While scanning for nearby wireless network connections, WifiInfoView shows information such as the name of the network, PHY type, RSSI value, Signal […]


Vistumbler is a WiFi detector, scanner, and troubleshooter that may be used in conjunction with other tools. It is some kind of […]


It is possible to conduct WiFi site surveys using NetSpot’s visualization and analysis tools. In order to improve WiFi signal strength, increase […]


inSSIDer is a WiFi diagnostic and optimization tool. All of your WiFi problems may be solved with it. You’ll be able to […]


KisMac is a network monitoring and discovery tool specially designed for the Mac. It offers various features and functionalities that help you […]


ApolloPad is a writing and editing tool specially designed for writers, bloggers and novelists. It allows users to write amazing blogs and […]


Savido is a video downloading tool that allows users to easily stream, upload and download their favourite Youtube and Facebook videos. The […]


iMediaShare is a remarkable content-streaming application that lets you stream your favourite movies and TV shows from your smartphone to your HD […]


Fopnu is an excellent peer-to-peer file-sharing software exclusively designed for Windows users that allows them to connect, download and share files through […]


StickK is a comprehensive habit tracking application that helps you to set and track your daily goals and daily habits. It comes […]


TTVreborn is an online free movie streaming platform that allows user to watch their favourite movies and TV shows on Android smartphones […]


Pando is an open-source file-sharing platform that allows you to download, stream and share huge media files. It also lets you upload […]


mp32flv is a dedicated software that allows users to upload their MP3 media files to YouTube. It offers a quick way to […]


MythTV is a free TV streaming service that enables users to turn their computers into network streaming, digital video recorder, and multimedia […]


Popkey is an online entertainment platform that enables users to discover great funny memes and gifs on their favorite celebs, artists, and […]


Dailysubs is a free website that offers millions of subtitles for popular movies and shows. The site has a simple and clean […]


ListenToYouTube.me is an online web-based service that allows you to transcode YouTube videos to high-quality MP3 files. its interface is quite simple […]

Freemake Music Box

Freemake Music Box is an online music streaming application that offers thousands of popular songs from different genres. It lets you create […]


Stickam is a streaming-based social networking site that allows users to share their live streams and interact with other streamers worldwide. It […]


Viddly is an online video downloader and converter that enables users to convert and download their favourite YouTube videos on Windows devices. […]


MP32U is a special application that allows users to upload their JPG or MP3 media files to YouTube. It offers fast service […]


BTDigg is a robust BitTorrent DHT search engine that collects torrent metadata such as file names and file sizes with a magnet […]


Favorite shows, TV series, episodes, movies all can now be watched through this streaming tool. It is compatible with desktop and mobile […]

Flow Free

It is a puzzle-based video game. The players will have to connect with the dots of similar color in the pipes to […]


It is a multi-player and single-player game simulation created by Eduweb. This game simulation comprises adventure, the question of survival, and exploration, […]


jsPlumb is an advanced library for building Javascript connectivity-based applications like flow diagrams, flow charts, organization charts, sequence diagrams and whatnots. Also, […]


It is a lightweight toolkit for presenting graphical components. It registers listeners for the vast majority of SWT events and transmits the […]


It is possible to utilize JsDiagram for the web since it is a strong and interactive flow diagramming control. For type system […]


For creating static diagrams or interactive diagramming tools for developing an application, many expert developers rely on JointJS. It encourages the user […]

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit is a framework for creating diagrams and visualizations in a JavaScript script. Web-based data visualizations may be created […]


You may make interactive diagrams by using the GoJS framework. It combines TypeScript and JavaScript to let you create diagrams from your […]


mxGraph is a JavaScript diagramming library. It allows you to construct interactive charts and graphing apps that can be executed without difficulty […]


Diagram-JS is a toolkit that was created to assist you in displaying and modifying diagrams on the web. It is still in […]

Mr. Number

Mr.Number is a powerful call blocker application to block calls and text messages. It is a very helpful tool that lets you […]


People may use Nomorobo, a third-party service, to limit the number of robocalls and automated telemarketing calls they get. Incoming calls from […]

Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is one of the most popular applications for blocking unwanted phone calls and text messages, allowing you to instantly block […]

Yet Another Call Blocker

Using a third-party crowdsourced phone number database, it is an application that may reject nuisance calls or notify users about the likely […]


BlueSoleil is one of the best Bluetooth drivers/ Bluetooth software for WinCE, Vista and Linux. With the help of this application, you […]

Bluetooth Stack Switcher

Bluetooth Stack Switcher allows you to rapidly switch your Bluetooth adapter between various installed stacks without having to restart your computer. It […]


Blueman is a Bluetooth Manager for the GTK+ desktop environment. Bluetooth chores, such as connecting to 3G/EDGE/GPRS networks through dial-up, are made […]

Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

Toshiba Bluetooth Stack is Toshiba’s Bluetooth software, which allows you to utilize all of the Toshiba devices on your notebook or computer, […]

GNOME Bluetooth

Bluetooth support for the GNOME desktop environment is provided via a clone of the bluez-gnome project called  GNOME Bluetooth.  For the applications, […]


PocketMod is a reusable personal organizer that lets you turn any PDF into a foldable carry-on version for remembering the task and […]


Using this program, you may produce a booklet from a PDF document. It is a great tool for reducing the number of […]

PDF Booklet

Using this program, you may produce a booklet from a PDF document. It is a great tool for reducing the number of […]


It’s a simple application that enables you to make a booklet from a PDF document using the BookletCreator software. It rearranges the […]

Create Booklet

Create Booklet arranges the side of your pages by side and re-sorts them for booklet printing, regardless of whatever printer you are […]


Perforce’s strong configuration management system, they were able to tackle all of their team’s challenges throughout the development phase without slowing down […]


The VisualSVN plug-in for Visual Studio is a well-known and respected tool for subversion integration. The program is well-known for its unrivalled […]


Darcs is a revision control system that gives you and your colleagues with complete access to the command set without the need […]


Bazaar is a project management tool for a variety of operating systems that lets users monitor the progress of their coworkers on […]


As a source control provider for Visual Studio, AnkhSVN makes it possible to conduct control operations directly. You may inspect the current […]


There are several complex features included in Fossil’s configuration management software that make it a highly dependable, distributed, and easy-to-use tool. Any […]

Mercurial SCM

Mercurial SCM is a source control management system that is widely used and is considered the best version control management solution available […]

Apache Subversion

In addition to being a full-featured Version Control System, Apache Subversion also offers a model, interface, and design that are believed to […]


Git is a piece of software that allows you to monitor changes in any group of files. It is often used for […]


Glype is an ultimate web-based proxy script that lets you enjoy unrestricted and uncensored browsing without any limitations. With Glype proxy, users […]


It is a web proxy software written in PHP that was created expressly to be quick and easy to set up, as […]

Censor Dodge

It is possible to build your own censorship-dodging server using Censor Dodge, which is a lightweight and flexible proxy application based on […]


PHProxy is a web-based proxy tool written in PHP that can be used on any webserver. As a result of the user […]

