OS is being infected by virus. If you haven’t removed these programs then you’ll never get permanent rid of trotux like hijackers.

Remove unknown Programs From OS

First this you need to do is, remove unknown programs from your OS. Trotux like hijackers is installed into the system using some programs. These unknown programs are listed in programs. You should remove those programs immediately from your system. This is the first thing you need to performs. If you haven’t followed this step, these unknown installed programs will again install trotux like hijackers into browsers.

For Windows:

1. Open Control Panel, press Win+R and type control panel and hit enter.
2. Now, select Add or Remove programs, or Programs option.
3. Look for all the unknown programs that you haven’t installed on your system and remove them. Maybe trotux like programs are also listed there. Prefer removing all the programs with unknown publisher too.uninstall trotux from system


1. Click on MAC Finder button and select Applications.
2. Remove all the unwanted programs from there. (Drag them to trash on dock)

Once all the unknown programs are deleted from your system, you need to refresh all your browsers. There are many things changed by the trotux hijacker on your system. Even shortcut of your Browser is changed. Whenever a user clicks on that shortcut, the browser opens with trotux fake homepages or some pages full of ads. So, follow the next step. Make sure you’ve applied this on all the shortcuts available on the desktop of your PC.

Edit Shortcuts Of Browser Icons

When you tried to open the browser using its shortcut from the desktop you will be taken to the URL specified in the shortcut. This shortcut is modified by automatically by the virus.
Select any browser shortcut on the desktop.

  1. Right-Click and select Properties.edit the trotux shortcut
  2. Then in general tab, in the target box remove whole the URL.
  3. It should be like “\iexplorer.exe”……” Remove all after .exe”change the target of shortcut in browser shortcut
  4. Do this with all the browser’s shortcut on your desktop.

After modifying all your shortcuts, you need to clean your internet browsers. Many settings are changed inside the browser. Unwanted malicious extensions are installed without user’s concern and there’s much more happened without user’s knowledge.

Removing Trotux From Chrome

Now, it’s time to remove trotux from Chrome browser. There are many things changed by trotux in Chrome browser. These settings are changed so that users can’t easily remove that hijacker from the browser. But, if you follow the steps listed below, you can get rid of this hijacker.

Remove Unknown Extensions:

1. Open Chrome and click on Chrome Menu>Tools>Extensions. or put chrome://extensions in URL bar.
2. Remove all the extensions which aren’t installed by you.
3. Click on trash icon to remove them from Chrome. You can also report those infected by trotux

Change Default Homepage and Startup Page:

1. In URL bar, type chrome://settings/onStartup and hit enter.
2. Delete all the pages if they’re now added by you on startup.
3. Enable New Tab option so that no web page will pop up on startup.
4. Paste the URL chrome://settings/search in the URL bar and hit enter. Set Google or Bing or Yahoo or DuckDuckGo as your default search engine.remove trotux from chrome
5. Click on Manage Search Engines and remove all the unwanted search engines from the list.remove trotux unwated extensions from chrome
Additional: You can reset Chrome if needed. Open reset settings by pasting chrome://settings/reset address in the URL bar and then click on Reset.
Caution: This will remove all the user settings.

Using Chrome Cleanup Tool

You can also use official Chrome cleanup tool. This tool will ensure that there’s nothing wrong going on with Google Chrome.
1. Download the tool from the official website here.
2. Run the tool, provide it administrator privileges.
3. The scan will automatically start and once the scan is complete you’ll get the list of malicious programs which are affecting Chrome.
4. Remove all the malicious programs by clicking on Remove suspicious programs.

Remove Trotux From Firefox

First of all, make sure you’ve modified the Firefox as we’ve shown in the first step. If you haven’t done that with Firefox’s shortcut, read our first step of removing trotux hijacker.

Then you should perform the further steps to clean Firefox browser. We recommend you to follow all the steps otherwise you won’t be able to remove trotux from Firefox.

Delete All Unknown Add-Ons From Firefox

Just like Chrome, several add-ons are installed in Firefox along with the trotux hijacker. You should immediately remove all those add-ons.
1. Click on Firefox menu and select Add-Ons.remove extesions from firefox
2. Remove all the add-ons which aren’t added by you to Firefox.delete trotux from firefox
3. Click on Remove, tick the option for Remove the homepage and restore my settings and click Ok.firefox trotux infected

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Change The Homepage and Search Engine On Firefox

Next step is changing the homepage and default search engine.
1. Put about:preferences in URL address bar and hit enter.
2. Under the General tab, put the homepage address according to your needs. Put if you want Google as your homepage.change default homepage in firefox
3. Then select Search tab and set your default search engine. You should remove all the unknown search engines if they are listed there.

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Edit Firefox Configuration

In Firefox, there’s configuration page. There are few configurations installed along with the hijacker. You’ll have to remove all those configurations which are related to trotux.
1. In URL bar paste about:config and hit enter.
2. Click on I’ll Be Careful. This is warning page.firefox effected by trotux
3. In the search box, put youndoo.
3. There are several search results you’ll get. You need to remove all those configurations from Firefox.
4. Right-Click>Reset. Do this with all the results.trotux preferences firefox

Remove Trotux From Edge

Remove Extensions

In Edge, you’ll have to remove all the extensions and change the default homepage and some settings just like other browsers.
1. Open Edge browser and click on Options (three dots) and select Extensions.edge infected by trotux
2. You’ll get the list of all the extensions installed with Edge.
3. Remove all the unknown extensions.yandoo in edge infected virus

Change Homepage & Startup Page

1. Click on Options and change your startup page o Edge. Set it to the new tab or to any search engine’s URL which you would like to see on startup.remove trotux from edge
2. Set your default search engine. Remove all the search engine which you don’t want to use.change default search engine edge


Remove Trotux From Safari

Safari users should follow the steps we’ve shown below. But make sure you’ve followed out first. Without first step (removing malicious programs) you won’t be able to free Safari from trotux like hijackers.

Remove Unknown Extensions From Safari

1. Open Safari and select Safari>Preferences.remove trotux from safari
2. A new window will pop up. Select Extensions tab.
3. Remove all the extensions which you haven’t added to Safari.change homepage in safari

Change Your Homepage & Search Engine In Safari

Next step is to change your Homepage in Safari.

1. Click on general tab and inn Homepage box, put the URL you would like to set as the homepage.safari default search
2. Navigate to search tab, select your default search engine and delete all the unknown search engines from the list.

Removing Trotux From Internet Explorer (IE)

Internet Explorer can also be affected by the trotux hijacker. You’ll also get trotux like web pages in IE. So, you should clean IE too.

Remove Unknown Add-Ons & Manage Search Providers

1. Click on Gear Setting icon in IE and select Manage Add-Ons.change internet explorer settings
2. Remove all the unknown add-ons from the list.remove extensions from ie
3. Click on search providers and manage all the search engines. Remove the unknown search engines and enable legitimate search engine.

Change The Homepage

Next step is changing the homepage.

1. Click on options and select Internet Options.
2. Under general tab, enter the homepage you would like to use. Remove the previous homepage URL and enter the new one.change the homepage


Using Malware Removal Tool

You should also use malware removal tool after following all the methods given above. Use the mawlare removal tool as safety scan to ensure whether your system has anything malicious left or not. You can simply search for some of the free and paid malware scanner tools. You can try Microsoft’s Malware Removal tool from here.

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If you still have trotux related problem, comment down below and we’ll help you.

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