When is google’s birthday ? – How old is so far

google's birthday

Google’s Birthday

Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on September 4, 1998. Even though Google’s birthday on Doodle were showed up very differently on that past time. Doodle Came up with Four different dates as shown below:
8 September2003
7 September 2004
26 September2005
27 September2006-2016

The birthday of Google was quite unknown due to its changes on Google’s Birthday date on Doodle till 2006 when Doodle was coming_Up with different dates.

After 2006 it started continuously showing Birthday Date on September 27 till now. So it shows that Google has finally decided to celebrate his birthday on 27 September.

Google's Birthday 27 September
Google’s Birthday 27 September

How old Google is so far:

Google Now becomes 18 years old and going to be 19 this September 27th and assuming Doodle to show this date. The Domain name Google.com is registered on 1997 but it officially launched on 1998.

It all started as one of the research projects at Stanford University, California. That time Larry and Sergey came up with an amazing idea for a Search Engine that can work way better than other Search Engines of that time.

Google now become the most successful and the one of the biggest search engine. No other Search Engine can stand in front of Google, no matter if we are talking about the efficiency, relevancy, satisfaction or Smoothness Google can fulfill your need every time. Our focus is not to shout out to other search engines that they are poor but we only talking about the incredible service Google is providing at the current time.