Top 10 Skype Alternatives (Services/Programs Like Skype)

Skype is one of the Microsoft’s product and has been on the market since 2003. However, it was founded by Niklas Zennström in 2003. Later in 2011, Microsoft bought Skype to make a move into IP communications space, as well as for its huge audience and its peer-to-peer video chat. In the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) era, Skype is one of the biggest success since it is launched.

Skype used for Instant messaging to Video call all around the world. It has such features those you can use with ease for VoIP. With such popularity of Skype, people were thinking to try some similar services or Programs like Skype so they can figure out whether those similar Skype software can feed their VoIP needs or not.

Or using Skype for so long? and now wondering some other alternative to Skype then here we have Top 7 Skype Alternatives which you might wanna try:

1. Google Hangouts

google hangouts

Installing a particular software and making a separate account to run that software and chatting with friends is kinda a lot of work to start right away, especially while finding other similar services like Skype. So, to make the process easy and convenient here we have Google Hangouts.

Everyone has a Google account nowadays, especially if they are using some other Google products. To start right away with this program, you don’t need a further separate account or dig into any process, all you need is a google account to have a one-on-one conversation or can include all your friends. While having some important conversation with all your colleagues, you can create a group up to 100 people.

Similarly, as Skype, you can connect with your friends, family, and colleague through text, or through voice or video call. Along with you, the next person you are gonna talk to will find it easy to connect as well. You can use Google hangouts through its web version, Android, or iOS.

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2. Discord


The majority or Gamers nowadays who are looking for some platforms or medium where they can specifically connect and communicate with their gamer friends, make us list Discord on the top list. Not only for gamers it is one of the trending and best platform which can be used generally for video, voice or text chat.

Unlike Skype or other Freemium software or platforms, Discord is totally free to use. Rather than just using it as a Phonebook to connect separately with one or more friends on your contact list, you can use it more as a social network so you can join an existing community or make your own one. With such smoothness on features and free availability makes it an amazing Skype Alternative which you can use.

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3. Viber


Viber has such interactive interface through which we can connect people, all around the world pretty much same as other alternatives to Skype. But you may be wondering what you may find better in Viber and how it could give you better experience to your VoIP needs.

So, Viber covers all the bases such as make voice, text or video calls, freely and securely on all your android devices, iOS and PC/Desktop which includes Linux, Mac & Windows as well. So, the best advantage you can take through its free availability to make voice, video or text chat with someone who is using Viber. However, you can also, call any phone number around the world as well by paying some amount accordingly. Another best thing about Viber which makes it pretty user-friendly is that it’s totally, so you will no longer be annoyed by any kind of banner ads ruining your user experience.

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4. Whatsapp


Whatsapp has started gaining popularity since it is launched. It becomes the trend, especially in Asian countries. Now it is popular all around the world for text, video and voice calls. A few years back it was very limited with file sharing and many other features, but since 2017 Whatsapp has done some major change to its features and added many new features, now you can share a variety of files, make video calls, voice message or text message in an attractive way.

The main part which makes Whatsapp more popular and people often use it as their regular text and video chat application is because of its free availability and it didn’t charge you a single penny for using any of its features. Whatsapp is available for Android, iPhone and Windows phone. However, some major changes yet to come to increase its availability and add some more advanced features in future upgrades.

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5. Facebook Messenger


When it comes to availability of same platforms to make a video or voice call Or simply you can say a VoIP call, then Facebook Messenger is one of the software which you may find installed in everyone’s system or mobile devices as well. The obvious reason for this availability of Facebook messenger is due to such popularity of Facebook in the area of social media. Everyone has a facebook account so, making a connection with other friends is kind of obvious which can be efficiently and quickly made through its messenger.

You will get all the chat, voice, and video calling options along with a number of file sharing options, lots of emojis and Gif sharing as well. To start right away with facebook messenger, all you need to do is Login to your existing Facebook account and you are done.

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6. Talky


Talky is one of the browser-based simple video chat and screen sharing for groups. You can start right away by choosing and entering your room name and it will create a chat room for you. You can share your chat room link and others can join you. Using Talky is very easy and efficient and you don’t need any further installation and account creation.

With Talky, you can invite up to 15 people to join the group and all can have a video chat together, it can be a pretty good option for meeting calls and having a call with friends and family and so on. If you are worried about the security and want to keep your link private then you can do it by setting a key/password to it.

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7. GoToMeeting


If you are more into using Skype for Metting or conference calls then this Skype alternative is for you. GoToMeeting is a platform which is specialized for Meetings or conferencing calls and it is one of the best one. However, it is not free but you can have a trial here and if you like the service then you can continue with its paid plans. With GoToMeeting, you can invite Up to 25 members, who can join for a video conference. The quality of video and audio is super fine. It gives you the feature of screen sharing, keyboard or mouse control sharing, draw & highlight on screen and many other features as well.

It is available for Windows PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.

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All the above given Skype alternatives are excellent to make video or voice calls. Some of them are free and some of them are freemium, however, each of them gives you a trial for sure so that you can decide which one is your favorite alternative to Skype

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