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How To Send Files Larger Than 16 MB On WhatsApp (easy and quick)

WhatsApp is biggest mobile messaging messenger used by billions of people worldwide. WhatsApp is free to use mobile messenger and anyone can use this cool app without paying.

There’re a lot of features like Voice calls, video calls, smiles and even GIFs. You can send almost all kind of media, documents etc on WhatsApp. Features like Video Calls and GIFs support was earlier introduced and works well without having any issue. WhatsApp looks and works like a familiar mobile messaging app.

Using WhatsApp you might feel that you are forced not to send files larger than 16 MB. If you want to share your familiar video or any song or wants to send any document which is larger than 16MB then you can’t do that using WhatsApp.

But don’t lose yourself, there are a lot of ways and hacks that are used to send files larger than 16MB on WhatsApp(iPhone, android, windows). If you just need to send your video files then it can be done very easily. Follow the steps given below which will surely help you.

Send Files Larger That 16MB On WhatsApp (iPhone/Android/Windows Phone)

However, you can compress your video file if it’s larger than 16MB. There are many software/tools available which will compress your video to requires size. You can compress your video or break into parts then send it to the receiver.

WhatsApp has pushed its users to 16MB file size limit because they can’t handle more than that much data within the servers. They are having a lot of users and also, Whatsapp users can use this service for free. If they kept increasing the file size limit then it requires more servers and hosting space resulting in more cost.

Also, ¬†WhatsApp isn’t a place to share larger files/videos, it’s a place where you can stay tuned with friends. But you can use few tricks to send videos larger than 16MB on WhatsApp.

Use Video/Audio Compressing Tool To Send Videos Larger Than 16MB:

You probably have heard about video/audio compressing tools. These tools decrease the frame rate of videos, picture quality, and sound quality. You can compress video/audio file to your required size using video/audio compressing tools. Hence, these tools can decrease your video/audio file size below 16MB.

Follow The Steps Given Below:

  1. Open your mobile’s app store.
  2. Search for “Video Compressor” or “audio compressor” according to your need find the best video/audio compressor app with proper features and ratings.
  3. Download and install the app and open it.
  4. Now browse your file and compress it. If the file size is not getting lower than 16MB then compress the resulting file again and again with different settings till it reaches 16MB or below.share files more than 16mb on whatsapp
  5. Now you can share the video/audio file with your friends/family.compressing videos to send large files


You can clearly see above that how a video compressor tool compresses my video to very small size. Video quality is also good even after compression.


Share Files Even Largen Than 16MB On WhatsApp:

If you’re still not satisfied using tools or need to send document file larger than 16MB then you should use any free file hosting services like Zippyshare or any other service. You can upload files for free on these websites and then share the files with anyone you wants to.

There are many free file hosting services. You can try any service which is best for you. Using these services you can upload your Videos, Files, Documents etc. but make sure any confidential Video/Data isn’t uploaded on these servers.

Follow The Steps Given Below:

  1. Find any free file sharing hosting service. We’re using Zippy Share here.
  2. Select your file and upload it. Now copy the link and send it on WhatsApp.
  3. The receiver can easily click on the link and can download the file/video without any difficulty.

These methods will surely help you and you can share videos/files with your friends/family which are larger than 16MB.

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