Photoshop Alternatives (Programs Like Photoshop)

Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular editing software in term of image editing. It has a wide range of worldwide users due to its advance photo/image editing features and functionalities. It’s not very easy for starters but once you become handy, you can be a pro editor and create your own way to edit any kind of graphics with very ease with no any limitations in term of editing. Photoshop is a really amazing graphics editor, however, there are still many choices Or similar programs Like Photoshop to be used in place of Photoshop. Following are 10 Photoshop alternatives:



GIMP, which is an abbreviation of GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a really amazing cross-platform image editor and works on GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems as well. It has really high-quality image manipulation tools which you can use to make such edits which you can imagine. Using GIMP, you can edit images, make them your own creation by transforming them like it was never the same before. GIMP can also be used for producing icons for brands. GIMP is an open source image editing software so you don’t need to pay a single penny for using it. Due to its highly advanced features and full customization and control, it can be a good Photoshop alternative to use.


2. Affinity Photo


It is one of the professional photo editing software which gives you faster, smoother and powerful editing experience. It offers all the Pro and basic features which you may need with your photo editing purposes, such as Raw editing, PSD Editing, Digital painting, 360° image editing, Panorama stitching, Professional retouching and many others. It helps you enhance the quality of image by making the variety of changes and balancing the effects. It doesn’t matter if you want to do a quick correction on images or want to take care of them with detailed and depth editing, both ways Affinity Photo has great features for you. Affinity lets you add some magical effects on images by HDR Merge with Tone Mapping, Full Liquify capabilities, Recordable Macros and so many other features. It is available for Windows, Mac and iPad as well.

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3. Paint.NET


Paint.NET is an excellent image and Photo editing software which works on Windows. Due to its simple, intuitive, and innovative user interface, every feature that Paine.NET provides for editing, is quickly accessible and easy to use. It lets you perform multiple image editing tasks at the same time using its (TDI)Tabbed Document Interface. To enhance and make your image/photo a unique piece, you can use a variety of effects provided by this software.

When it comes to performance, it can startup quickly even with the low CPU and processor. One of the likable feature that Paint.NET has is its Unlimited History saving capability. This feature can store unlimited actions that you perform on an image and can be undone with ease if you change you don’t like your previous changes.

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4. Pixlr


In today’s world of Internet doing things online is way better and doing offline, which clearly means Installing an additional software which will use your system’s space and RAM as well. On the other side, we have similar programs or web applications on the Internet which provide us the same or even better. In term of photo editing, Pixlr has kept the majority of online users who have image/photo editing needs. Due to its free availability, Pixlr is being used by most of the Beginners and Pros as well. It has all the basic editing features as well as the advanced features for editing.

Unlike most of the offline photo editors, it lets you access images directly from a web address and edit them directly on your window screen. So in term of some online prorams which are similar to Photoshop, the Pixlr can be a pretty good alternative.

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5. Sketch


Sketch is a very popular graphic designing tool which can is widely used by Pro graphic designers. This tool is totally focused in UI designing, Sketch is available for MAC. Since this tool is mostly used by Pros, so it may not be so manageable for beginners but once you become handy with it then you can do a lot more better in easy and quick manner. It supports formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG. It has a complete Toolkit which helps you create what you need and reuse previously created modules for other interfaces. Sketch also has built-in iPhone previewing tool which makes the testing GUI task easier. This tool may cost you a bit but if you a starter then you can get a 30 days trial which is enough to explore the tool and learn from scratch and become a pro.

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6. Corel Photo-Paint

We all know Corel draw which has been on the market for a very long time. Corel has a lot of tools that can make your image editing or retouching look very realistic and special as it was never before. In addition Photo-Paint by Corel has taken the editing task to a new level. Corel Photo-Paint has professional image editing options. One of the unique features which Corel Photo-Paint offers is its WordPress feature. This WordPress feature helps you upload those edited images directly to your WordPress website or blog. All the images will be uploaded directly to your WordPress sites Media library.

It also offers you touch-up tools which you can use with Stylus pressure. You can avail multi-monitor, 4K and Real-Time Stylus support. This is a paid software but if you are a new user then you can take 15 days trial as well.

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7. Sumopaint

Here comes another best and free online image editor. Sumopaint is a flash based free image editor. Since0 its online so you don’t have to worry about which OS you are using, all you need is a browser and a working internet connection with flash player enables on the browser. It has a lot of interesting features for retouching and making some unique images. It can also be used as a simple Paint software. You can add layers, make some adjustments on curves, brightness, color balance, color temperature and more. Once you on site, you can directly access this online editor and there is no need to Signup/login an account but if you want to have more features then you must have an account logged-in there.

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8. Acorn

If you are looking for an alternative to Photoshop for MAC then this alternative is for you. Acorn Image Editor is available for Mac OS 10.11 and later builds. It has everything you need in an image editor. You can use Acorn to Remove backgrounds, combine images, perform color correction, crop&resize them and much more. Using its Path text tool you can wrap text anywhere you want. While using Acorn, you must use your creativity to fo something unique such as you can combine filters to make some unique effects and so on. It has more than hundred Photo effects which you can use for making your image looks more attractive and decent. Vector Tools can also be used for modifying the image in more intuitive way. This tool is also capable of capturing the screenshots of each layer that you have opened on your window.

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9. Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is another Free Photo Editing software which you can use. It has over hundreds of Functions and Tools with millions of downloads and 24×7 Customer service and support. Using this editor, you can perform very least basic task to complex editing task. Some of the best things which Photo Pos Pro lets you do is Remove/erase or replace backgrounds, you can remove unwanted objects, Fix poor photos, it lets you add frames and Collages on images you want to edit. It has many advanced Photo Effects, Stunning Text Effects and superb RAW Files support as well.

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10. Pixelmator Pro

If you like doing things in an innovative way, then Pixelmator Pro is for you. It has such intelligent image editing feature which you can ever expect from an editing software like this one. With this software the tools in your fingertip which are totally focused towards how you can make the image best one. It gives you auto color adjustment which automatically perfects the color of photo with the help of machine learning. This image editor is totally for Mac, so if you looking for an alternative to photoshop then you better choose from above choices. Overall this software is very decent and can be a good Photoshop alternative for Mac users.

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