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How To See Who Subscribed To You On YouTube

YouTube is the best platform to grow an online community. Anyone can join YouTube and start sharing their videos. You can upload any kind of video on YouTube which is not illegal. Also, YouTube is the best online place to make money. If you’re creating good and informative videos, people will surely engage with you and this will result in bigger community and money. Also, growing community on YouTue isn’t that much easier. If you’re a new YouTuber you need to create such videos that people will love to subscribe to you. While growing community is beginning, every single subscriber you gained is very important for you. You can see who subscribed to you on YouTube easily.

Checking gained subscribers name is a great thing as you can know the name of people who subscribed you to be a part of your community. Also, you can check whether your friends subscribed to your channel or not. Youtube provides facility to their creators to check the list of people who have subscribed you on YouTube. They also provide various analytics to provide you whole data about viewers, subscribers, watch time, revenue etc.

Below are the steps to see who subscribed you on YouTube.

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See Who Subscribed To You On YouTube:

YouTube doesn’t reveal all the subscriber name on YouTube. They only show the list of subscribers to you whose privacy about subscriptions is set to public. Most of the people don’t change the subscription privacy and by default, it’s set to public. Hence, you can get the name of almost every person who subscribed to your channel.

Step 1:

First of all login to your YouTube channel account and open the creator studio. Click on the profile icon on the top right corner of the screen and the select Creator Studio. If you’re working with multiple channels select the channel and open its creator studio.

see who subscribed to you on youtube

Open Creator Studio


Step 2:

Then you’ll be redirected to YouTube dashboard. From there select Community option to open the community page. From there you can manage all community settings like comments, subscribers etc.

community page to check subscribers

Select Community


Step 3:

Now, you’ll be redirected to comments page where all your comments on the channel will be shown. You need to click on Subscribers option on the left side. This option is expanded while you’re on the comments page.

easy way to check subscribers name on youtube

Select Subscribers


Step 4:

You’ll get the list of all the subscribers there whose subscription privacy is set to public. You can check their name and YouTube profile as well.

list of subscribers

Subscribers On YouTube


On this page there’s an option to subscribe them back easily and also, you can send a message to them. Send them greetings for subscribing your channel!

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But, there’s a problem with this page. As I listed above that you’ll not be able to know the name of people whose subscriptions are private. What we see on this page is that there are few people listed here from past 1 day. Cyber Secrets Revealed YouTube was able to get about 30 subscribers in past 24 hours but there’s only one person listed there from past 24 hours. Rest of subscriber’s subscriptions are private and not even shown to you.

Our channel Cyber Secrets Revealed was able to get about 30 subscribers in past 24 hours but there’s only one person listed there from past 24 hours. Rest of subscriber’s subscriptions are private and not even shown to you.

YouTube does highly care about their visitors and users so private subscriptions are not even shown to creators.

Also, you can just type in URL bar to check the subscriber list. If you need to know the popular people who subscribed you then select “Most Popular” from the drop down menu. You’ll get the list of most popular subscribers on your YouTube channel.

popular subscribers on youtube

Check Most Popular Subscribers


This is the best and easy way to check who subscribed you on YouTube channel. You can also check analytics of your YouTube channel using creator studio to stay tuned with statics of your audience.

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