WordPress Alternatives (Platforms Like WordPress)

WordPress is one of the Free and open source CMS (Content Management System) which is totally based on PHP and MySQL. To make it work you need to install WordPress on the server side so you can make your website live by attaching it to any domain you want. Instead of making an interactive, great looking website by ctreating every single page by code, you can simply install WordPress on your server and enjoy the easy website making with a decent and interactive design.

If you are wondering what are the other best alternatives to WordPress to try out then here are 6 best WordPress alternatives which you should try for your new website or blog.

1. Joomla


Joomla is one of the best Content Management System after WordPress. It is widely used open source CMS worldwide and has It can be used to make any kind of website or blog with the best design you can think in your mind. Joomla gives you very responsive design for mobile and PC or other high and low-end devices. Similarly, as WordPress you can manage all your media through media manager, create pages, write posts through their separate area. Handling SEO part is also very easy here, you can install more plugins to have more options and features as per your need. Since its an Open source CMS, so you can install and use it anytime you want. Unlike WordPress the Access Management system of Joomla is more powerful.

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2. Drupal


After Joomla, Drupal is another most used open source CMS which is similar to WordPress and can be used as one of the best WordPress alternatives. However, Drupal can’t be very friendly for beginners but it gives you modules and themes to extend its looks and gives you more functionality. Drupal is also good at handling a huge amount of data which makes it more durable and good enough for highly advance sites. The views module in Drupal lets you have a better and advance look in more flexible manner than WordPress. Similarly as Joomla, Drupal also gives you full control over user access and permissions.

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3. Ghost


Ghost, which is one known as the professional publishing platform built specifically for blogging and publishing. In term of flexibility, it’s not same as WordPress but still have ability to design a decent blog with the suit of publishing tools. Similarly as WordPress, you can also find some interactive and amazing themes for you site and see how it looks. Ghost is an Open Source CMS but if you go for the hosted version it will cost you a little bit.

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4. Craft CMS

craft cms

As the name specifies, Craft CMS is another kind of CMS which you should as big brands like Netflix and Salesforce are using. You may not heard about this CMS if you are more into front end. Craft CMS is more of a developer-focused content management system because it doesn’t provide front-end themes, instead of that, it provides you the back-end. Unlike WordPress Craft CMS lets you set up your content types, where in WordPress you need to stick with the old predefined one like WordPress post or page. So, if you are a developer then you will find it more amazing but if you are not into back-end then probably you should look over to other WordPress alternative.

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5. Grav


Grav is very popular and known as Flat-File Content Management System. It is very Extensible means it gives you a powerful API and sophisticated Package Manager which makes it super flexible for you. The admin panel of this CMS its very configurable and gives you more ability to manage it and add more features to it through plugins. You can also change the theme and give your site a better look. Restoring and backup your data is super easy with Grav. With your site content, you can create tons of taxonomies tags, categories, and authors and filter them with ease as well.

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