123movies Unblocked | Watch 123movies Unblocked at School

123Movies which is one of the very popular sites to watch and stream movies online. 123 movies have the largest collection of all the latest and old movies and have such fastest servers to stream those movies. It has many categories of movies through which you can browse your favorite one. You can also run a search for any specific movie in 123movies and even you can watch anime here too.

123movies unblocked site

If you are one of the 123Movies users and can’t access it at school and wondering how you can get 123movies unblocked at school then here two methods by which you can unblock 123 movies site:


1. Using Online Proxy

If you want to get access quick access to 123movies then you must use this method. There are many Free Online proxy sites available through which you can access any blocked website at school. The main work of such online proxy site is to fetch any particular site data on their server and present in front of you on their site interface. So if your ISP or school has blocked certain websites then they are unable to info that you actually trying to access that particular site, because you are accessing the site on online proxy site and that data will be between you and online site.

There are so many online proxy sites you can find just by a single query in google but some of the recommended and popular once are:


  • croxyproxy.com
  • https://nordvpn.com/web-proxy/
  • https://webproxy.to/
  • https://whoer.net/webproxy
  • kproxy.com
  • hide.me/en/proxy
  • anonymouse.org/anonwww.html

2. Using VPN

VPN which is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. As the name explains in simple words it use to create a private network for you. So no one will be able to know what you are accessing on the Internet. A VPN work is to encrypt the data you access and it can happen using many methods.  A VPN also provides a lot many features and does what it take to provide you a private and secure connection. So you must use this method if you want to Watch 123movies Unblocked at School.

If you search for VPN software for this purpose then you probably find a lot of them but most of the times you will find all the paid software which charges you a cheaper to expensive prices according to the features of that particular VPN they are providing but you probably don’t need that if you are in school. So to still use this method you must use some Free VPN which will work most of the times.


If you use the above two methods right then you probably can get 123movies unblocked at school on your system or device. If you still have issue let us know in comment section below.