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Latest Super Mario World Rom Direct Download [1MB]

super mario world rom downloadSuper Mario World was the favorite game of 90’s kids. It’s because at that time this game was delivering amazing graphics and gameplay. Even nowadays, people aren’t able to stop themselves from playing this game. So, we’ve Super Mario World ROM download for free here. It’s only around 400kb in size. You can run this on Nintendo Emulator.


It’s one of the best game from Nintendo and people still like this game. Side-scrolling games were very popular at that time. These games were able to provide best 2D animation to the games. It makes the game very attractive and beautiful.

If you’re one of the gamers from good old time, then you probably know the feeling of playing games like Super Mario world. But, at this time, games like Skyrim are very popular. It’s because people need heavy high-definition graphics.

However, almost all the gamers likes playing old games. It’s possible using an emulator and ROM file of that game. We’ve provided you the Super Mario World ROM which can be played using a Nintendo emulator.

If you already know how to use the ROM of Super Mario World, then that’s an amazing thing. But, people who don’t know about it can read out the steps we’ve shown down below.

Using these steps you can enjoy any Nintendo games using their ROM files. All you need is your PC, Emulator, and ROM file.

How To Use Super Mario World ROM To Enjoy The Game

Step 1. Make sure you’ve SNES emulator installed on your system

Step 2. Open the Emulator and add the .smc file of Super Mario World.

Step 3. Run the ROM using the emulator.

Step 4. Sit back and enjoy your game.

Most gamers are still confused about “which emulator they should use”. Well, there are a lot of SNES emulators you can choose from. Because the game is very low in size, there’ll be no problem while playing it.

But, it’s obvious that choosing a good emulator will add more power to the gaming experience. You can choose any of the following SNES emulators:


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