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How To Type Indian Rupee ₹ Symbol In MS Word

₹ is the currency sign for Indian rupees. This sign is used to represent Indian currency. This was designed by an Indian IIT student  D. Udaya Kumar. 2010 was the year when this sign was adopted by Indian Govt. Most of the keyboard doesn’t have this sign. If your laptop was manufactured before 2010, then it doesn’t have the ₹ symbol on it. If you want to type Indian Rupee symbol in MS Word, you’ll have to go through few steps in order to proceed. Modern Indian people are adopting new things daily. They want to type Indian rupee symbol using the keyboard. There are many other ways like copy-paste rupee symbol in Word. But, why to copy-paste ₹ symbol if you can type it with your keyboard. If your keyboard doesn’t have a ₹ sign, there’s nothing to worry about.

The only thing you is Indian Rupee font. This font can be downloaded from many sources for free. We’ll be guiding you through all the steps that are necessary to use rupee symbol through the keyboard. Before rupee symbol was designed, people were using Rs. or rupee word to define the amount of money in Indian Rupees. But, after ₹ was designed, many things were changed. Now, ₹ sign takes less space on Indian currency noted or coins and ₹ symbol gives symbolic uniqueness to Indian rupee like $ to the dollar.

Indian Rupee symbol is still missing on latest keyboards and laptop’s keyboards. This might happen as the keyboard/laptop you’re using isn’t manufactured in India. If it’s manufactured in India, it’ll have rupee symbol on it. To install and use rupee symbol on Word or other word editing software, follow the steps given below.

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How To Use Indian Rupee Symbol In MS Word

Follow the steps given below in order to use Indian rupee font in MS Word.

Step 1. First, download and install Rupee font on your OS. You can download rupee font from here.

Step 2. Once you’ve downloaded this file, you need to install it on your system. This can be done manually or just by opening the downloaded files.

Step 3. To install, open the file open it and click on Install. It will install Indian Rupee symbol on your system.install rupee symbol on windows

Now, Start Using Rupee Symbol In MS Word

Step 4. Once rupee symbol is installed, open MS Word and click on Insert tab and then click on the symbol to type rupee in MS word

Step 5. Now, click on More Symbols. This will open a dialogue with all the symbols and special characters that are installed on your system.

Step 6. Search for Rupee Foradian and search for ₹ symbol and click on it. Then click on Shortcut Key. We’ll be assigning a shortcut key to this symbol so that it can be used instantly while creating documents in MS Word.use rupee symol in ms word

Step 7. Then click on Press new shortcut key box, then Ctrl+(Any button you want to assign) and click Assign. Now, when you press Ctrl+They Key You’ve assigned inside MS Word, ₹ will word with rupee symbol

This method is the best method of using Indian Rupee symbol ₹ in MS Word. You can’t use the assigned shortcut on any software or text editor. It’s assigned on MS Word only. If you wish to use rupee symbol without assigning a shortcut key, you can follow the method given below.

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Use Rupee Symbol In MS Word Without Assigning Shortcut

Rupee symbol has Unicode Code Point‎: ‎U+20B9. If you use this Unicode in any Unicode supported software, it becomes very easy to put rupee symbol (₹) there. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Indian Rupee font, you can follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Open MS Word and make sure you’ve installed rupee font on your system.

Step 2. Then type 20b9 and hit Alt Gr+X (Right Side Alt Key). This will return ₹ symbol on your screen.

How To Use Rupee Symbol In HTML (Browsers)

If we talk about browsers, you can use Indian Rupees symbol in the browser using HTML code. But, you should have HTML enabled input box. Otherwise, the symbol will not work.

Most of the forums and online community websites supports HTML input box. If you’re answering some questions on any forum, switch to HTML editor and put ₹ there and switch back to the normal editor. You should see rupee symbol there. It’s easy and quick way to use rupee symbol in HTML.

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These are the best methods to use Indian Rupee Symbol in MS WOrd and HTML. You can use Indian Rupee symbol while making documents in MS Word or can use HTML code to put it while answering questions online. If you’re having a problem in using Indian Rupee symbol or want some help then comment down below.

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