PHP Proxy

An HTTP/HTTPS proxy script that sends requests to a separate server and then delivers the result is known as PHP Proxy. The […]

CGI Proxy

It is a FTP proxy software that handles all of your browser’s interaction with the site and doesn’t alter the site’s content. […]


A2 is an open web proxy that aims to provide some of the benefits of a private proxy. As a self-hosted HTTP […]


AppZapper is sumptuous software that offers best-in-class functionality to manage or remove unwanted files from your device. Also, its drag and drop […]


MacClean is a tool that may quickly and simply optimize your Mac without affecting your data or requiring you to install any […]


In addition to being a luxurious tool created specifically for your Mac system, TrashMe also has the capability of removing unused applications […]


AppTrash simplifies the process of eliminating unnecessary files from your Mac after uninstalling programmes. When you delete an app, the system offers […]

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Best-in-class program removal utility App Cleaner & Uninstaller makes it easy to uninstall applications from your Mac without encountering any problems. It […]

Omni Remover

An attractive technique to get rid of unnecessary apps and files is provided by Omni Remover, which is the best-in-class application. All […]


AppCleaner is a lightweight utility for that allows you to safely and securely remove unwanted applications. Installing a program uses up a […]


With iTrash, you won’t have to worry about any future problems with your Mac’s storage space since it gives the best-in-class capabilities […]


A browser plugin, Mailvelope, enhances the functionality of your web browser by allowing you to send and receive emails. As long that […]


Mailpile is a web-based email client that allows you to send and receive emails from and to anybody in the world while […]


In order to utilise the authentication and encryption capabilities offered by Enigmail, users must install it on their email client of choice […]


Posteo is a Berlin-based independent email service. Email, address books, and calendars all included with our service. Internet security, privacy and sustainability […]


Online services are provided by Disroot, a platform that is built around the fundamental libertarian ideas of freedom, privacy, federation, and decentralization. […]


When you communicate online, GnuPG is an encryption program that ensures the highest level of security and privacy by encrypting and decrypting […]


mailbox.org provides us with e-mail, an address book, and a calendar all in one place, making it easy to manage our communications. […]


Mailfence is a safe and dependable email service that provides PGP-based end-to-end encryption and digital signatures, as well as calendars, contacts, documents, […]


Tutanota is an email service provider that operates on the internet. Tutanota’s basic focus is on the preservation of her people. Information […]


Lavabit is a secured communication service that serves various businesses all over the world. It offers multiple email clients, users can select […]

Agent Alice

Agent Alice is an adventure-based single-player RPG puzzle game that lets you play the role of a smart agent named Alice Wallace. […]

Hidden Objects Haunted House

Hidden Objects Haunted House is a video game that has elements of adventure, investigation, puzzle, hidden object, and single-player gameplay. The game […]


Machinarium is a single-player video game that includes addictive elements such as puzzles and adventures, as well as point & click and […]

Criminal Case

Criminal Case is a puzzle, adventure, and hidden object game. A series of hard murder cases await you as you join the […]

CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI: Hidden Crimes is an excellent puzzle, hidden object, and single-player video game. You may take on the role of a detective […]

Hidden Express

Puzzle, Point and Click, and Adventure components are all included in the Hidden Object gameplay. You may play as a detective and […]

Zootropolis Crime Files

Zootropolis Crime Files is a single-player adventure game that combines elements of puzzle, hidden object, and adventure. You play as a detective […]


BareTail is a log monitoring utility that enables users to view large text files just like the tail-f command on a Unix-based […]


LogFusion is a robust real-time log monitoring tool created specifically for system administrators and developers to monitor log files in real-time. Custom […]


SnakeTail is a handy tool in the Windows toolbox. The MDI, Tabbed, and Floating are just a few of the several operating […]


To extract metrics from application logs and export them into a time-series database or time-series calculator for use in alerting and dashboarding, […]


Klogg is a GUI program for searching log files using regular expressions on any platform. Fast, large log file handling and a […]


For programmers and system administrators, Glogg is a multi-platform graphical user interface for browsing and searching through large or complicated log files. […]

in’side log

It is a colorized real-time log viewer that also supports remote tail through SSH access. This tool is developer or created by […]


The LNAV is a powerful log file reader for the console that allows you to browse log files in a variety of […]


LogExpert is a Windows tail GUI replacement for the Unix tail command tool, which is used to examine and reload the files […]

SPHW LogViewer

SPHW LogViewer is a must-have tool for software developers and administrators who need an independent platform for real-time log monitoring. To guarantee […]


Linkfire is an ergonomic application where music artists can grow their careers by getting traffic on their music through links created by […]


Amplify.link is an online platform that provides the tools they need to launch successful marketing campaigns. Everything from social media advertising to […]


SoundPlate is an online service for independent music musicians that assists them in achieving success in their professions by helping them to […]


A songlink is a simple method of directing listeners to your music on whichever service they like to utilize. When it comes […]

Listen lt

Listen lt, an online service that helps music artists and record labels increase their online engagement by producing and promoting smart links […]


SmartURL is one of the most intelligent and robust link shorteners available, and it comes with a variety of capabilities as well […]


Listento is a music-sharing application developed by Audiomovers that enables musicians to collaborate on their music and share it with others. Especially […]


With the help of Toneden’s online marketing tools, small and large businesses alike may broaden their customer base. The platform’s staff assists […]


Using a single link, musicians may reach their entire audience using Songwhip’s intelligent music link service, which is now in beta. Its […]

1LINK.IO Music

It is a tool to promote your music and concerts; simply enter the release information and you will be presented with an […]


Some of the world’s largest music promotion organizations utilize Feature.fm, a platform that offers a one-stop-shop for all things connected to music […]


Wallbase is a robust personalization tool that allows users to search, discover and download amazing wallpapers without paying any charges. It also […]


There is a large variety of high-quality and HD wallpapers and backgrounds on HDwallpapers.net. All of the wallpapers offered on this website […]


InterfaceLIFT is a cutting-edge wallpaper website for desktops and mobile devices of all kinds. Themes and symbols are only a few of […]


Wallhaven is a place where anime fans may be treated more or less like regular human beings since it was built by […]


Users seeking a dedicated platform for viewing wallpapers that can be shown on several monitors will undoubtedly like this wonderful service, which […]


Wallpoper is a website that is exclusively devoted to searchable wallpapers. It features one of the most comprehensive collections of high-quality wallpapers […]


Nzbwolf is a robust site that lets you download unlimited NZB zip files without any limitations. It has a massive range of […]


NZBGeek is a peer-to-peer NZB forum where users may lend a hand to one another. When compared to other Usenet sites of […]


Designed with the community in mind, DogNZB is a Newznab indexer. Explore is simple to use and provides for separate search characters, […]


A usenet search engine that enables you to search and browse Usenet newsgroups, Binsearch is a useful tool. It is the most […]


If you’re looking for anything at all on the Internet, NZBScout is the place to go. You may download the files you […]


