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What Version Of Firefox Do I Have? (Check Firefox Version)

Checking Firefox version is very easy in Firefox. But, the about page in Firefox is hidden from the users. It’s not actually hidden but users can’t find our easily where is about page of Firefox. Most of the users don’t know “what version of Firefox do I have“. This is common in many users as to check the version of Firefox, you’ll have to access the about page. It’s necessary to know what version of Firefox you’re using as version information might help you in troubleshooting any problem. Also, you should also update Firefox to the latest version. Before updating, you should be aware what version you’re currently on. If it’s the latest one, there’s no need to update. If you don’t know “what version of Firefox do I have” read the whole article. It’s very easy to find out this.

There are two ways to check current Firefox version. We’ve explained both the ways below. It’s very easy and you can quickly figure out what version of Firefox you’re using currently. Then if your Firefox is outdated, update it easily using About page in Firefox.

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Using Help Menu (Firefox About Page)

  1. Open Firefox and click on Firefox Menu, then select the Help Menu option.how to check firefox version
  2. Now, another menu will appear, select About Firefox.check what version of firefox you're using
  3. A new window will appear and from there you can check which version you have.firefox about page

Tip: From Firefox’s about page, there’s no need to check for updates. It’ll automatically search for updates. If updates are available those will be downloaded automatically and your Firefox will be updated. make sure you’ve updated Firefox if it’s outdated. The updated version will give you more features and security.

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Using Troubleshooting Information

Troubleshooting Information contains all the information related to Mozilla Firefox. It allows users to find all the information related to Firefox which is useful to troubleshoot their problems. Like Version Info, Crash Reports and so on. From this page, users can check the Version of Firefox they’re using.

  1. Open Firefox and in URL bar paste the URL: about:support.what version of firefox do i have
  2. Now, Firefox version is in from of your eyes. From this page, you can check other Firefox related information as well.check firefox current version



With these steps, users can check their Firefox current version. Firefox is really an amazing browser and one of the biggest competitors to Google Chrome. Mozzila Firefox is built for people, not for people by Firefox community. If you’re using Firefox, we recommend you to mention this web browser to your friends. This is amazing free open source browser. Experts do recommend Firefox because of many reasons. You can also try  YouProgrammer Firefox Addon so that you’ll stay tuned to all our latest articles. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications about latest articles. Comment down below if you’re still having the error in checking what version of Firefox you’re using.

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