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How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Android Without Computer

Losing important data is one of the biggest headaches. Sometimes our data is accidentally deleted and also, it might happen that data deleted a few moments back is found to be very important. In this case, the user found himself very helpless and it’s like the bad nightmare to him/her. But, there are a lot of data recovery apps in the market which can help to recover the data easily. When we actually delete data from the storage, it’s not actually deleted but is in the storage but invisible to us. By the time, when we start adding new data, old deleted data is permanently erased. So, if you’ve ever deleted your data accidentally, then stop adding new data to your storage space so that old data can e recovered with ease. Otherwise, data loss can’t be recovered. If you’ve also deleted your Android text messages accidentally then you can recover them easily. But, for most of the methods, you probably need a computer. Still, there are a lot of ways available using which a user can recover deleted android text messages without using the computer. We’ve shown exactly how to retrieve deleted texts on Android without computer.

In most of the data recovery processes, computer is needed but when it comes to Android mobile phone, we can use some apps available in the Google Play Store which can restore the user data easily. Also, if the user has enabled automatic backup features then messages backups are automatically generated without doing anything. Some users don’t even know about these automatic backup features. Also, free Android applications can help to retrieve deleted text on Android without computer. We’ve shown working methods which will surely work to recover your deleted SMS on Android device.

Steps To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Android Without Computer

Two methods are shown below which will surely work for you. We’ve tested these methods and these worked well. We hope these methods will also work in your case and you’ll retrieve your lost texts on Android device.

Check Google Account Sync Settings

When we add Google account to our Android mobile phone, some of the default sync settings, e.g text messages, app data etc. is automatically synced to the account. Automatic backups are made and this helps users to get their data as if lost. If you too haven’t changed the sync settings then it’s sure that your text messages are automatically backup to your Google account.

  1. Open your Android mobile Settings.
  2. Click on Accounts option.
  3. Choose Google option there and you’ll get a list of all the accounts added to your mobile device.
  4. Click on your personal account.
  5. Then enable the App Data sync or if it’s already synced, tab on Sync button to sync the data again.
  6. Your Text Messages app data is also synced and hence if your data is synced before you’ve deleted your messages, those messages will surely appear in your Text messaging app again.
  7. Check your Messaging app and we hope your deleted messages are retrieved.

It’s one of the easiest and commonly used methods to retrieve deleted texts on Android without computer. If it didn’t work, e.g your Messaging App data isn’t synced then there are two other methods which will surely work to retrieve your text messages back on Android phone without using the computer.

Use Android Data Backup Recovery App

This is the method for users whose Test SMS aren’t synced to their Google account. This recovery app can find almost every single Text SMS on your device. ut, your mobile phone should be rooted. We’ve checked many other apps but only this app can work fine for you. If you don’t know your device is rooted or not, you can read out the article on how to check if Android is rooted or not. Nowadays, it’s very easy to root Android devices. Hence if your device isn’t rooted, you need to root it first in order to retrieve deleted texts on Android without computer. Otherwise, you need to use a computer device to do this. Follow the steps if your device is rooted.

  1. Open your Google Play Store app and search for “GT SMS Recovery“.
  2. Install the app on the play store.
  3. Once the app is installed, open the app and click on Start New Scan.How To Retrieve Deleted Texts On Android Without Computer
  4. Now, wait till the scan is complete, you can see the real-time stats e.g number of messages found which can be recovered.retrieve deleted texts on android
  5. Once the scan is complete, click on View Result option.deleted text messages recovering without computer
  6. Your deleted messages are recovered without using any Computer.recovery texts

We now hope that your deleted tests messages are recovered. We would like to let you know that there aren’t any more method to get your deleted text messages back without using the computer. Because most of the data recovery app need root access and without the root access, those apps can’t find the deleted data. Also, if your data is synced to Google account, you can easily recover it. without installing any 3rd party apps.

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