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If you are a die hard fan of football then you must be familiar with most famous site as it is one of the most famous site when it comes to watch football online. Football is one of the sports which lets people come together from nations all around the world.

Ronaldo7 site is focused on the great player Cristiano Ronaldo. This site covers almost everything when it comes to Ronaldo including the videos, images, games, streams etc. Not the just content but the content so far on CR7 ( is pretty accurate as well as satisfying among the fans around the globe of Ronaldo.

Though you maybe new to the site and wondering what kinda information and content this site covers then here we going to explain everything about

ronaldo7 net site

1. Home Page of Ronaldo7 site

When it comes to the Home page of this site, we have to say that it is definately unique and different than any other similar site out there. It represent the true passion about football with the big image of Cristiano Ronaldo with transparent black background. From the homepage you can access to all the major pages and categories on site through the main menu such as NEWS, STATS , VIDEOS, GALLERY, SCHEDULE, LIVE, BIOGRAPHY, GIRLFRIENDS, SALARY, and JOHNNYBET.

One of the best part about the homepage of ronaldo7 site is that it shows you exact counter timing of all the upcoming football matches , so if you ever visit the site just to find out the time left for a match to began then you are probably gonna be satisfied just by its homepage.

2.  News Page- Ronaldo News

If you wondering where to find all Cristiano Ronaldo news then this site is perfect for you. Once you are on its News page it will give you all the latest as well as old news listed in ascending order. You can find even oldest news since 2010, from the time this site was stablished. This site provides all accurate news, so ronaldo fans out there will not be outdated. You can check any news of any specific date as the date will be in front of every news link, so you can open any news link and read the news with ease. On news article pages you can find images, videos and well as graphs along with the written news content, as per the type of news.

3. Stats Page- For the Statistics of Matches

By the name itself you can tell easily that this page is about the present some statistics in front of its users. Here you will find every goal scored by CR7 for Juventus. Under total goals, you will find the number of goals scored in the Italian league, Coppa Italia, Super Cup, and UEFA champions league. Moreover, one can distinguish the goals scored by CR7 by head, penalty, left and right foot. Additionally, you can find the number of goals scored in the current year. Also, a list table is there which describes the number of goals scored per year starting from 2002. Above all, one will find top scorers list and Juventus match results of 2018/19 season.

4. Videos

If you ever visit the site then you should not miss this section/page. As it is one of the best and entertaining page you will find on the whole site for sure if you are a ronaldo fan. The Video page is the page where you can find the real Ronaldo in action. There is a complete set of videos of CR7 goals. You can view al the videos for free separately starting from 2010/11 season to present year. Also, there are featured videos which you can check out. These types are made by fans of Ronaldo. As a result, these videos are sponsored by the website itself. To watch the goals scored by your legend Ronaldo, you have to tap on ‘goals in the previous season’ menu. A complete list starting from 2003/04 is there on the menu. Moreover, there are documentaries, best moments, and even ads and publicity videos related to CR7.

5. Gallery

There are not much to say when it comes to the gallery section as its something you will enjoy by seeing by yourself. Though its for sure that you will find the best Ronaldo images on this page of site. And yeah for sure that this collection of great images of Ronaldo are from the matched since 2010 to the present year. The majority of the images are in HD so if you are a die hard fan of Ronaldo then you may find your next mobile/PC wallpaper from this Gallery page the site. Not every image but you will probably get few best images of CR7 in the match.

6. Girlfriends

If you are interested to know about Ronaldo’s personal and want to know who he’s being dating in past and present then this page is for you. This page lists all the previous and current Girlfriends of Ronaldo with the images of his girlfriends and you can even get more deep info about each of its previous girlfriend by clicking on the link on those girlfriend’s name on the page where you can see all about them with their images.

7. Shop

If you play football on even go to the football matches at stadium then probably you can use this page and buy a jersey or shoes for yourself, though buying for your friend and family who also loves ronaldo, can be a good idea as well. Above all, one can find Juve and Portugal tickets to watch Ronaldo striking the nets. Besides this, Manchester United and Real Madrid tickets are also available through the website.

8. Salary and Friends

CR7 is one of the best, greatest as well as topmost sport players when it comes to payment category. With each performance and games he gets a huge amount. Advertisers are dying to let him promote their products and giving him a decent amount of money for that. Rono is paid huge and he also spends a lot on charity activities which everyone knows. So, the Salary page on Ronaldo7 gives you all information about that money making stuff. However, they say that CR7 is earning 0.98 Euro in each and every second of the day.

Aslo, We all know he keeps good friends in his life. The website gives information on his best field friends. He has always kept friends beyond national and club boundaries. You will understand this while you are on the friends page.

9. Extra

If you think that’s enough for the site then you are wrong, Still, there is a lot about CR7 that a fan wishes to know and this section of the site called “Extra” tries its best to fulfill that. In this page Users can find details about his training methods, all secrets and routines of his practices etc. In addition to this, one may find great quotes from CR7. Everyone knows he is a great inspiration. He can motivate anybody who is down with emotions or struggle. And one could also find information about his fashion, new cars and also above his beloved son. Further you will enjoy after visiting the page.


Wrapping Up!

If you really are a die hard fan and loves Ronaldo for sure then this site seems to satistfy every need of your to know him better and never miss him in any way. As this site shows each and every content for ronaldo fans and has a huge fanbase already you may find this site very decent in the sense of Ronaldo based content. And the best part that you don’t have to find and wondering around any other site.