Schedule Tasks In Windows PC

Shedule Tasks in windows PC
Shedule Tasks in windows PC


Schedule Task In Windows PC

Scheduling tasks in Windows PC is now very easy. By scheduling your tasks you can save your time and your PC will take care of all the tasks you need to perform at particular time.

Windows PC delivers most features to its users and it’s the best and most used OS  for virtual machines. Windows OS have many hidden features and we have to explore in order to find them. Here at  we kept sharing knowledge about windows OS and hidden features about windows OS.

In this article we will share a very interesting feature in Windows OS called “Schedule Tasks” that means you can start any task at any time by setting its properties in Task Scheduler. It’s an inbuilt feature and there is no need to download extra software for this purpose.

How You Can Save Your Time Using Task Schedular :-

  1. By scheduling tasks you can kept working on another task and the task you scheduled will be automatically performed.
  2. If you need to hangout with friends but also need to perform any task on PC, this will be very helpful for you.
  3. Using this feature you can start an task at exact time.



Follow the following steps in order to know how you can use schedule task feature in windows.

Step 1.

First of all go to “Control Panel>Administrative Tools”. You will now find list of tools that are available in With Windows PC.

Step 2.

Search for “Schedule Tasks” and open it. This is the tool from Microsoft which provides you facility to schedule your tasks.

Schedule Tasks In Windows PC
Schedule Tasks In Windows PC

Step 3.

A new window will appear and it’s the panel where you can schedule your all the tasks. You can also look at the tasks which are scheduled by any software. In order to create a new task you have to click on “Create Task”.

Schedule Tasks In Windows PC
Schedule Tasks In Windows PC


Step 3.

After clicking on Create Task a new windows will appear and there you can set all the properties to your task. There are many options there and settings you can use to schedule your task.

  1. General :- In this section you can select the user, location and can give name and description to your task.
  2. Trigger :- Here you can set triggers for your task.Click on Add and set the properties like “Starting Date and Time, Dates on which your scheduled things will be repeated and so on”.
Schedule Tasks In Windows PC
Schedule Tasks In Windows PC

3.Actions :- You can start a program, or can browse a script              which will be automatically started.

Conditions :- Create conditions for your task and if any condition is not true, task will not happen.

5.Settings :- In this setting area you can set some advanced settings you your scheduled task.

Final Words :-

Scheduling tasks in Windows PC is very easy. There is no advance knowledge required for using this tool. Interface of this tool is very familiar and you can set many conditions for task. You can set the date and time for the task, conditions like battery and power etc, which thing to launch and many more. There is no need to use third party software for this purpose.

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