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3 Ways To Transfer Contacts From Android to Android

Android mobile phone is used by millions of people worldwide. It’s because of its feature, apps available on Play Store and much more. People these days need more and more features and Android is capable of providing them all the features. Android mobile phones are perfect for every user as it’s easy to use them. People are storing most of their personal photos, videos, contacts and other stuff on their phones. Hence, if Android users are switching their Android phone then they need to move their all the data from an old Android device to new Android device. In one of our previous article, we’ve shown how you can clone Android device to the new one. But, most of the users just need to transfer contacts from Android to Android. This can be done very easily. You should have a backup of Android contacts before proceeding.

There are many ways you can use to transfer contacts from Android to Android. We’ll be showing you the best and easy ways to do this. Some methods work online and other works offline. In this article, we’ll be guiding you through the steps of both online and offline way to transfer contacts from Android to Android. You can either use CSV or vCard file or Google account to transfer contacts from one device to another device easily.The process of transferring contacts from Android to Android is very simple. There’s no need to download or use any app. You can transfer contacts without using any app. Follow the 3 methods given below and transfer your contacts between multiple Android devices. Make sure you’ve active internet connection and way to transfer files between two devices. You probably need internet connection or data transfer methods like ShareIt or Bluetooth and read the methods below.

Transfer Contacts From Android To Android

Method 1. Using Google Contacts Sync

This method is very simple and commonly used to transfer contacts from Android to Android or iOS or WIndows Phone. You just need to add Google account to your Android device and enable the contacts sync to transfer contacts. You need to have an internet connection and Google Account to transfer contacts using this method. Read the step by step process given below:

Step 1. First, add a Google Account to your Android device. Go to Settings>Account>Google>Add Account and add your Google Account. (Skip If ALready Added)

Step 2. Then after successfully adding your Google account make sure Contacts Sync is enabled. To check whether contacts sync is enabled or not again go to Settings>Account>Google>Select Your Google Account and make sure Contacts sync is enabled.

backup android contacts

Enable Contacts Sync

Step 3. Once enabled, wait till the sync is complete. It might take time and depends on the number of contacts and your internet speed.

Step 4. Now, when contacts sync is complete head toward your other Android device. Follow the Step 1. and add your Google account. Then enable the Contact sync by the following Step 2. and wait for some time till sync is complete.

Step 5. Open your contacts app and check whether contacts are shown there or not. All your contacts should be transferred to another Android device. You can alternatively click Settings>Contacts To Display>Select Your Google Account if contacts are not shown in the contacts app.

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Method 2. Using CSV or vCard File

This method works offline. All you need is both the Android mobile phones and an offline/online way to transfer a file to another Android mobile phone. You can use Bluetooth or WiFi transfer apps like ShareIt for transferring CSV or vCard file which you need to generate. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. First, open your contacts app on Android mobile phone and click on Options.

Step 2. From options select Export and select Export To Storage or similar option to that.

make android contacts backup

Export Contacts

Step 3. If you’re promoted to select contacts to export then select contacts you want to export.

Step 4. Wait till all contacts are exported. Once exported send the generated file to another Android device where you need to transfer contacts.

Step 5. Once you’ve transferred the file to another Android device, open contacts app there.

Step 6. Select Import from the options menu and select Import from CSV or vCard file. Then select the CSV or vCard file and wait till the process is complete.

transfer contacts from android to android

Import Contacts

You’ve successfully transferred your contacts from one Android device to another Android device. This method is the best way to transfer contacts from Android to Android in an offline way.

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Method 2. Using Android App To Transfer Contacts

In this method, we’ll be using Android app. You can transfer Android contacts to other Android including iPhone, Blackberry, and many Bluetooth enabled phones. This app is very simple but you can transfer 75 contacts for free. If you want to transfer more than 75 contacts then consider buying the PRO version or use the methods given above. Follow the steps given below to use this app:

Step 1. First, download and install this app from Play Store.

Step 2. Now, open the app and enable Bluetooth on both Android phones.

Step 3. Wait till device name appears on the app. Select your device and on next screen, select all your contacts you want to transfer.

transfer contacts from android to android offline

Select The Contacts

Step 4. Tick the mark on top of the app to transfer contacts from Android to Android easily.

This is another best offline way to transfer contacts from Android to Android easily. You can use this method but you need to download the app from Play Store and free version allows to transfer 75 contacts only.

These are top 3 ways to transfer contacts from Android to Android. If you’re having a problem then comment below. We’ll try to solve your problem. We’ve shown your easy step by step guide. Use any of these methods to transfer your contacts.

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