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Where Is Control Panel In Windows 10

Microsoft has changed many things in Windows 10. Most people don’t even know where is control panel in Windows 10. The user interface of Windows 10 is totally different from other versions of Windows. Microsoft started changing user interface when Windows 8 comes in the market. In Windows 8 many things were changed like start button was changed and it comes with metro apps interface. Windows 8 and 8.1 were designed for touchscreen laptops and PC. However, most of the laptop/PC users without touch screen preferred to use Windows 7. Only gamers and those who want fast PC booting wanted to use Windows 8. There were many user interface changes in Windows 8. Hence, most of the users upgraded to WIndows 8 but most people were still using Windows 7. Then Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 with the almost same interface but few improvements were given to Windows 8.1.

Afterall Microsoft launched Windows 10 in July 2015 and this was what users were waiting for. More stable, more powerful and heaven for gamers. But, there are still some questions for the users. Many users aren’t techy and they are using Windows 7 from past few years, then upgrading to Windows 10 and using it becomes difficult. Even users can make Windows 10 look like Windows 7. Things like Control Panel and other major system related things are not easy to access in WIndows 10 if users don’t have enough knowledge about Windows 10. Even users have to enable Hibernate feature in Windows 10 as by default it’s not enabled in many builds of Windows 10. This makes users frustrating as it’s not very easy to use Windows 10. To change most of the PC settings we need access to control panel. So, if you don’t know where is

So, if you don’t know where is control panel in Windows 10, we’ll be showing you best way to access control panel in Windows 10. In fact, it’s very easy to access control panel in Windows 10. There are many ways using which access to control panel becomes very easy.

Where Is Control Panel In Windows 10

Location of control panel and options available in it are similar to WIndows 7 and WIndows 8. There are few more things added but many things are still the same. The user interface of the control panel in Windows 10 is similar to the control panel in Windows 8 or lower. Only the way to access is changed as you need to search for the control panel or it can be accessed by pressing some key combinations on the keyboard.

Start Control Panel By Using Run Window

Run windows in Windows is available since Windows XP. Users can launch many things using run window. It becomes very easy to launch CMD, disk management, and other tools or settings. Also, the control panel can be launched by using Run Window.

1. Press Win+R and Run window will appear.access control panel in windows 10

2. Type control panel in it and hit enter.

You’ll be directly promoted to the control panel and from there you can change many PC related things. It’s the simplest and quick way to launch the control panel in Windows 10.

Using WinX Menu In Windows 10

WinX menu was introduced by Microsoft in Windows 8. From this menu, users can access many things directly including control panel. Even users can access run window using WinX menu. Follow the steps given below.

  1. First, press Win+X on your keyboard.
  2. You’ll get a menu in Left Corner of your screen.
  3. Find for Control Panel option and click on it. You’ll be promoted to control panel.where is control panel in windows 10

This is another quick way to open control panel in Windows 10. Now you know where is control panel in Windows 10 and how to open it.

Search For Control Panel In Search Box

As we all know search box in Windows 10 is used to search almost everything which is available in Windows. Now, Windows 10 search box comes with Cortana Enabled, so users can ask Cortana for the control panel or search is simply by typing control panel in the search box.

1. Click on Search Box and type control panel.

2. Now, select the first option and control panel will open up in Windows 10.

Access Control Panel From Desktop In Windows 10

In this method, we’ll be showing you a tweak which is used to access control panel from the desktop. Whenever we open Personalize setting we’re already under control panel. You just need to click on All Control Panel on the navigation bar. Follow the instruction given below.

1. Right Click on the desktop and select Personalize. You’ll be prompted to change themes and other settings.

2. Now, on top of the screen, you’ll see All Control Panel Items. It’s the area where all your control panel items are available.how to use control panel in windows 10

3. Click on that option and you’ll be taken to control panel.

This is the little bit different but one of the quickest way to open control panel in Windows 10. You can use this method to access control panel directly via desktop in Windows 10.

Tip: Pin Control Panel To The Taskbar

It becomes more easy to access the control panel if you pin it to the taskbar. Pinning programs or settings to the taskbar make them handy to launch. Only one click will open the things which are pinned to the taskbar.

1. Search for the control panel in the search box.

2. Then Right Click and from contextual menu select Pin To Taskbar.how to open control panel in windows 10

Now, it will pin control panel to the taskbar and next time when you want to open the control panel, click on the taskbar control panel icon.

Tip: Create Control Panel Icon On Desktop

If you need to access control panel again and again, then you should create an icon to control panel on the desktop. It allows you to access control panel very quickly as you just need to open the icon which will be available on the desktop. It’s very easy to show control panel icon on the desktop.

  1. First, Right Click on Computer icon on the desktop and select Properties.

2. On left side of the screen select Show or Hide Desktop Icons.

3. Tick the Control Panel option and apply the changes. Now, control panel icon will be displayed on the screen.show control panel icon on desktop

Now, whenever you want to access the control panel, double click on control panel icon and you’ll be taken to control panel items.

Finally, we’ve shown you all the best methods to access control panel in Windows 10. Now, you know the answer for where is the control panel in Windows 10. It’s actually the same control panel you’ll see in the previous build of Windows. The way to access it is changed as there are many major user interface changes in Windows 10. If you still have questions, comment down below. We’ll try to help you in many ways.


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