Nzbplanet is an online resource that makes it simple to find and download a wide variety of NZB files. All NZB files […]


NZBHydra2 is one of the popular meta-search for NZB indexers. This software gives you fast and easy access to a number of […]


HyperCard is a programming tool and development kit for Apple Macintosh and Apple IIGS computers. It includes its inbuilt programming language i.e […]


LiveCode is a development platform that is well-known for producing exceptionally dependable and high-quality apps that can be deployed in a short […]

My Visual Database

My Visual Database is a simple advancement environment database that is used for development. It might serve as a foundation for your […]

HyperNext Studio

Virtually anybody may rapidly get started making their own software that works using HyperNext Studio, which is an easy-to-use software production system […]

Easy code

Easy code is a visual assembly programming environment designed specifically for the development of 32-bit Windows programs. The Easy code interface makes […]


It is a software development environment for developing Microsoft Windows applications. In addition to desktop and business database applications, Delphi is a […]


Originally released in 1987, HyperCard has been re-imagined and recreated as an open-source project called ViperCard. It may be used to create […]


NetCut is an advanced system monitoring and network diagnosing tool that helps users to monitor the network and provides all information about […]

Netcut Defender

Netcut defender is a free tool that allows you to maintain the internet speed of your network (including WI-FI) as fast as […]


CSArp-Netcut is an arpspoofing program that allows users to issue faked arp queries in order to cause connections in a LAN to […]


Every user will benefit from the hard work done by elmoCut to make arp spoofing simple. One of its key benefits is […]


It has a straightforward interface that enables users to see a comprehensive list of all devices connected to the network, along with […]


It is a computer software tool for monitoring Address Resolution Protocol activity on a computer network. It is used to monitor traffic […]


TuxCut is a free and open-source program that protects Linux machines against arpspoof attacks and also assists in blocking undesirable people from […]


Selfishnet is a small and lightweight program that maintains adequate control over the wifi network in order to maintain a consistent connection […]


WInAVR is an open-source utility specifically designed to target Atmel AVR microcontrollers. It is completely equipped with C libraries, assemblers, compilers, debugging […]

Visual Micro

Visual Micro is an extension that enables any Arduino project to be designed, compiled, and then uploaded to any Arduino board using […]


It is a virtual prototype integrated development environment (IDE). It brings together in a single instrument a variety of functions that were […]

Arduino Eclipse Plugin

It is a professional multiplatform extendable programming environment that allows you to generate Arduino sketches while maintaining nearly the full capabilities of […]

Atmel Studio

Atmel Studio is an IDE for the creation of microcontrollers and printed circuit boards. It may also be used for debugging purposes […]

Arduino IDE

In addition to being open-source, Arduino IDE is a prototype platform that is versatile and simple to use in terms of hardware […]


embedXcode is a template for Xcode that enables you to create computing boards with a single line of code. The usage of […]


Stormpath is a robust authorization, user management and developer platform that gives the complete end-user infrastructure which includes user registration, password, token-based […]

Gluu Server

Gluu Server allows you to construct an innovative identity platform from the ground up. For the purpose of securing your digital identity […]


HelloID is an Identity & Access Management (IAM) system that runs in the cloud. It features a variety of modules, including automated […]


LoginRadius is a powerful customer identity and access management tool that provides the best experience to customers in order to earn their […]


Ory is an open-source authentication and access control API that is available to anybody who wants to use it. It allows you […]


Okta is referred to as the adaptive security platform, and it is responsible for protecting your data. With the assistance of it, […]


Auth0 is an all-in-one software solution that offers an authentication and authorization management platform that integrates with almost any sort of digital […]


FusionAuth is an identity and user management platform developed for developers that allows them to install it on any computer, no matter […]


Every user may connect their product with Keycloak and make use of all of its services because Keycloak provides identity management, asset […]


Pogoplug is a smart file hosting platform that allows you to enjoy and share your content over the internet. This is an […]


You may save your information safely and securely using Sync.com, a cloud storage service that offers encryption. There are several advantages to […]


4Shared is a major file sharing and storage service that provides the quickest method to access your documents, photographs, movies, and other […]


It is a file sharing, online backup, and cloud storage service that is specifically built to sync images, music, and other files […]


Pydio is a contemporary file management platform that is tailored to meet the demands of businesses and comply with regulatory requirements. All […]


SpiderOak is one of the most effective methods for protecting your data while working in an online setting. It provides a free […]


When you submit numerous files like music, video, or any document to SeaFile the platform automatically synchronizes the data, providing you with […]


Box is a cloud content management platform that enables you to create a collaborative workplace for file sharing and data management in […]

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a file-hosting application. It enables the user to save data, photographs, and movies and access them from any device, […]

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is a Windows based application used for changing the voice. It is generally installed at the system level and […]

EXP Soundboard

EXP Soundboard is a handy soundboard application that allows you to play sounds via virtual audio cable and supports audio in MP3 […]


Resanance is a soundboard software that can be used with any application that supports audio input. The following are some of the […]

Podcast Soundboard

Podcast Soundboard is a simple and lightweight podcast soundboard application that offers audio support ranging from music to rimshots. It enables users […]


It is possible to generate and alter sounds for your show, podcasts, or other media with CasterSoundboard. Create separate audio files, label […]

JN Soundboard

JN Soundboard allows you to play sounds on a variety of sound devices with the use of simple hotkey commands. The program […]


Voicemod is a tool that allows you to alter your voice in real time. Setup is quick and easy, making it perfect […]


It is a cross-platform soundboard that includes a mixture of dark and bright themes, and tabs for folders. It is compatible with […]


BitGym is an advanced fitness application that lets you efficiently train with an amazing collection of over 150 cardio tours while exploring […]

Treadmill TV

It is a workout program that may be used on the treadmill or elliptical to simulate running, jogging, cycling, and walking. It […]

WO Mic

WO Mic lets you convert your smartphone into a microphone device for your PC. Also, in the mono mode, it offers up […]


iVCam is an all-in-one cross-platform program that instantly transforms your phone into an HD camera for Windows PC, with exceptional quality.  This […]


EpocCam is a cutting-edge technology that transforms your mobile phone into a camera in a matter of seconds and with little effort. […]

IP Webcam

IP Webcam is an application that allows you to communicate with anybody using your phone’s camera and microphone, allowing you to both […]


DroidCam is a piece of software that transforms a smartphone into a wireless webcam for use on a computer. It allows users […]

Iriun Webcam

Iriun Webcam allows you to transform the camera on your Mac or Windows PC into a full-featured wireless webcam with a single […]

Caffeine for Windows

Caffeine For Windows is a lightweight, intuitive and basic utility tool that prevents your computer from going into sleep mode or standby […]


Econap assists you in conserving energy while also increasing your comfort. In order to prevent your computer from entering the sleep state, […]

Should I Sleep

Should I Sleep uses a collection of heuristic sensors to determine whether or not you are truly in front of the computer […]


InsomniaX is a simple software that prevents your MacBook from going to sleep even if you shut the lid on the computer. […]

