Free Online Proxy Sites for School or anywhere

free proxy sites

A proxy Site is something which creates a barrier between you and your ISP and preventing your ISP to know what sites or what kind of query and content you are looking on the Internet. These sites become a real need when your ISP is being a hassle and set some limitation on several kinds of sites.

In general, if we talk about those sites, then it simply indicates entertainment websites, which includes, adult content site. However, in places like school, office and other workplaces you may probably struggle more because you will get most sites blocked includes sports, games, movies, music and lots of other kinds. It is really annoying while you are having time in between your working hours or session after classes and you can’t even get the freedom to the Internet. There is no point of being limited especially when it comes to the Internet in these modern days when most of the work is getting done through the Internet.

So, here comes the deal with Online Proxy websites, these proxy websites are very convenient and gives you access to any kind of websites, in school and workplaces. Using these free online proxy will unblock any movies streaming site for you such as Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, Netflix, 123movies, and so on. Another Best part for using these proxy sites is that you don’t need to install any software, the only thing you need to do is, enter the URL and hit enter, it will automatically encrypt it and give you unblocked access. For getting access to those unblocked content, choose one of these online Free Proxy sites for unblocked days.

1. Kproxy

Kproxy is known as one of the Free Anonymous web proxy. This anonymous proxy website provides you unblocked access and gives your data an extra level of security by hiding your location and personal information online.kproxy free anonymous web proxy


Kproxy encrypts the connection between your browser to your target server and prevents your data being stolen by online theft.  Kproxy has their own browser extension which you can use to get reliable access to blocked sites conveniently.

Site URL:

2. web proxy is one of the web proxy which provides access to blocked sites at school or anywhere. In other words,  it is a quick and free way to change your IP to get access to unblock sites and gain anonymity on the Web. gives you options to choose from its server through which you want to connect to a site, once you are done selecting the server, you can put the website URL on the given URL box and hit enter or press Go button.

Site URL:

3. Hide me

hideme free anonymous online proxy

If you are new to using such online proxy sites but those who in need of such sites, they are using proxy for a long time and millions of users around the world are visiting and using servers every day. If you are a BitTorrent lover then you must use proxy for unblocking torrent for your use. Using is very simple, all you need to do is, put the URL of a particular website on the URL box given on site and press Visit anonymously. Also, don’t forget to choose from its servers, because you may get slow speed sometimes from busy servers.

Site URL:

4. Hidester

It is another fast & free anonymous web proxy with fastest servers behind, to provide the requested URL data on the site’s Interface to present in front of you. It gives you the option to basically choose from its two servers (US, Europe). You can optimize the requested URL result by choosing from its advanced options.

hidester web proxy

If you are one of the Chrome user then you might wanna try its extension for chrome to make it easy and handy to access, blocked websites. So, put the URL in Hidester and surf the website anonymously.

Site URL:

There are Many other free Proxy sites which you can use, check below list for more:

RankProxy Site URL
3Hide me
6NordVPN Web Proxy
17US Web Proxy

Hope you enjoyed this list of Free Proxy Sites, make sure to use the different servers of switch between while having trouble with the same country server, and most of the times you will find all sites unblocked at school or workplaces.