7 Ringcentral Alternatives (Top Ringcentral Competitors )

RingCentral is a publicly traded provider of cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions for businesses. For those businesses who are in need of an independent voice over internet protocol (VoIP), cloud private branch exchange (PBX) and phone systems as well then, RingCentral is a popular option which they can use. However, it’s about the branding and your business then you shouldn’t be limited with one option.

If you also want to checkout some Ringcentral Alternatives to see the list of Top Ringcentral Competitors to choose the right one, then check the list below:

1. Vonage


Vontage is one of the top best affordable phone services which you can use to help your company grow. It gives you a cheaper price than other alternatives to RingCentral and it almost saves your 36% on phone bills. If you switch to Vonage then you will get over 40 calling features built-in. In order to enhance your productivity and customer communications in an easy and efficient way, you can use its Virtual Receptionist, Mobile Apps, and Desktop Plugins as well. If you have a startup business and wondering if you are capable of setting up Vonage VoIP service!! then don’t worry you don’t have to be a tech-savvy and setup on your own, Vonage support will help you out setting it up for you.

Switch to Vonage

2. Nextiva


Nextiva is one is another best VoIP service provider and has really great support. It is already providing some quality service to over 150,000 companies. It has very easy setup even if you are doing it first time. Nextiva is also assured about this 24×7 availability so it doesn’t matter whether its raining or whatever the weather is, you will always find it up and running. You can easily manage your system and make calls whether you are in system or outside. There is no doubt how long your company size is, Nextiva will always up for providing you an amazing service. It comes with 3 plans, Office Pro, Office Pro Plus and Office Enterprise which depends on for what size of the company you want to use service for. Nextiva can be used as one of the best Rincentral alternative.

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3. 8×8


8×8 provides you with a powerful cloud business phone system. It gives you the facility of unlimited calling in the US and Canada. It has advanced, powerful yet easy to use cloud-based phone system. Along with such service with decent features, it’s also very easy to configure and lets you modify in an easy manner, you can also view reports of service anytime from anywhere.

It is mobile friendly, so you no longer need to go for traditional desk phones. It can be used with any smartphone, tablet and desktop apps as well. It also gives you features of instant messaging, Web conferencing, Audio & Video Conferencing, SMS, Salesforce, Zendesk & NetSuite Integration etc.

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4. Dialpad


Dialpad is also a cloud-based phone system which provides businesses, a platform for voice, video, messages and meeting across various existing devices. It also lets you do online conferencing without having any further software downloads or anything. You also get real-time conversation insights so you can get a better understanding of customers which can be highly beneficial for your business and as well as for sales. One of the best thing which makes it unique than other Righcentral alternatives is that its two-week free trial which you can have for US and Canada and once you satisfied with its service, you can carry on using the service officially.

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5. Voiceably

Voiceably provides you a business phone system which you can avail for 30 days as a trial. This cloud-based phone system gives you feature for blacklist numbers through which you can put any unwanted number in the blacklist. From its wide range of supported devices, you can easily forward calls, it could be your computer, mobile phone or even a VoIP desk phone. You can also setup a conference call with any of your colleague with password protection, so no need to worry about the privacy.

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6. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the virtual phone systems which helps you get a business phone number. It also has a multiple extension feature so you can provide your team a convenient workflow. Another feature which you get from Grasshopper is its call forwarding feature so you can easily send calls to your phone or work from anywhere. It has a really wide range of customers worldwide.

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7. MightyCall

MightyCall is another virtual phone system for businesses. Getting started with MightyCall is really easy, all you need to do is, pick a business phone number, add your employees, set call routing rules and you are done, now you can receive, review and respond to customers’ requests from anywhere. With its unlimited texting, you can always stay in touch with your customers.

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