Caffeine for Linux

Caffeine for Linux is a status bar program that may be used to temporarily block the activation of both the screensaver and […]


KeepingYouAwake is a little menu bar program for macOS that prevents your Mac from entering sleep mode for a preset period of […]

Caffeine for Mac

It prevents your computer from falling into standby mode while not in use. With the assistance of this utility, you may put […]

Don’t Sleep

Don’t Sleep is a simple portable software that prevents the system from shutting down, going into standby, going into hibernation, turning off, […]


Amphetamine is the fundamental program that prevents the computer from restarting or being killed. It interferes with screen savers, standby modes, and […]


SpeedTree is third-party modeling software that provides pre-built tree assets, virtual foliage and demanding real time simulations. It is designed for 3D […]


ngPlant is a software suite that allows you to simulate plants. The ngPlant interactive tool allows you to build 3D models of […]


Arbaro is a software implementation of the tree generating method. Because it is developed in Java, it may be used with any […]

Tree Studio

Tree Studio is a tool with a concentration on 2D tree construction and a more straightforward, simplified user interface. Tree Studio contains […]


PlantFactory is a professional 3D computer graphics program for creating, animating and rendering realistic 3D worlds, landscapes, and natural settings in a […]

The Groove 3D

The Grove 3D allows you to harness the full potential of this incredible 3D application. When it comes to exporting to your […]


TreeIt is a simple to use real time 3d tree generator that allows you to quickly and easily create your own 3d […]


StreamElements is a cloud-based ChatBot for YouTube and Twitch that may assist you in converting followers into fans on your channels. It […]


It is a feature-rich and completely customisable chatbot for YouTube and Twitch that allows gamers and streaming content creators to communicate more […]


It is a component of Googlebot, a web crawler that is responsible for crawling the Internet at regular intervals in order to […]


PhantomBot is an actively maintained interactive Twitch bot with a thriving community that offers entertainment and moderation for your channel, enabling you […]


Streamers may boost their fan base with the aid of Botisimo, a cross-platform chatbot that is jam-packed with sophisticated capabilities. In order […]

Streamlabs Chatbot

Streamlabs Chatbot allows you to interact with your fans on YouTube and Twitch via automated responses. It enables the broadcaster to communicate […]


ScorpBot is an amazing open-source chat bot Windows application specially designed for streamers and gamers. It offers dual twitch and mixer support. […]


There are several runtimes and application frameworks for Eclipse, making it a versatile development environment for all phases of software development and […]


jGRASP is a lightweight development environment that offers users a control structure and facilitates the generation of software visualizations to improve the […]

Qt Creator

The Qt Creator programming environment is a joy to use. As an example, it gives tools to make coding more accessible and […]

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a development platform which gives you professional tools and a team that help you in creating awareness of application […]


NetBeans is a powerful tools platform and application framework that provides you with a comprehensive integrated development environment, as well as nimble […]


A Java-based IDE called PhpStorm is on the market. It has a wealth of useful features at your fingertips, and it’s extensible […]


PyCharm is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed primarily for Python programming. To increase your efficiency, it has top-notch features like as […]


Geany is a web-based IDE that has all of the capabilities you’d expect from one. In a very sophisticated and professional atmosphere, […]


Code::Blocks is a C++ IDE developed to suit the most demanding demands of its users. It has been intended to be very […]


WebStorm is a powerful JavaScript integrated development environment (IDE). There are no extra plugins necessary for the program to provide support for […]


MultiSwipe is a smart personalization tool that supports various handy gestures to control the activity and perform several tasks on the PC. […]


Procaster is a live streaming application that offers one-click broadcasts of webcams, games and desktop chat for educational purposes and tutorials. It […]

GMD Gesture Control

GMD Gesture Control is an application that allows you to create a plethora of hand gesture shortcuts that will assist you in […]

Tablet Pro

Tablet Pro is a collection of tools intended to improve the efficiency with which you utilise your Windows tablet as a workplace. […]


It is a multi-touch extension for the MacBook Trackpad and Magic Mouse that was developed by jitouch. Simple actions like changing tabs, […]


GestureSign is a simple application to use. It comes pre-programmed with gestures that do certain functions like as turning up and down […]

Epic Pen

Epic Pen is an intuitive windows desktop tool and screen marker that lets you write and draw over your desktop and applications. […]

Ultimate Pen

It is a software-only solution that provides a full-screen transparent window that allows you to sketch on top of the majority of […]


Crealesson is one of the software solutions that may assist instructors in creating engaging digital lessons without having to spend a lot […]


Pylote is a piece of software that allows you to sketch on the computer screen, as well as manipulate numerous geometrical instruments […]


ZoomIt is a technical presentation screen annotation application that allows you to freely draw on the screen during the presentation. The UI […]


It is possible to use Gromit-MPX with any Unix desktop environment running under X11 or Wayland. Its primary use is in the […]


Ardesia enables you to write colorful freehand comments with digital ink anywhere on your computer or on a printed page. You may […]


gInk is a free and open-source annotation tool that may help you enhance the quality of your presentations and demos. It provides […]


DisFlow is a powerful application that is simple to use and very effective. Animate, mix, and blend an endless number of layers […]


Motiongraph makes strange graphics in which a portion of the image moves in the same way as a movie would be played. […]


It is possible to animate your photograph and transform it into a motion film using PhotoMirage software. You may make the photographs […]


StoryZ lets you to create visual tales that can be shared with friends and family. It is really simple to make your […]


Cinemask allows you to create cinemagraphs from your videos and live images. It is a fascinating tool with many creative possibilities, Cinemask […]

Cinemagraph Pro

It is one of the most sophisticated tools for professional picture editors available on the market today. It is a free-to-use program […]


Plotagraph is an amazing photo animation application that lets you create realistic animated motion art video FX. Users can also share their […]


Ninite is a simple-to-utilize online service that permits the clients to install different programming programs on a PC, at the same time. […]

NeoSetup Updater

NeoSetup Updater is a lightweight application that enables users to monitor and install updates for their software utilities. It is a remarkable […]


Chocolatey allows you to update practically anything on your computer with a few easy clicks. In terms of updating software, the program […]


SUMo is a Windows update monitor that has a light, clean look and is supported by a large database of updates. The […]


Synaptic is a graphical package management tool for the apt package management system. It offers the same functionality as the apt-get command-line […]

Patch My PC

Patch My PC is a compact and simple-to-use piece of software that maintains over 300 apps on your computer up to date […]


Ketarin is a fantastic solution for keeping your software packages up to date on a regular basis. It is small and lightweight, […]

Advanced Package Tool (Apt)

Advanced Package Tool (Apt) is responsible for the resolution of dependency issues and retrieval of required packages collaborates with dpkg (applications). This […]


A fantastic command-line installer that comes with a huge number of preset buckets and makes it simple to create and manage your […]


MacUpdater is an application that scans your Mac and displays a list of the applications that are out of date. MacUpdater can […]

pacman (package manager)

