How To Get To The Deep Web

Are u Interested knowing about the deep web? Or you already know, we assume that you have just heard this word and want to know more about deep web. Before knowing how to get to the deep web, you probably need to know about what deep web and what is dark web too.

visible web vs deep web


What is Deep Web

If you don’t know what deep web is then let us tell you that the deep web is not a usual web that you can search through google, yahoo, bing or any of the search engine around there. These Deep Webs or Deep Websites gives no access to bots or crawler to craw or index them in the search engine/SERP. These sites are totally anonyomus for the rest of the internet area. Even the part of web you see is only 1% less or above, rest 99% is known as deep web.

The Visible part and the deep part of the web can’t exactly be measured but definitely the deep web the Way bigger than the visible web. Now question inside that what’s inside these sites?

The sites of web area which comes under deep web is full of confidential data, the tons of private files and documents of government, the database of years of researches and what not. These sites are not publically visible but you can have direct access to them. Deep webs usually have the .onion extension. For Example Yyyzzzzvv.onion, wwwztaaa.onion. These .onion are the top level domain suffix used for anonymous web services or private data. Once you enter the Deep web its get deeper and deeper with no tail of it.

What is Dark Web

The dark Web is something you shouldn’t move towards after reading this because the government and even hacker keep eyes on those who try to access the dark web. The dark web can be also known as the subset of Deep Web. This is very restricted area of the internet which contains both legal and illegal types of contents. Legal sites contain confidential and private data which you or in other words, a normal user is not authorized to access. So if you try accessing the site using some other methods you,ll be down by the government.

Whereas, illegal sites contain or offer fraud, drugs, porn, child porn, weapons, organ selling, torture videos, banned books and all the erroneous material. Both websites can’t be crawled by search engine bots and can’t be indexed on SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

Is this safe to access this side of Web(Deep Web)?

Probably not, as you already know after reading about Dark web and Deep web from the above explanation, that what kind of contents these sites are containing. FBI and government do keep eyes on your activities if you search or access these sites. Your ISP has to provide the information to the government if they ask for it, and by that, you can be in a big trouble. Because such contents such as child porn, weapons, organ selling, torture videos are totally banned in all developed countries, so trying to access them with your ISP will get you in big trouble.


How to Get to the deep web

As this is the sensitive area and you can be caught by anyone. You need to make sure that you’ll be anonymous too. In order to make yourself anonymous or hide your identity/details while accessing those sites, you need to follow rules and steps.

Use TOR Browser

TOR, which is an acronym of The Onion Router and is the best way to enabling the anonymous connection. Also as the acronym of TOR suggest that its a specialized router for onion suffix. The deep web links(link for legal/illegal content web or web with anonymous .onion suffix) can’t be accessed via a normal browser. To access those deep links we need TOR browser.

  • Simply Download Tor browser from here
  • Install Tor Browser on your system. The installation process of tor is simple as other software installation.

Making the secure Environment in your system

To make your system secured and safe environment you need to use some VPNs. Virtual Private Network(VPN) are highly advised by experts while browsing any illegal contents on the internet. The way your ISP know that you are going through illegal content or site is by you data is direct and open to them, each and every query you make will pass through them. So, in that case, VPN makes the data encrypted so no one will ever know what you are browsing even or where the connection coming from.

There are a many VPNs available on the internet, such as free VPN and paid VPN. Free VPN works quite good but paid VPN works great.

Note: This article is totally based on the informative manner, the goal is to provide the information regarding Deep web and Dark web. We are not responsible for any action taken right after or by reading this article. The user will be the owner of his loss.

This Article about how to get to the deep web is totally explanatory. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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