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How To Do Split Screen In Windows 10 (Up To 4 Windows)

Split screen in Windows 10 is one of the most amazing features Windows OS has. This allows users to work on multiple things at once. If a user is watching the video in any browser, he can use split screen feature to use another software/browser on the same screen. Split screen was limited to two windows in Windows 8, 8.1. But, in Windows 10, Microsoft gives powerful split screen feature which allows users to use 4 things on one screen. Users can now access 4 different Windows on one screen. Android has adopted this idea and nougat comes with split screen feature. But, in Windows 10, we can use split screen feature up to 4 multiple Windows at once. This is an amazing thing.

Many users don’t know how to use split screen in Windows 10 as users will have to drag and drop every window to specific corner on the screen so that split screen will happen. To use split feature up to 4 multiple Windows on one screen in Windows 10, read the whole article. This feature was first introduced in Windows 7 in 2009 but users were able to work on 2 Windows at once. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 also have 2 Windows split feature only. But, Windows 10 can be used to split up to 4 Windows at once. It’s very easy to do this. Follow the instructions given below.

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Split Screen In Windows 10

Open up to 4 Windows at once if you want to split 4 WIndows at once. Also, make sure your touchpad is working properly as we need to drag and drop Windows on specific edges of the screen. If your touchpad isn’t working or have a problem with your mouse, make sure you’ve fixed it. Then follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Open up to 4 Windows to split 4 Windows at once.

Step 2. Now, open any Windows like you’re using Browser. Open the browser’s Windows and left click on it, then drag it to left center corner of the screen. You’ll get a screen like an image is given to split screen in windows 10

Tip: You’ll get all the Windows lists on the right side which are open. Don’t click on them Just click on the Windows which is split on the left side of the screen.

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Step 3. After this, open any other Windows like you’re using Text Document, open the Text Document Windows and drag it to the right edge of your screen. You’ll get Both the Windows split on the screen.split screen windows 10

Step 4. Then open 3rd windows, like you’re using MS Word. Open MS Word and drag it to the left bottom edge of the screen. You’ll get a popup saying which Windows to split with it. Select any Windows, like the Browser and left side will have two Windows split and the right side has one Windows in the split.

Step 5. Then do the same thing with any Windows on right bottom edge of the screen. It’ll make 4 Windows split on the screen at once. You can work with 4 Windows at once using Windows 10 awesome split screen 10 split screen feature

Tip: Once you’re on split screen with 4 Windows at once and you want to switch to another window. Then just select any Windows from the taskbar and it’ll open in full Window state.

So, these steps given above will help you in splitting 4 windows at once in Windows 10. You can work on 4 Windows at once. This is amazing and thanks to Microsoft Windows 10 for providing this powerful amazing feature.

You can even watch the video which is embedded below if you’re not able to understand the steps given above.

If you’re still having a problem with Windows Split screen or can’t split 4 windows at once. Comment down below and we’ll try to help you.


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