How to Update Google Chrome

google chrome version

Updating Google chrome is not a tough task, just need to follow few steps and you are done. But what’s the purpose and of this update? You may also be thinking that whatever your current version of chrome, is working fine so there is no need to update this. And you left over in the process where you started. But that’s totally a wrong move because there are a lot of benefits you get by updating chrome. Here are some benefits listed:

Benefits of Updating Google Chrome:

Better Features: With Every updated version of chrome you will get all the new features embedded in it. These Features includes exclusive access and more customizable option.

Security: To ensure your browser safety and saves you from bad threats on the internet, it provides you security updates. Chrome gives you almost every possible security which can implement and will not hurt the performance of PC. There is no time between updates from Chrome but if they recognize something new which can overcome bad site to affect your system, then they embed something new to the browser and gives you another update of it. So to make sure you will be safe, you need to often check for its updates.

Superfast Access: You maybe already familiar with the cache and cookies term in browsing because this is what makes the access to any websites faster than the previous visit on that site by saving the cache and cookies data. With every update these such cache and cookies features are updated with adding some more capabilities on them.

Better Environment: Customization feature is something you probably expect from every platform because such feature makes you customize your browser to make a better environment for your choice. The Enviourment in a browser is something like when you make things easy to access by putting them in front of you when needed. Such as if you work in a company site where you have a panel to work then you can easily make the bookmark of it so you can access the bookmark header anytime you want. Similarly, if you have few more sites which you often visit in a day then you can do the same for them. And you can make much more changes by adding some extensions and so on:

Note: It’s not necessary that with every new version of chrome you will get all of the above-listed features, it totally depends on what they are currently working on and you may get an update of a specific thing on chrome or maybe for all. But it’s definite that you will get something good and better every time which can make you experience best on chrome.

Here are Simple Steps to Update Google Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the Menu button in the top right corner of your browser’s window.                                                                        select chrome menu
  3. Now a popup list of options will appear, choose Help option and then select About Google Chrome.                                    select about google chrome
  4. It will take you to the Chrome Update windows where it will start checking for the updates and you don’t have to make any changes or go through further more steps to get to the right page to update google chrome.                   checking for updates chrome
  5. Once it found the new version it will automatically start downloading the updated version.                                     updating google chrome
  6. After successfully done the downloading chrome new update you have to relaunch or restart chrome browser in order to apply the new features/changes which came with up to date


Paste this URL chrome://settings/help on your chrome URL bar. It will take you to that page directly. If this URL doesn’t work then you can stick to the above steps to reach the Google Chrome Update page.