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How to Use Tinder Without Facebook [Anonymously]

Tinder Without Facebook: Tinder is one of the very famous dating application that actually works. All you need to do is swipe right or left to select your interested people and hangout with them later. Youth are using Tinder to find people who would like to date with them. After its first launch in 2012, Tinder has over 50 million installs on Google play store. It’s also available for Windows, iPhone. But, when it comes to using Tinder, you’ll have to join Tinder by linking your Facebook account. It’s due to stop spamming as if registration is based on E-Mails or Phone number, users will start creating numerous Tinder accounts.

Users care about their privacy these days. They don’t want to use their Facebook account to sign up for Tinder like services and need to use Tinder without Facebook. When you sign up for Tinder using Facebook, Tinder requires many default permissions like E-Mail, Name, Photo Albums etc. Tinder can have access to your interests, pages you’ve liked and so on. You might feel nervous sometimes when you think about the matches you’ve completed using Tinder. What if your friends know about it or Tinder secretly shares your information on your Facebook account. Leaking details is one of the biggest threats these days. Hackers kept finding ways to get into users Facebook account. Third-party applications are the best way to spam someone’s Facebook account. Social engineering is also one of the biggest hacking ways these days. What if you’re targeted by someone and all your details are leaked?

Users care about security and privacy and want to use Tinder without Facebook.So, if you don’t want Tinder to have access to your Facebook account but also needs to use Tinder, we have the solution which will definitely work for you.

What Things Tinder Can Access From Your Facebook Account

When you’re signing up for Tinder, tinder needs permission from your Facebook account like Name,  Age, Frend List etc. You’ll have to allow Tinder to access this data otherwise your Tinder account will not be created. Most of the dating websites and apps need access to the Facebook account to fetch details. It makes sign-up easier but your personal data might be at risk. Tinder have access to following things:

Public Profile: Public profile means the data like your Name, Age, Gender etc which anyone can look at Facebook. This is very basic data Tinder can access. This is required by Tinder to display your name to other people.

Friend List: Friend list includes all your friends on Facebook. Tinder can access this list and if you’ve hidden all your friends on Facebook, Tinder can still access the list. Tinder needs access to friend list to show you all the possible people suggestions with whom you might be interested in dating.

Birthday: Tinder can access your birthdate.

Photos: Photos is accessed by Tinder. Whenever you open Tinder app, you’ll get all the photos listed there which are uploaded by you in your Facebook account. By default, Tinder ca access these photos. If you don’t want Tinder to access your pics then we have a solution for you written below.

So, with these Tinder access to your account, you might feel unsecured and be finding a way to use Tinder without Facebook. Below are the possible solutions you can use to access Tinder without Facebook.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook?

If we talk about Tinder, you can’t sign up to Tinder without the Facebook account. Tinder always needs a Facebook account which can be used to fetch your Public profile and other details. There’s no official solution to use Tinder without Facebook.

So, there’s not alternate in this case, but thanks to Facebook privacy for apps, where users can select what kind of data apps can access from your account. You can select what kind of data you want to share with any app which is connected to your Facebook account. Below are the steps for giving minimum access to Tinder app.

Step 1. Log in to your Facebook account settings page.

Step 2. Select Apps and then select Logged In With Facebook.

use tinder without facebook

Select Apps

Step 3. Find Tinder app, click on it and you’ll get a menu where you can edit permissions to the app.

remove tinder access to your account

Permissions To Tinder Account

Step 4. Uncheck all the permission like Friends List, Relationship Interests, Photos etc. and click on Save Changes.

how to use tinder without facebook

Remove Permissions and Save

Use Tinder Without Facebook Now

You’re done. Tinder will no longer have access to these things on your Facebook account. Tinder can only access your Name, Age group, and profile picture. Open Tinder app, many things will be removed from there like your interests, photos etc which were linked through Facebook. You’re almost using Tinder without Facebook account.

This is the best way to use Tinder as Tinder will only have access to your Facebook name. Users can browse Tinder anonymously using this method.


However, some users might don’t like their Facebook name shown up in Tinder account. For this reason, they want to use Tinder without Facebook and need to view Tinder profiles online anonymously. But, the only solution left for this problem is that you’ll have to create a new Tinder account. Only then you can use Tinder without a real name.

Use Tinder Anonymously

In order to do this, you should create a new Facebook account. Only then you can use Tinder without a real name. There’s no option to change your name on Tinder.

Creating New Facebook Account

Step 1. Log out from your old Facebook account and create a new E-Mail ID which will be used for signing up to Facebook.

Step 2. Enter the details you need to be visible on Tinder account later.

Step 3. Confirm your Facebook account with the E-Mail you’ve created for recovery purposes.

Start Using Tinder With New Name

Once your Facebook account is successfully created you need to create a new Tinder account with that FB account. To do this follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Open your Tinder app and click on Gear option.

Step 2. Navigate to App Settings and click Logout and Confirm.

Step 3. When you’re logged out click on Log In With Facebook, enter your Facebook account details.

Step 4. Complete the steps and you have new anonymous Tinder account.

These two methods will hide your private details and allow you to access Tinder without making your privacy at risk. Keep in mind that dating sites collects data from all users and stored on their website/app database. Beware of these facts and use Tinder like dating apps/websites safely. Don’t get scammed by anyone and use dating apps/websites friendly to have fun! These methods will help you to use Tinder without Facebook. Comment below of you’re having any problem.

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