It combines a straightforward binary package format with a straightforward build method that is simple to use. With pacman, users can easily […]


just-install is a simple tool that streamlines the process of installing software on Windows. just-install is so subtle and lightweight that even […]

Visual SourceSafe

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe is a source control program specially designed for the development of small software projects. It brilliantly creates a virtual […]


jMediaelement is a jQuery multimedia framework and an HTML5 audio/video development kit, built with Javascript and CSS, with Flash fallback that make […]

Kaltura Player

For its versatility, simplicity of modification, plug-in capabilities, and loading speed, the Kaltura Player is the market leader. In addition to analytics […]


html5media is a JavaScript library that allows any browser to play the media that is described inside the HTML5 media tags. It […]

JW Player

As one of the most popular videos streaming platforms, JW Player provides everything from a lightning-fast player to data-driven suggestions, as well […]


Flowplayer is a prominent and respected platform for broadcasters, publishers, and media organizations that enables plug-and-play live streaming. It eliminates the requirement […]


A sophisticated and feature-rich JavaScript/jQuery audio and video player plugin that is based on the HTML5 media element API, MediaElement.js is available […]


afterglow is a completely responsive HTML5 video player with support for lightboxes and YouTube that is very simple to set up and […]


PLYR is a media player that is easy, accessible, and adaptable for a variety of platforms, including Vimeo, HTML audio, HTML video, […]

FV Player

FV Player is a video player with comprehensive features that enables you to upload your films anywhere (and everywhere at the same […]


An online video player created from the bottom up for the HTML5 platform, Videojs is free and open-source software. VideoJS can play […]


PriceZombie is a price tracker that helps users to track and monitor the prices of products on online shopping platforms like Amazon. […]


Pricesync is a comprehensive system that provides an advantage to online businesses via its pricing planning and item management capabilities. It has […]


Pricepin allows you to pin things from any e-commerce website and get notification alerts when the price of the product drops below […]


Price Snoop is an all-in-one Amazon Price Tracking Application. One of the most useful features of this program is that it will […]

Price Snoop

StrikeOut has one of the top best interactive interfaces on the list of sports streaming sites with enough sports content on it. […]


Savelist is an application that allows you to store, organize, find, and shop for the things that you are interested in. The […]


Keepa helps to keep an eye on the price of items on Amazon in an elegant, efficient, and simple method. It has […]


Product prices on Amazon can be tracked with ease using Camelcamelcamel.com. Users can get alerts when prices decrease and can monitor how […]


KeyToJoy is a key mapper and emulator gamepad that enables users to bind keyboards for the specific games that require extra gamepads. […]


X360ce allows you to transform any sort of controller, such as a gamepad, pedals, joystick, or steering wheel, into a full-fledged Xbox […]


MotioninJoy is capable of connecting through both USB and Bluetooth connections. It also has the capability of connecting four controllers, which distinguishes […]


InputMapper is a functioning game controller program that establishes connections between the devices you use and the game you are currently playing. […]


You may use this program to operate your media player from an Xbox 360 controller.  It also features a feature that enables […]


As a joystick device emulator, it is a lightweight solution that can be used to create programmes that employ input controllers with […]


This robust graphical software solution is used to transfer keyboard and mouse controls to a gamepad from a standard computer keyboard.  One […]


reWASD is an intelligent Xbox controller. It is possible to customize your gamepad buttons and keyboard shortcuts, as well as move the […]


JoyToKey will simulate keyboard strokes or mouse input based on joystick input, allowing all of the target programs to function as if […]


Xpadder is a program that replicates the keyboard and mouse by using a gamepad. It is a one-stop solution that enables you […]


Using a wide variety of input devices, ControllerMate is a program that allows you to activate bespoke mouse, keyboard, and MIDI actions. […]


DS4Windows is a portable software solution that enables you to get the most out of your computer’s performance while running this program […]

The Infinite Jukebox

The Infinite Jukebox is a free social music jukebox that enables you to create and share your own free jukebox. It lets […]

Jukebox Star

With Jukebox Star, you can build your own free jukebox and invite your friends to contribute to it by uploading music videos […]


It organises a song’s beats into clusters based on their melodic similarity, and then plays a random route across the song that […]


It is a free online DJ application that allows you to combine SoundCloud music and YouTube videos. It is also quite powerful […]

The Eternal Jukebox

The Eternal Jukebox is a website that enables you to search for music on Spotify and construct a playlist of alternative tracks […]

The Wub Machine

The Wub Machine is a cutting-edge platform that allows you to swiftly change any music into dubstep remixes, drum & bass, electro […]


TC2000 is a popular trading application that lets you analyze trade and the stock market and shows charts and comparison models you […]

Seeking Alpha

Stock market news and analysis app Seeking Alpha has tools to help you make informed investment choices based on current stock price […]


As a result of MarketWatch’s extensive coverage of the stock market, consumers may read in detail research of a firm before purchasing […]


Investors may use Robinhood to invest in a wide range of financial instruments including mutual funds and stock ETFs.With low trading fees […]


Its mission is to address global challenges by providing high-tech, market-moving information that is data-driven and cross-platform. A prominent worldwide supplier of […]


Institutional investors have access to Protrader’s multi-asset trading capabilities via banks, brokerages, and hedge funds. It’s ideal for day traders, scalpers, and […]


Social trading and investing platform eToro is one of the most popular and well-known CFD trading and investing platforms in the world. […]


TradingView Stock charts, crypto trading is an app for novice stock traders to gain fresh trading ideas and share their revolutionary ideas […]


An all-in-one program that provides you with the most current Bit- or altcoin price index is Cryptowatch. Everyone can view the current […]


MetaTrader is a highly popular platform for Forex traders who want to trade a large variety of different assets on one platform. […]


HTTPScoop is a specialized network sniffer that shows requests to the websites with the response. It is a Mac program that basically […]


When used in conjunction with a valid HTTP proxy and monitoring software, James allows developers to legitimately watch and intercept requests performed […]


HttpFox is a beautifully designed Firefox add-on that allows you to monitor HTTP traffic produced by your web browser. It is a […]


Web debugging proxy software based on the HTTP debugging proxy server program built in JavaScript, Charles is an all-in-one web debugging proxy […]

HTTP Debugger

HTTP Debugger is a simple-to-use piece of software for debugging HTTP API calls, whether they be between backends or between backends and […]

HTTP Toolkit

HTTP Toolkit is a powerful tool for debugging, mocking, testing, and developing applications. The program comes with a dependable, functional approach that […]


mitmproxy is a dependable and interactive HTTPS proxy program that aids in the testing, debugging, penetration testing, and privacy measures of software […]


A web-debugging proxy, Proxyman is a sophisticated piece of software that is a native and very fast macOS program that simplifies the […]


It is possible to analyze traffic, establish breakpoints, and tinker with incoming and outgoing data using Fiddler.  It comes with a robust […]


YAGBE (Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension) is a customizable Google Bookmarks manager for Google chrome. It helps you to customize almost everything […]


