How to View Someone’s Instagram Profile Picture to Download

view instagram profile

Instagram is an amazing social media platform which provides us the facility to upload your photos, video on your account. There are no such limitations on uploading photos or videos on Instagram. People find your photos and videos through your profile or on their Instagram feed if they following you or even through Instagram search by any search term or using hashtags. Overall there are many features on Instagram that you can use and it’s all about photos and videos sharing. But the only thing that Instagram does not provide is opening someone’s Instagram profile photo who you are following or anyone random. You can not even open your Instagram profile photo in full size. That feels so terrible when some of your close friends have changed their profile photo but you can not see the full-size photo of their profile photo that makes people ask for how to view instagram profile picture. On that case, people start searching or Using some kind of profile downloader tools and yes there are many tools available which can do this task for you. But this is a temporary task and using tools for this task does not look appropriate. Here is a way by which you can open someone’s profile in full size without using any tool. Follow below steps to do that:

  • Open any browser on your phone or PC.
  • Go to Instagram and log-in your account, if you are already logged-in then leave this step.
  • Go to anyone’s profile whom you want to download.
  • Right click on profile photo and choose open image in new tab, OR in mobile long press on profile image and choose open image in new image in new tab
  • On next page, you will see that profile photo in small size, Go to above URL bar and remove /s150x150 from the URL.url bar
  • Press enter or open that new URL and you will see that profile image in his original size.
  • Now tap the image to save or right click on the image to save as image on image as

This above method is really quick and easy way to get rid of this problem. This method is browser based so both Mobile and PC/laptop all you need is a browser. The browser used in above method is Google Chrome on PC and Mobile. If you have Chrome browser then we will recommend you to use that for your ease.  In other browsers, you will see the options maybe different but the almost option and steps will be same.

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If You still want to use tool for that then you can follow below steps to get this task done using the tool.

  • Open any browser and got to Instadp
  • Enter the username of that person on the box whom you want to download profile image.instadp home page
  • Click on View DP button to see the profile photo of that Instagram username.
  • On next page, it will show you the full-size image of that account. Now you can download and save the image from there.

You can use this method on any browser, you just need to visit the Instadp website and follow the steps to download or view the Instagram profile photo in full size.