Mark Zukerberg's Verified Facebook Account

Verifying facebook page account is very easy if you have an account on Facebook with your original name and DOB and then you can easily verify facebook page account . They have launched this feature and anyone can request to verify their account and get a blue tick on their account. Employees of FB will check your provided Govt. ID and your account and if they think your account deserves blue tick or you’ve provided the actual Govt ID then your account will be verified by Facebook.

This feature got a lot of attention because of due to increasing in the number of fake accounts on Facebook of popular celebrities. People gets spammed easily due to the fake account of facebook of popular artists, actors or celebrities.

If you think you also need a verified Facebook account to confirm id on facebook or a blue tick on the Facebook account then you are at right place. We’ll be showing you the way by which you can verify your Facebook account and page easily.

First Look:

What Is The Benefit Of Verified Facebook Account, Page :-

A verified Facebook account means people can know it’s an original account of someone they’re looking for. Most of the celebrities have a verified Facebook account so that people can know they’re following a right account on Facebook.

Facebook automatically verify some of the accounts or pages automatically and there’s no need to submit a Govt. ID proof to facebook for verifying their account or page.

  • Celebrities.
  • Journalists.
  • Government Officials.
  • Popular Brand or Businesses.

These four types of account are automatically verified in most of the cases.

Facebook gives a small blue tick in front of the name on user’s profile whose account is verified. Have a look on Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook account: –

How To Verify Facebook Account and Page With Blue Tick (2017)
Mark Zuckerberg’s Verified Facebook Account


Facebook has confirmed for this account that this is the authentic figure of this public profile. You can also get verified facebook account by following methods given below.

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How To Verify Facebook Account and Page With Blue Tick.

Facebook account verification can’t be done by anyone. If you are not a celebrity your account can’t be confirmed by facebook means this feature isn’t available for the public. But there’s a way which may help you in getting the blue tick on facebook.

Step 1.

Log out from your facebook account.

Step 2.

Now go to the link from here. You need to submit your ID here.

How To Verify Facebook Account and Page With Blue Tick (2017)
Get Verified Account On Facebook

Step 3.

Now attack your Govt. ID here. Remind that your provided govt. id should have same DOB and Name as listed in your account. Only then facebook will verify you. You can attack your birth certificate, driving license, marriage certificate or any govt. ID which makes easier tp confirm your name and DOB by Facebook.

This method is the best alternative to get your  facebook   account verified with blue tick if you’re not a celebrity. Many users are able to confirm their facebook account using this way.


Now we need to show you how to verify your Facebook page. Below are all the things you must know before getting started: –

  • If your blog is based on Website, Blogs, Business, Locations, Communities etc. then Facebook will not be able to confirm your page.
  • Your page should have a proper audience so Facebook can verify your page. Not all pages with few likes and followers are able to send verification form to Facebook.
  • Your page should have content which falls under Facebook guidelines and with no copyright issues or similar. Facebook will only verify those pages which are having good community standards.
  • Pages like Sports, Entertainment, Government etc. pages may get a blue tick if they have a good audience and falls under community guidelines.

Remind :

There are two methods which work in verifying a Facebook page. As I listed above that Facebook account is verified automatically only if someone’s account deserves a blue tick but there’s a method shown above which may work for you.

Page verification is way different. If your page falls under the category which is acceptable for verification then they will verify your page automatically even you can manually apply for page verification.

Automatic Way Of Verification: –

In this process, facebook employees will automatically check your page if your page starts receiving a good attention and followers. In most of the cases this process works but if your page is not automatically verified you might try the manual verification process where you’ve to provide and ID to facebook.

Manual Way Of Facebook Page Verification: –


If your page is not verified automatically you can try the manual method of verifying the facebook page. In this method, you can request a verification badge from facebook.

Click here to launch the page where you can request a verification badge from facebook.

If you are having this error saying “This page isn’t available” then you can try using USA proxy to open the above link.

How To Verify Facebook Account and Page With Blue Tick (2017)
Get Verified Facebook Page

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      • Are you sure? I just tested with the ZenMate’s US proxy: “This page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”. The form seems definitely down.

        • Yes, we’ve just checked the page. The page is not available for now it has been removed by facebook. We also want to let you know that this page isn’t available for every country.


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