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Skype Problem With Recording Device Windows 10 Solved

Skype is one of the most popular software used worldwide for video meetings and chatting. however, there are many competitors to Skype chat like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Video chat and much more but Skype is able to get its first position due to the trust of privacy and features. The quality of audio/video calls in Skype is really amazing and that’s why millions of users are using this service. Users can even chat using Skype and can send voice messages. The popularity of this Software is mainly for Meeting video chats. it’s very easy to set up video meeting using Skype. As Skype is the part of Microsoft, so they keep inventing new things with the Skype-like BOTS chats and so on. Sometimes, in Skype, we get audio input errors like Skype Problem With Recording Device. This means you can’t skype is having trouble in getting audio input from the device. The main reason behind this problem is that whether your audio input device isn’t plugged in or not working. Maybe your audio input settings are changed or drivers aren’t working well.

There are many possible reasons behind this problem. So, in this article, we’ll be talking about all the methods which are helpful to solve this problem. This problem mainly arises when you’ve set up a new recording device or Skype/OS is updated. Now, what happens in both the cases is that you need to change your audio input devices and will have to update or install the latest drivers so that recording device can work well. There are easy fixes shown in this article and we are sure that you’ll solve your problem on your own after following the guide shown in this article. We recommend you to follow the steps in the way they are arranged. This will help you in fixing Skype problem with recording device problem more easily.

Fix: Skype Problem With Recording Device In Windows 10, Windows 8, 7

Check Your Recording Devices Are Plugged In And Working

Maybe your audio recording device isn’t plugged in or not working and damaged/faulty. Also, sometimes users have disabled the recording device without knowing that it might cause a serious problem with apps who need access to the recording device. Follow the steps given below to ensure that you haven’t disabled your recording device and recording device is plugged in.

  1. First, Right-Click on the Sound icon in the taskbar and select Recording recording devices list
  2. Now, make sure your recording device is plugged in. You can clearly see in the image given below that I’ve two recording device and one is plugged out, another is plugged in but disabled.Skype Problem With Recording Device
  3. If your device is also disabled, simply Right Click> not able to record voice
  4. Check its Properties and recording problems.
  5. Make sure Microphone volume is above 50 and Microphone Boost is above 0db. Otherwise, you won’t be able to record anything if boost is 0db.Skype Problem With recordingDevice
  6. Open the skype and check if Skype Problem With Recording Device still exists or not.

Check Recording Device Is Working Or Not

In the steps given above, we’ve assured that recording devices are plugged in and are enabled. but, have you checked that those devices are actually working or not? If you’re still getting the recording devices related problem in Skype, you should check if your recording devices are working or not. Below are the easy steps you can use to check.

  1. Open the Recording Devices settings and choose open Recording Device recording devices list
  2. Click on Listen tab and enable Listen To This Device option.enable listen to this device
  3. Make sure Microphone volume levels are above 50 and DB is also around 12%.
  4. Now, are you able to listen to the Recording of sound on your speakers?
  5. Alternatively, search for Sound Recorder and open it, record your voice and save the recorded audio. Open the file and check if your voice is recorded or not.
  6. If you’re not able to listen to the recording device then this means the device is damaged and not working. Prefer switching to another device or repair the recording device.

Check Skype Recording Device Settings

Is method we’ll be checking the Skype recording device settings. If you’re using a recording device which is not set as the primary recording device in the Skype settings, you won’t be then able to record anything.

  1. Open the Skype and then select Audio Settings.
  2. Make sure Microphone is set to the Microphone you’ve set up.
  3. Uncheck the Automatically adjust Microphone settings (Alternative) and set volume around 50%.change skype audio settings
  4. Now, Click on Make a Free Test call and check if your recording device is working well or not.

We now hope that your problem with recording device skype windows 10 is solved. but, if the problem still exists then below are other major steps you can take to solve your problem.

Uninstall Recording Device Drivers

Maybe your audio recording devices aren’t working well. The best way to solve this is that just Un-Install the driver. now, next time when you’ll boo again into the Windows, the driver will install automatically.

  1. Press Win+R and type devmgmt.msc, hit enter.
  2. Then expand Audio Inputs and Outputs, Right-Click on Recording Device>Un-Install.
  3. Follow on-screen guide to uninstall the driver.uninstall audio recording driver
  4. Restart your PC and then check if the problem is solved or not.

Update Recording Device Drivers

You should also update the recording device driver. This will ensure that there’s no problem caused by the driver. Maybe this last method will help you to solve your problem.

  1. Open the Device manager and expand the Recording Devices.
  2. Right-Click>Update Driver Software.update microphone driver
  3. If you’ve update files, browse it manually or choose automatically method to update the driver online.

We hope your problem is now solved. but, if you’re still having Skype Problem With Recording Device then comment down below and explain your problem briefly. We’ll reply you with another possible fix to your problem.

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