In order to save time wasted bookmarking, searching, or copying and pasting notes into various documents, Memex was created. Search your browser […]


Using Wallabag, you may store webpages to read at a more convenient time. If you’re searching for a self-hosted alternative to Pocket, […]


For quick and easy access to all of your bookmarks, Raindrop.io provides a central location where you can save them all in […]


Diigo is a browser add-on for managing and sharing bookmarks. It’s like having a central location where you can quickly find all […]


Web users may use Tagpacker as an extension for the most popular web browsers to organize and share their favorite links. If […]


Your bookmark titles might be a good place to start when looking for new keywords. You may sort your bookmarks into subfolders […]

TeamSync Bookmarks

TeamSync Bookmarks is a browser add-on for managing and synchronizing bookmarks. Managing and bookmarking all of your most essential websites, articles, and […]

Firefox Sync

There is a data synchronisation function in Firefox called Firefox Sync. The user can save, manage and sync bookmarks across different devices […]


MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is an arcade machine emulator that lets you emulates several thousand arcade video games. All you need […]

FB Alpha

FB Alpha is an arcade game emulator, which means that it takes the program code, graphics data, and other data from an […]


OpenEmu is a project that uses contemporary OS X technologies like Cocoa, Core Animation, and Quartz, as well as third-party libraries like […]


Nostlan is a cross-platform game launcher that is compatible with a variety of platforms. You may think of it as a video […]


A high-performance, feature-rich, multi-system emulator created with meticulous attention to detail in order to provide a seamless user experience. It comes with […]


Kawaks is a simplified CPS1/2 (Neo-Geo) emulator. You may add macros to certain keys to accomplish otherwise difficult super moves. It does […]


ZSNES is an emulator for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Smoothing and dynamic image scaling, screenshot capture, state saving, recording ZMV movies, […]


Snes9x is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulation tool for mobile devices. Snes9X is an excellent standalone emulator that “simply works” […]


VisualBoyAdvance is the most recent version of the original emulator, which was released in 1998. It is a free software emulator for […]


In addition to portable and console gaming devices, MESS also emulates computer platforms and calculators. In order to achieve accuracy and portability, […]


ePSXe is a popular and feature-rich PlayStation video game console emulator that enables you to play classic PlayStation games on your computer, […]


Mupen64Plus is a plugin-based N64 emulator that runs on a variety of platforms and is capable of correctly reproducing a wide range […]


Project64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator. It contains a plugin mechanism that allows third-party developers to incorporate their own software components into […]


RetroArch application functions similarly to a game console for you. RetroArch is, without a doubt, the most dynamic alternative for running emulators […]


ShareDrop is a powerful and reliable file-sharing platform that lets you transfer files from one device to another. It can also share […]


Wormhole.app is a simple-to-use file-sharing solution that allows you to transfer files while maintaining end-to-end encryption between the parties involved. After a […]

Dukto R6

Dukto R6 is a file transfer utility that has been specifically intended for usage over a local area network. You may use […]


NitroShare is a robust, fast, and cross-platform network file transfer program that allows you to send and receive files from and to […]

Send Anywhere

User can transfer any file type without altering the original with Send Anywhere. It allows you to upload more than 50 GB […]

AU Modern FPS

AU Modern FPS is a web-based first-person shooter game that can be played directly on the browser. The game lets you use […]

Urban Terror

Urban Terror is a video game that combines elements of action role-playing, first-person shooting, and multiplayer. The game takes place in an […]


OpenArena is a single-player, action-oriented video game. As a result of the suggested gameplay, the player is required to keep track of […]


AssaultCube is a multiplayer first-person shooter game that is completely free to play. It’s addicting and entertaining since it takes place in […]

Cube 2: Sauerbraten

Cube 2: Sauerbraten is a free first-person shooter that can be played online or locally. A variety of playable characters are available […]


Xonotic is a video game with a first-person perspective, a shooter, and both single-player and multiplayer modes. There are sixteen distinct game […]


Battlefield is a video game franchise that consists of first-person shooter video games. Instead of standard first-person shooters, the series places a […]

Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been a series of first-person shooter video games. With military-themed gameplay that allows you to take on the […]


Counter-Strike is an action-adventure, first-person shooter tactical, and online multiplayer video game. In the Counter-Strike series, it is the very first game […]


YippieMove is a powerful email migration tool that allows users to transfer email data from one email account to another. It uses […]


A cloud-based data migration program, ShuttleCloud, is meant to be used for importing emails and contacts into a new system. Through data […]


IMAPSize is a Windows program that enables you to manage your IMAP mail accounts in a rapid and effective manner. It is […]


The imapsync program is a command-line utility that allows incremental and recursive imap transfers from one mailbox to another, regardless of whether […]


It is an email archiving, management, and compliance solution that assists businesses in lowering storage costs while also remaining compliant with both […]

ImageHost Grabber

ImageHost Grabber is an online platform that allows users to download media files from any web page. It supports bulk downloading that […]


This program provides users with the ability to download photographs from a variety of different websites like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and other […]


For downloading large amounts of mp3, photos, movies, and more, NeoDownloader is an excellent choice. It’s lightning-fast and makes it easy for […]

Image Downloader

Using Image Downloader, you may search for and download free photos from the internet. In terms of ease of use, Image Downloader […]

Google Images Download

Google Images Download is an online tool that enables users to download large numbers of images from Google. It is basically a […]

Extreme Picture Finder

In addition to identifying and downloading online pictures, Extreme Picture Finder is a strong image downloader. All of the site photos are […]


eMule is a free Microsoft Windows peer-to-peer file sharing program. eMule, which began as an alternative to eDonkey2000 in May 2002, currently […]


Soulseek is a file-sharing network and application that works peer-to-peer (P2P). One of the two networks, or one of the three official […]


WinMX (Windows Music exchange) is a platform exclusively designed for sharing movies, games, applications, music and much more. It is an excellent […]


Quazaa is a cross-platform multi-network peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing client that can handle HTTP, FTP, and BitTorrent protocols. The user interface is very […]


Calypso is a cross-platform file-sharing software. Calypso’s multi-source architecture enables fast downloads. Calypso gives you the ability to conduct several searches at […]


Shareaza is a peer-to-peer (P2P) client for Windows that enables you to download any file type from any P2P network. Shareaza is […]


RetroShare is a platform that allows authorized buddies to make encrypted connections with one another. A variety of communication services, as well […]


FrostWire is a free, open-source P2P BitTorrent file sharing tool that also functions as a cloud file downloader. There are many more […]

Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe is a powerful DNS service that provides a safe and secured browsing environment while blocking unwanted websites. It also works […]


Detect and filter suspicious information and maliciously programmed websites, adverts and prevent them from accessing and harming your system using SafeDNS’s quick, […]


DNSCrypt is a little piece of lightweight software that everyone should make use of in order to increase their privacy and security […]


Ads, trackers, and harmful websites are all blocked on all of your devices, including your mobile device using NextDNS.  An in-depth analysis […]

