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Fix: Taskbar Won’t Hide (Auto-Hide Feature Not Working) Windows 10

Taskbar was introduced by Microsoft Windows in Windows 95. Generally, the taskbar is located on the bottom of the screen. Users can locate taskbar on top, right, and left side of the screen according to their needs. Taskbar allows users to switch between multiple programs easily. When a program is opened in Windows, it’s listed in the taskbar. Every single program users open are listed in the taskbar. So, it becomes easy to switch from one program to another using taskbar. Once the program is minimized, it goes to the taskbar and from there, users can select another program to which they want to switch. This increases the experience of working with multiple programs at once. Users can simultaneously switch between browser, Word Documents. Also, there’s auto hide feature in Windows which hides the taskbar from the screen. But, what if taskbar won’t hide?

Most of the users know about auto hide taskbar feature. This feature hides your taskbar once your cursor not on the taskbar. So, users can use programs with the full-screen mode in Windows. It allows users to work with more screen space and distracting taskbar is no longer visible to them. Sometimes taskbar won’t hide in Windows 10 because of many reasons. If this happens with you and your taskbar won’t hide, your programs are still running in full-screen mode but taskbar also comes up to the screen. This thing is totally frustrating as if you’re using split screen feature or snap feature in Windows 10 or another version of Windows.

There are few fixes for the taskbar auto-hide feature not working in Windows 10 or another version of Windows. We’ll be guiding you through the steps so that you can solve your problem and can continue using auto-hide feature of the taskbar.

Fix: Taskbar Won’t Hide

To fix this problem you need to follow the guide we’ve shown below. Solution to this problem is very easy. There are no advanced tweaks that you need to follow. This problem is caused by some programs that are running in the background. It might happen that the programs you’re using in background want you to show notification or an important message so they’re regularly splashing up in the taskbar. So, better following the guide given below to fix taskbar won’t hide in Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, or Windows 7.

Below are the three steps that you need to follow. We’ve arranged these steps in a way so that your problem is quickly fixed.

Step 1. Check If Auto Hide Feature Is Enabled

You should be sure about the auto hide feature is enabled or not. Maybe any program had disabled your taskbar auto hide feature. So, if you haven’t checked this, better checking. It’s very easy to check. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Hover your cursor over taskbar and Right Click>Properties.
  2. Now, make sure Auto-hide the taskbar is checked. taskbar won't hide
  3. If it’s not checked, check it and click on apply. Your taskbar will be hidden automatically once your cursor isn’t over the taskbar.

So, this step ensures you whether your auto-hide feature is enabled or not. If by mistake it wasn’t enabled and now it’s enabled and auto-hide feature is working, your problem is fixed. You can enjoy your programs in the full-screen mode now. Else, follow the next two methods given below to fix taskbar won’t hide.

Step2. Check If Program Is Blinking In Taskbar

Sometimes any program in the taskbar tries to give notification or message to the user. This allows the program to disable the taskbar auto hide feature. The program keeps flashing in the taskbar and you can’t hide the taskbar using the auto-hide feature.

If you’re running any antivirus scan and tries to switch to another program, you won’t be able to do that. This is because antivirus you’re using don’t want you to switch to other programs till the scan is complete. Also, if you’re using any tool/software which was doing any conversion/process for you want you to show error or complete message. So, it keeps flashing in the taskbar. taskbar won't hide windows 10

To get out of this you can simply select the program from the taskbar and clear all the messages that it shows. Once you’ve done that your taskbar will hide automatically.

Now, if this step didn’t fix your problem, you should try the next step. This step solves the taskbar won’t hide problem in many cases. So, you should follow the next step.

Step 3. Restart Windows Explorer From Task Manager

Sometimes taskbar isn’t hiding due to Windows Explorer or File Explorer. If you restart Windows Explorer using the task manager, the problem might be fixed. Somehow Windows Explorer becomes the reason behind this problem. So, we can restart Windows Explorer which is running in the background to solve this problem.

  1. Right Click on the taskbar and select Task Manager. (Click On More Details To Get List Of All Processes)
  2. Now, find Windows Explorer in Apps section and Right Click>Restart. It’ll restart your Windows Explorer.taskbar won't hide windows 10
  3. Also, check for the background processes if Windows Explorer in running there. If it’s running in the background processes Restart to fix taskbar wont hide in windows 7

Now, check if the taskbar auto-hide feature is working or not. It should be working after you’ve followed all the steps given above. Below are some tips you should follow if taskbar won’t hide in Windows 10 or another version of Windows.

Tip 1: Close The Programs Which Are Showing In Taskbar

You should close all the icons that are open in the taskbar. maybe any program’s icon wants you to show notification. So, you should close them all and check if auto-hide feature starts working or not.

Tip 2: Restart Your PC/Laptop

You should restart your PC. Restarting PC might solve your problem. Once you’ve restarted your PC, check if the auto-hide feature of the taskbar is working or not. It should work after all the tips and steps we’ve shown you above.

We hope your problem for taskbar won’t hide is fixed. We’ve tried to show you all the possible fix for this problem. If your problem is solved don’t forget to say thanks in the comment section. If you’re still struggling with the problem comment down below and we’ll try to help you.

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