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Best Skype Chat Commands, Useful Skype Commands List

Skype chat is really very interesting and full of fun. Live moving smilies, files share and many other things make Skype a complete solution for desktop and mobile text/audio/video calls. Skype users mainly use this service to talk to people who are living on another corner on Earth. Before Facebook and WhatsApp video calls feature, all people were using Skype for video calls. But, by the change in time, many other videos call software and services introduced themselves but still Skype is est of them and always will be. Most people don’t know that Group chats in Skype can be more interesting if they use Skype Chat Commands. There are the bunch of commands which can do some amazing things for you. Even there’s no need to touch the options on the screen. All can be done using the commands like adding the person in the Chat and so on.

If you’re talking to one single person then you can’t use the Skype chat commands, but if there are more than one people, means the group chat then it’s possible to execute some coll commands. There’s no console or addon required. Just write your command in the message box and hit enter. Turning off the alerts, adding a new person to the chat, knowing your role in the chat, information of people in the chat and so on. All can be done using commands in the Skype. The idea behind this is that there will be then no need to find the options on the screen. Like if you’re chatting with a single person, you need to select some options to do some actions in the chat. But, in group chat, you can use simple commands and this will save you a lot of time.

Skype Chat Commands List

Note: You can’t use these command if you’re chatting with a single person. Entering these commands and hitting enter in the single person chat won’t do anything. SO, use these commands only in the group chat.

best skype chat commands

Skype Chat CommandsCommand Description
/add [Skype Name]Add a new person to the chat instantly. e.g: /add andrew_coperal.
Note: SOme Skype names also start with live: e.g /add live:andrew_coperal so don't forget to mention live: in some cases.
/alertson [text]Some sort of notification feature in chat. Like if you're writing a long message, use this command to highlight some text. e.g, /alertson Bookmark YouProgrammer by pressing Ctrl+D.
/alertsoffDisable message notifications.
/find [text]Find any message in the chat. Useful for long chat sessions. For example, /find Charlie will find all the messages containing the word "Charlie"
/get adminsQuickly find the names of administrators of the chat.
/get optionsOptions for the current chat.
/get roleFind your role in the chat, e.g find if you're admin or the speaker in the chat.
/showmembersGet the list of members in the chat. All the members will be displayed on the screen.
/get uriGenerate a URL using which other people can join your group chat.
/goliveGroup call with all the members of the group.
/infoDetail of a number of people in the chat and maximum number allowed.
/kick [Skype Name]Quickly kick out a member from the group chat. e.g /kick dave_huilkman
/leaveLeave the chat if you no longer want to be in the chat.
/me [text]Your name will appear. like your name is Andrew and you type /me going to Party. Them message will be displayed as "Andrew going to party"
/remotelogoutWill stop pushing the notifications on all the devices where your Skype account is logged in. Only your current device will show the chat notifications.
/set options [[+|-]flag]Set the options for the chat. For example: /set options -JOINING_ENABLED switches off the JOINING_ENABLED option, while /set options +HISTORY_DISCLOSED will switch on the HIS option.
The available flags are listed below:
HISTORY_DISCLOSED - Joiners can read the chat history.
JOINING_ENABLED - New users can join the chat.
/setrole [Skype Name] SPEAKER | ADMINChange the role of the members in the chat session.
/showplacesList of devices/points where your notifications about the chat will be displayed.
/topic [text]Quickly change the topic of the chat.
/get allowlistList of people who have access to the Chat.
/get banlistList of banned people in the chat.
/set allowlist [[+|-]mask] ..Number of people allowed in the chat. e.g, /set allowlist +alex_cooper1 will allow that member to join the chat.
/set banlist [[+|-]mask] ..Ban people from the chat using this command easily. For instance, /set banlist +alex_cooper1 will ban that member from the chat./set banlist -alex_cooper1 will allow them to rejoin it.
/clearpasswordRemove the password security from the chat easily.
/get creatorKnow the name of the person who've created the chat.
/get guidelinesRead the guidelines of the chat if specified.
/get password_hintGet the password hint easily.
/undoeditUndo the changes you've done in the last message.
/whois [Skype Name]Get the information about the person in the chat like the role in the chat etc.
/fa or /Repeat the last search you've done.
/historyRead the chat history of the chat.
/htmlhistoryRead the chat history using the browser
/clearClear the chat messages in the current chat session.

These are the commands that you can use to do many things using in the Skype group chat without even touching the options. All the amazing things can be done by only hitting the commands using the keyboard. We’ve tried to give you all the important Skype chat commands. If you’re having any questions or problems regarding these commands, then comment down below and we’ll try to give answers to your question.

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