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Best iPhone(iOS) Emulator For Android

iOS Emulator For Android is powerful console which allows Android devices run iOS apps. It means you can install and use all iOS Applications on the Android devices. Have you ever thought of playing iOS games on Android phone or tablet?. That will be super awesome if you can do that. Because most leading game developers like Nintendo releases their games first for iOS. Moreover, waiting for the games to release for an Android device is a huge thing for gamers on Android. And then here,s comes the concept of iOS emulator for Android devices by which you play any Android games on any iPhone or iOS game on any of your android smartphone.

Still, some people around there confused about iOS emulator or iPhone emulator and few people also ask the question about which one is good. The both are same, and iOS is the Operating system behind an iPhone, same as in PC or Laptop we have OS such as Windows, Mac and Linux, the same way in iPhone we have iOS. So if, you are looking for further exploring the features of an iPhone then you must be using these iPhone emulator for Android. Here we have 3 best iPhone emulators we need to know about, let’s have a look.

1. iemu apk

iemu apk

This iOS emulator is something Astonishing for Android users whos been dreaming about using ios apps on their Android smartphone. It almost supports and facilitates you the iPhone features on the maximum level. There is barely some basic features that you can’t use in this emulator. Moreover, you can play those ios games such as bike baron, beatdown, infinity blade and much more, that you were willing to play whenever you get an iPhone. The only thing you are going to need for using this emulator is some basic requirements on the basis you can install and use iemu apk emulator:

  • You must have 512MB Ram or more than that, usually, 512MB is good to go if not used by further preinstalled apps.
  • Minimum 100+ storage space to keep it separate.
  • Android version v2.3 Gingerbread or later versions.

If you can fulfill these 3 above given requirements then you are good to go for the installation process, but if you are lack of any of them, then it’s going to be an issue at the time of installation or later issues on working and smoothness of this iPhone emulator.

2. Cider Apk

cider apk

Cider is another hassle free and superfine Android iOS emulator and one of the choice of Android iOS emulator users, which gives you the similar accessibility and ability as iemu apk. You will have the pure User Interface which lets you target the functions to go on and experience the iPhone functionality. The only thing to notice on cider apk is that it works only on the selected devices and fully compatible with hardware like camera, GPS, and even sensors of your Android device in which you are about to run cider apk but other than this you have everything to access and no further issues you will get from this emulator. Also, the best thing is its totally free and not even costing you a single penny, so what’s there to loose!.


Similar to lots of tasks we are doing online, including the general task of our devices such as watching the exact time on google or even for another country or playing an online game instead of going for downloading the particular android game application you can simply go and avail all this online. Similar to that if you are in indecision of experiencing iOS on your android device after installation then you can simply use the almost same online using site. It’s pretty simple and quick availability of iPhone emulator for android device of yours.

The smoothness of this online ios emulator is totally dependent on the capability of your browser, if your browser runs smoothly then it will run too. Indirectly but in order to run your browser faster and smooth, you need a good amount ram on your android device. It works pretty much same as cider apk and iemu apk, you can access all usual features such as the keypad, home button, settings etc. In order to use this Online iOS emulator, you need to simply visit site. This is not free but if you do wanna take a trial then its fine for a limited period of time session and for full access without any time limitation you can choose from its basic, premium or enterprise plan.

Wrapping Up the iOS emulators For Android

In need for a temporary purpose or just to experience the iPhone features these iOS emulators are good for android or you can use these emulators on pc as well. However, there are some other iOS emulators you can find over the internet but most of them are useless and not worth trying. We have listed only there which are safe in terms of virus or malware stuff which is usually the problem in such cases of finding apks online. But feel free to use these three iPhone emulator for your android device.

Also, do remember that such emulators especially when it comes to iOS is not really recommended by experts because they see it as jailbreaking which is completely illegal. But if we see it in a common way then really no need to worry about since lots of people using emulators and enjoying it. But doing so as a business and making the profit from it is really amiss.

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