How to Unblock Websites at School

unblock websites at school

Unblocked content which is one of the popular terms. The Term derived due to such need for entertainment or special interest niche sites. However, to make the environment calm, some of these sites are restricted in school or other workplaces. If you are facing the same and want to know how you can Unblock websites at school then here is how you can do this:


Using Proxy Sites:

Whenever such situation occurs and you want access to any site quickly then the initial method you should try is, proxy sites. The main work of these online proxy websites is to make a secure connection between you and the particular website you are trying to access. An online proxy website encrypts the data between you and the ISP, so that your ISP will never know which site you are requesting to access. Thus you can access any site by simply putting the website URL in any online proxy site. There are many of them available which open blocked websites on their servers and present the data on your side. Few of the popular once are:


Using a VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network software can be described as a more advanced system than an online proxy site. It gives deep features by which you can maintain your anonymity. It can also be known as a tunnel under the public network that offers more anonymity than proxy websites as it also encrypts the data transferred by the blocked website thus, offering complete anonymity. Although most VPN software available for certain pricing but there are also many Free VPN software available which you can use.

IP hiding Software

Using IP hiding Software to unblock sites at school is another best practice while you are restricted on a particuler website from accessing it. Using such software becomes a need due to some websites block users on a particular IP address from visiting their site. So, in such cases, some IP hiding software can help you out. There are many IP Hiding Software available, some of them are paid and some of them are free.  Obviously, free software offers very fewer features as compared to paid ones, but most of the times you will find them working well for certain sites..

Changing DNS servers

Another reason which makes you unable to access websites at school is due to DNS servers. Some websites are preventing DNS servers from giving the locations of the blocked website’s servers. In such cases, changing your DNS servers to other DNS servers can help you. Another benefit you can possibly get by changing your DNS servers is an increment in your internet speed if you use a fast DNS server. You can check also check our list of Fast, Secure and Free DNS servers.

Accessing blocked websites with Google Translate

With Google Translate, you can translation service from Google to visit those blocked websites. And to do so, you can enter a different language from the website’s language in the ‘From’ field and English in the “To” field. This method can help you to bypass software that block websites on the basis of specific keyword mentions. All you need to do is, just translate the URL you wish to visit to a different language and get the unblocked result.

Double layered Unblocker

To implement double layer unblocker, you need to go to Google Translate, open any proxy website inside it and then use that proxy website to access your blocked website. This way you will get the double layer of security to your privacy and you can access any website.

Accessing restricted blogs through RSS Readers

Mostly all blogs syndicate their content via RSS feeds which you can subscribe to in web-based RSS readers like Feedly to access blocked content. For example, the RSS feed of our site is located at from where you can access the site content easily.

Direct IP Access

We all know that a numeric number is pretty much hard to remember especially if it’s in such form: and such cases we use a domain name to access any site. However, the website can be accessed through their IP as well. So to blocked website, simply enter any particular websites IP address which you want to access in your browser’s address bar. This is one of the most basic ways which can prevent some website blocks. You can find the IP address of any website by pinging the website domain name in the Command Prompt in Windows (Terminal in other operating systems) and noting its IP address. Execute ping in the Command Prompt and you will see the IP.

IP Address to Decimal conversion

If you are unable to access any website by entering their IP address, then you can enter the decimal equivalent of the URL’s IP address to get access to it. Search Google for IP to Decimal + IP Address of the banned website and Google will convert it to decimal. Enter that converted/result into your browser’s address bar and see if the blocked website opens.

Cache method

Most search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing maintain a cache of web pages indexed by them. So, you can search for a website on Google, Yahoo or Bing and click on the cached link that is given next to the result. If you want pages to load more quickly, then you can visit the text-only version. Since the website is provided from the search engine’s servers, it can be used to overcome IP address and URL based filtering as well.

Using Google Web Light

To make it convenient and more accessible for users browsing on a slow internet connection, Google Web Light is one solution. It removes all JavaScript and CSS styling from web pages to present a stripped down version of the web page from own servers of Google’s. Since you are visiting the Google’s server so it looks like you are accessing to google website and you will find it unblocked.

To test this, Go to Google Web Light and to visit the blocked website at school, just replace in the URL with the address of the website. Despite being designed for mobile devices with slow internet connection, Google Web Light can be accessed from your computer as well.

Accessing through Opera Mini

Similar to Cache version of data from as explain in one of the above methods, Opera Mini also gives you access to its own servers instead of accessing through the sites own servers where the site actually hosted. To implement this, you can install Opera Mini PC version on your computer and access any blocked website. Most websites will load through this method, although the quality of the results obtained may not be that good for high Css and Javaimplementedimented websites.

Accessing through TOR Browser

When it comes to Unblock websites at school, TOR is one of the free software that protects the privacy and security of its users by channeling data through multiple nodes so as to prevent the original data from being revealed or unscrambled. One disadvantage you may see is slow access to blocked or any sites but since its one of the most effective way to unblock websites, so it worth it.

Editing host Files

There may Some malware and blocking software which can edit your host files and add a website’s address in them to prevent you from visiting it. In such a case, you just need to edit your host files. You can edit your host files using Notepad by visiting “C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc” if C is your primary drive else remove the C on the first with the Primary drive Name such as “D” or “E” etc. In Windows 10, Windows 8(.1), Windows 7, a warning from UAC might be displayed while doing this.

Using above methods you can Unblocked websites at school for sure. If you still facing any issue with Unblocking any site on your school or workplace, then let us know in the comment section. We will try to help you out.