Top Sites to Watch Tv Series Online For Free

poppocornflix watch tv series online

Watching TV series at home a can be more comfortable than watching TV series online. But when it comes to availability then you always get more options for online watching. You can watch tv series online by using a mobile application or just by a website, both options are great but here the only easy and available platform is through visiting a website. Because if you have PC on you then you may not find the difficulty to watch tv series since you don’t have such platform to watch them. This can be a case only if the App version is not available for PC but why to take a chance.

Watching with a website is way better because, for that, all you need is a working browser, no matter which browser you are using, what version is it. You can enjoy watching TV series using some of the sites on your Android device, tablets, PC, Laptops, and others. Now, the thing is how to find some legit sites to watch TV series online? Since there are a lot of sites who can scam you and put you in a process of surveys or tells you to buy some products Which are not worth your money in any way and never gonna give you such options to stream tv series or shows. To avoid those sites you need some trusted sites and here we have listed some top sites for you:

To make it easier we have sites which provide this service for free and here are the Top Sites to Watch Tv Series Online For Free:


1. Crackle

crackle site version

With Crackle you will get access to the huge library of Tv shows and movies for free, to watch full episode of tv series. You will get features such as tracking your activity of streaming so you if accidentally you cut off the site during watching then it will resume where you stop and also let you know your previous stops. But in order to avail this feature, you need to create an account on crackle. You may see some commercials between stream but that’s okay with it since you are getting such shows in High quality for free.

Watch on Crackle

2. shows

To watch full episodes of tv shows is the perfect place here. It gives you streams of the latest to old tv shows for free. This site is perfectly categorized for TV show so you can select any specific one to browse. You can choose from categories like Comedy, Drama, Business, Arts, Kids, Educational and much more. Or you can even search for any tv show through its search bar. Each and every show you find will be structured with series/episodes with the summary of that shows.

Watch on

3. PopcornFlix

poppocornflix watch tv series online

Popcornflix is another best site to watch tv series online. In this site, you will get all the full-length movies and all episodes of TV shows available. To get access on Popcornflix in the different and amazing way you can check out his directory where you will get access to all his Featured movies,  most popular movies, New Arrivals, and all the Featured Tv shows. You can also search here if you are looking for specific TV shows and movies.

Watch on PopcornFlix

4. TVMuse

tvmuse online ytv

TVMuse is a free destiny of TV shows streamers. On this site, you can see that all the TV shows with similar alphabet starting are grouped together. In TVMuse you have such advanced filter by which you can find TV show of partcular year, Genre, and Network/channel. To give you the full experience like you personal TV it brings the options for Tv news and Film news as well. You can also select the option of live stream to check is there is any live stream going on by a particular category. Good news for anime lovers on TVMuse is that they can watch most popular and all the Hit anime in English for free.

Watch On TVMuse

4. ShareTV

sharetv online tv

Unlike Popcornflix or Crackle, ShareTV is specialized for watching TV shows online. ShareTV is very popular worldwide for providing online Tv shows and has over half million registered users so far. It has pretty structured list of TV shows you can watch. Select any of the Tv show and it will give you the list of all the available episodes. The good part about ShareTV is that here you can search/filter the show’s results by timing, Country and by popularity. You can also checkout the local TV shows listing and Countdown to season premiere or popular shows. You can also run a usual search here if looking for something specific.

Watch on ShareTV

5. Tubi TV

tubitv homepage

Tubi TV is one of the most popular online TV which has a broad network of the variety of TV shows. It has a most shredded list of categories to watch. For TV Shows you get categories like TV Dramas, TV comedies, Reality TV, Crime TV and much more. You can also search for a specific movie or Tv shows and you will get access to everything for free. One thing to make sure before start streaming or start accessing streaming pages is that you need to disable any AdBlock if you have on your browser. Since Tubi TV provides such service for free so it will show you ads during stream and that all makes this site up and running. Using an Adblocker can remove the stream window and you will not see that again until you disable adblocker and refresh the browser.

Watch On Tubi TV

These are the best sites to watch TV series and shows online for free. They will not cost you anything as we have told you in above paras.