How To Find The Author Of A Website

owner and author of a website

While surfing the Internet you will probably go through a lot of sites, but at some point, you will get such result which makes you stop for a while and you will have a look to that web page. Such piece of content or service of that site probably makes you think that who is the author or owner of that website.

Sometimes finding the author of sites is very easy. But most of the times it is not easy, especially when it comes to non-brand sites or some informative blogs where authors make himself anonymous on site so that you can’t find the author of the website just by looking on his the site pages. However, most times its possible to find the author of a website, or you need to find a way by which you can find the author of any website. Here are given few workable ways which will help you to find the owner of a website:

Checking The About Page

The very Initial and basic way to know the author or owner of the site is by checking the About page. The About Page on the site usually contains the information regarding the resources they using to provide such service or information on the site, number of people working on that site and the owner/founder/author or the site as well.

If the site is related to information or it is content based then there you may mind more than one authors who have written content on that particular site.

The About page on the site or the page which has information about the site author can be named as Team, or similar term like that. All you need to do is look through those pages which have the possibility to contain information regarding the site.

Checking on find author of a website is one of the best tools on the Internet which has such potential to find out the author or the owner of a website. is best lookup tool for finding the person who bought the domain or the site.

This is an online web-based tool so that you can access it through any of your devices which has an enabled internet connection. Not only the name of the author, you will also get the information about the registering date of that domain, nameserver of that site hosting in which the site is hosted, contact information of Registrant, Administrative and Technical Contact Information separately.

Note: If the owner of the site or the registrant has enabled the Whois Guard on that particular domain which is specialized for stopping such sites to show the information of website then you can not see the information through site.

Asking Wisely

If the above method will not work for you then the only clever way to find the author of a website is by asking the site wisely. You can contact the site admin, support or the team through official email regarding your question. Make sure to realize your words what you are sending to them, and try to write those words which make them coerce to give you the information regarding the author of that website, but do not ever coerce them to give you information by using abuse and offensive words.

Nowadays every site has grown their branches on social media as well. So it can be another better platform than emailing for asking the information. There are several social media sites so you drop your wise words so that at least from any of those platforms you can get your answer.


These three ways will be the best ways by which you can find the author of a website. However, there are some alternate options such as asking on forums and other platforms to people but that will be the waste of time and if compared to above-given ways.