An Internet protocol address such as is a public domain service that allows users to browse the web quickly and privately. […]


BTProximity is a smart locking application specially designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It can detect your Bluetooth-enabled phone and automatically […]


BLEUnlock is a simple menu bar program that allows you to lock and unlock your Mac using your iPhone, Apple Watch, or […]


TokenLock is the most comprehensive Mac locking application available. It helps to lock your computer using USB, Bluetooth (iPhone) proximity, or your […]

Near Lock

Near Lock is a program that allows you to use your iPhone as a personal key to unlock your Mac using your […]

Toolur MP3 Cutter

Toolur MP3 Cutter is a robust MP3 cutter that allows users to cut and trim their favourite audio and video files. Users […]


In order to reduce MP3 and AAC files without sacrificing sound quality, use mp3DirectCut, an MPEG audio editing program. Merging, cutting, slicing, […]


Online mp3 file cutting is possible using mp3cut.net. You don’t have to use complicated software to cut and generate a ringtone for […]


MP3Cutter.com is an online audio trimming application that allows users to quickly and easily extract the required portion of a song. You […]


It is possible to trim the section of the song that you prefer with Mp3cut, which is an all-in-one online MP3 cutter […]


Imig.es is an intuitive image hosting platform that allows users to create their own galleries and upload their images without any limitations. […]


An application called PhotoPrism makes it easy for users to save their photos. Allows users to explore, organize and share their own […]


Uploading photographs on the internet has never been easier thanks to ImgPile, a world-class platform. It lets you share beautiful, amusing, and […]


ImageShack is a website where you may upload and share pictures. Using this app, you may upload and share your whole picture […]


Image hosting and sharing program Photobucket, which may also be used for picture editing, is available for free on the web. Uploading […]

Google Photos

Google Photos is a centralized repository for all of your memories, including photos and videos, which can be accessed quickly and conveniently […]


Postimage.org is an image hosting service that is available for forums. It allows you to upload images for free and integrate your […]


Flickr is now one of the most popular image-hosting services available. In addition to photos, it allows users to exchange movies with […]


In PixelFed, you may post your images and watch how others respond to them. Each user’s profile has a picture stream where […]


Imgur is the world’s most popular online community and hosting service for sharing and hosting images. High-resolution photos are available in abundance. Funny […]


BrandChirps is an easy-to-use brand monitoring system that enables users to easily obtain insights for spying on competitors and watching brands. It […]


Mentionlytics is a social media and online monitoring software built for small businesses, huge corporations, celebrities, influencers, artists, and politicians. It is […]


Every time one of your filters matches anything on Hacker News, Reddit, Stack Exchange, or other communities, you’ll get an email, if […]

Social Searcher

It enables users to search for information in social networks in real-time and delivers extensive analytics data about the content they find. […]


It’s a service that sends you emails whenever your chosen terms are referenced on Reddit, Hacker News, or Lobsters. Monitor your brand, […]


Reputation management and internet marketing are made easier with Mention, a real-time media monitoring application that allows the social media manager and […]

Google Alerts

When the material is updated, Google Alerts will send out an email message to users. Emails are sent to the user when […]


A+ VCE is an educational-based learning platform that helps students in the preparation of the exams. It lets you take practice and […]


VCEConvert is used to convert VCE files to PDF format. VCEConvert offers the benefit of being able to convert your files in […]

ProfExam Builder

ProfExam Builder is a must-have collection of apps for taking examinations and performing tests on the go. It is ideal for both […]


SkyPrep is a kind of web-based learning management system that is working towards providing a good user experience. SkyPrep’s web-based training solution […]


MultiLaunchBox is a web-based simple program specially designed to handle key broadcasting and application launching in a single easy-to-configure package. Users can […]


It is possible to construct toolbar launchers using ButtonCommander, an automation tool. With the tool, you may open any program, folder, or […]

Mini Mouse Macro

Using Mini Mouse Macro, you may record all of your real-time mouse and keyboard operations. When doing a repeated action on your […]


You can quickly access hotkey button icons using Keystarter, a productivity automation tool. It doesn’t matter whether your job is simple or […]

Quick Macros

Quick Macros is a Windows-based automation tool that enables you to meet your daily productivity targets. Automate repetitive computer processes to make […]


SRVSTART is a DLL and Win32 executable service that enable users to run commands as Windows NT services. Also, it comes with […]


FireDaemon is a service management program that runs on the operating system. FireDaemon enables you to install and operate most typical Windows […]

Launcher service

Launcher service is a microservice that exposes API endpoints for the purpose of launching a procedure. Launcher contexts are created and managed […]


AlwaysUp is a powerful Service Wrapper that allows you to run any executable, batch file, or shortcut as a Windows Service, launching […]


WinServ is an application that allows you to create an Nt service in Windows that executes a specific application. The ability to […]

Daemon Master

It is possible to build and administer Windows services from any application using Daemon Master, which is software that enables you to […]

Turbo Service Manager

Turbo Service Manager is a utility that enables you to simply modify the services that run on your computer. Because services are […]


ZMover is a desktop managing application that helps you to manage your desktop according to your specifications and preferences. It allows you […]


Freeware program Sizer enables you to resize any window to an exact, predetermined size by just dragging the mouse. When developing websites, […]


SmartSystemMenu is a lightweight Windows application that provides essential context menu choices to practically any program. These options include information, alignment, resizing, […]


MenuTools provides choices for task prioritization, window transparency, and Always On Top for dialogue windows that are opened in the background. It […]


WinSize2 has the ability to relocate windows to a predetermined location and/or resize the width and/or height of windows to a predefined […]


Using AutoSizer, you may have applications resized automatically for you, whether they are kept at a set size or kept maximized. It […]


RBTray is a simple software that runs in the background and enables practically any window to be reduced to the system tray […]


WinWarden is a portable operating system software that automatically manages how a window is shown by employing navigation tools and controlling instructions […]


WindowGrid, is one of the most dependable platforms for Microsoft Windows devices. Because of this, users may reorganize the tabs on the […]


It is a full-featured virtual desktop manager that enhances your ordinary window by adding additional capabilities. Just having an integrated full-screen view […]


Offcloud is a top-notch cloud-based download managing service that lets you download or stream files from any file-hosting site over the internet. […]


Bitport.io is a unique torrent downloading service that allows users to download and stream torrents in the cloud without even saving them […]


ZbigZ is a free cloud-based service that lets you download or stream any torrent file over the internet. It offers high-speed servers […]

Sonic SeedBox

Sonic SeedBox is a torrent downloader that is very fast and provides its consumers with the greatest torrent cloud service available. It […]


Bitso24 allows you to securely leech and download torrents to your computer’s hard drive. Simply add your torrent file/magnet link to leech […]


Seedr is a cloud-based torrent client created specifically for dealing with torrents. It enables its customers to stream multimedia files, read digital […]


Put.io is a combination of online storage service and a BitTorrent client. It downloads torrents and uploads them to your own, secure […]


Furk.net is a web-based platform that functions as a personal secure storage platform, fetches multimedia files from the Internet, and allows visitors […]


A regular download manager and private cloud storage platform, Filestream.me enables its customers to download and store files and even media files […]


Using this web-based platform, users may download links in an anonymous manner. The most appealing aspect of TorrentSafe is that it needs […]


Downgram is an online image downloader that allows users to easily download Instagram images, posts, profile pictures, stories, and IGTV in a […]


It is created with an awareness of each need of the user in mind, and it allows the user to swiftly, securely, […]


QuickSave is a fantastic mobile application that allows you to save your favourite videos and photographs from Instagram and then share them […]


Inflact enables anybody to download Instagram videos in a couple of minutes. This program enables you to download your Instagram video in […]


FastSave is an app that allows you to save your favorite Instagram photographs and videos to your smartphone with a single click […]


Vaulty is a free privacy protection application that provides a free vault to hide your photos and videos on the device. It […]


Photok is a photo-safe that is completely free. It saves your images on your smartphone in an encrypted format and keeps them […]

Hide Secrets

Hide Secrets is one of the most effective ways to keep your secrets hidden while your phone is not in your grasp. […]


KeepSafe is the most popular photo vault and album locker app. It is a sophisticated program that protects all of your images […]

Stingle Photos

Stingle Photos is a secure photo/video encryption and backup tool that delivers great security, privacy, and encryption while securely storing your media […]

Scanner 2 PDF

Scanner 2 PDF is a document scanner and PDF converter that lets you scan multipage documents, whiteboards, paper notes, and other such […]

metier Scan2PDF

metier Scan2PDF is a powerful solution that provides the quickest and most convenient method to create PDF files from a variety of […]


Skanlite is a scanning application that is both extremely professional and simple to use, and it is used to scan documents and […]


The user can scan many pages at once and store them in the chosen place with only a few clicks of a […]

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a document scanning application that is the next generation of document scanning. This powerful scanning tool allows smartphone users […]


It is an optical character recognition (OCR) program for scanning documents into PDF and other sorts of formats. The software may also […]


VueScan is a computer application that scans images, particularly pictures and negatives, and displays them on a computer screen. It facilitates the […]


SmarteQM is a complete software life cycle management tool that allows you to organize your software delivery life cycle process in an […]


It is a cloud-based test management program that will assist your team in greatly increasing testing efficiency while also streamlining and organizing […]


PractiTest provides professional end-to-end quality assurance management. One of the most intriguing aspects of this platform is that it provides a customizability […]


TestRail is a robust test management system that allows engineers from all over the globe to manage the testing of their software […]


It is developed in Python and Django and is used for the test plan, test run, and test case management. Bugzilla and […]


Kualitee is a test management software that testers, developers, and other collaborators use to organize and administrate testing activities based on business […]


NebriOS is a BPM-based workflow software application that helps you to build Python/Django process-driven workflow web applications for web browsers and mobile […]


viewflow is a workflow library based on BPMN ideas that allows you to create workflows. It bridges the gap between an image […]


Drools is an open-source business rule management system that gives solutions to enterprises via the use of a rules engine that is […]


ProcessMaker is a web-based business process management and workflow software that may be used either in the cloud or on-premises environments. There […]

Bonita BPM

Bonita BPM is an open-source workflow suite that adheres to business process management standards. It allows users to visually alter business processes, […]


Shamchat is a unique chatting application that allows users to chat anonymously with anyone from all over the world. It lets you […]


Rolechat is one of the most extensively used random chatting services, where users may register with a fictitious identity or a role […]


Shmeppy is a free-to-use drawing tool that lets you easily create maps for your favourite tabletop RPGs in just a few minutes. […]

Beyond Tabletop

More than just a tabletop RPG experience, Beyond Tabletop is a free online platform that enables users to expand their RPG experience […]

Standard Action

Standard Action is a tabletop gaming program that is intended to be easy to use while remaining adaptable. A variety of features […]

Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is a software that provides you with tools to integrate RPG structure into your tabletop game. It also has a […]

Astral Tabletop

Tabletop role-playing games may be hosted and played using Astral Tabletop, which is a piece of software that simplifies the process. It […]


MapTool is a role-playing game mapping tool that includes a variety of features and modules to allow you to construct a map […]

Owlbear Rodeo

Owlbear Rodeo is a web application that can be used to perform tabletop encounters without the lengthy setup procedure required by existing […]


Roll20 is a tabletop role-playing game-like interface that is accessible on multiple devices. The major goal is to provide you with a […]


DropMail is a very handy online service that offers temporary and disposable email address to access websites that require registration via email. […]


Dispostable is the name of a service that generates a temporary email address that is still usable. You may use this address […]


Nada is a temporary email service meant to offer you with an anonymous temporary email address that allows you to send and […]


When using Harakirimail, you don’t have to input anything other than your email address and your password. You may think of it […]


YOPMail is a platform that provides a free, quick, and feature-rich service that protects you against spam, phishing, and other online threats. […]

Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is the most popular disposable email address provider, and it provides the capacity to both send and receive email. One […]

10 Minute Mail

A temporary email account provided by 10 Minute Mail is one of the most popular services that provides anonymous, safe, and temporary […]

Burner Mail

Burner Mail is an online service that offers you with a throwaway email address that may be used to login into websites […]

Temp Mail

Temp Mail is a supplier of fictitious and temporary email addresses that may be used to alleviate your security worries. Each time […]


Maildrop is an example of a tool from which you may seek assistance in creating a temporary email account. Users have the […]


Spamgourmet emerges as a service that provides temporary email addresses as a means of protecting against spam. You will also have the […]


AnonAddy is an open-source temporary email service that allows you to create as many aliases as you like, which means that anybody […]


You may establish a temporary email account using TemPail, a web-based tool that allows you to test online services or to prevent […]


VideoRipper.me is a web-based free video ripper that allows users to easily rip online videos. It is a very versatile platform that […]

4k Video Downloader

4k Video Downloader is a free video downloader. It enables you to download videos, playlists, subtitles, and channels from popular social media […]


Gbridge is open-source software that allows users to remotely control PC, share files, sync folders and back up all important by creating […]

VNC Connect

VNC Connect is a piece of software that enables you to remotely access and control other computers through the internet. This program […]


NoMachine is a popular, quick, and simple-to-use remote desktop application that allows you to access your files and folders from any place. […]


UltraViewer is a free remote desktop management tool that provides comprehensive assistance for both client and partner systems from anywhere in the […]


User access and management of their computers may be accomplished via the use of LogMeIn, a remote desktop accessing tool available from […]


AnyDesk is one of the most powerful and engaging remote desktop applications available for accessing any aspect of the remote PC’s operating […]


Remmina is a remote desktop client designed for administrators and travelers who need to connect to their personal or company PCs from […]

Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is a remote desktop accessing platform that enables users to access their PC from any location and from any device […]


TeamViewer is a remote PC accessing platform that allows users to access a distant PC from their local system using a graphical […]


Filebin is a unique file hosting platform that enables users to upload files to the server and share them with others. The […]