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Two Ways to Backup Android Contacts

Technology is making our life easier and luxury. We’ve created such machines and digital systems which can take care of most of the thing in our life. There are two sides of technology, one is very bright and other is very dark. It depends on us that how we’ll be using technology. Similarly, Mobile phones are the best invention in human history. It enables us to contact every person in the entire world who have a mobile phone. All we need is contact information of the person. In a mobile phone, we can save many contacts. There’s no need to remember every single contact information. But, there’s always a risk of losing all your contacts. Hence, it’s safer to create a backup of contacts. There are many ways you can use to create a backup but we’ll be showing you the two ways to Backup Android Contacts.

These methods can be used to backup all your Android contacts. Many free services allow you to make your contacts backup online or offline. You should strictly take care of your contacts as once lost, you’ll be losing many important friends contact information or business clients contact information. So, backup Android contacts and forget the fear of losing your contacts. Many Android smartphones automatically create the backup of Contacts if you’ve signed in with your Google account and contact sync is enabled. If contacts sync isn’t enabled then your contacts might be at risk. We’ll guide you through all the steps to backup Android contacts.

These two methods and their steps are very simple and easy to follow. There’s no need to download any app or software to backup Android contacts. We’ve shown you trustful service and an offline way to backup Android contacts. Read all the methods given below and follow their steps carefully.

Backup Android Contacts

Method 1. Using Google Contacts Sync

Google contacts sync is the best way to create the backup of contacts in Android. All you need to do is just log in with your Google account and enable contacts sync service. By default, it’s enabled when you’re signing in with your Google account but if it’s not enabled then there will be no backup of Android contacts. Every user has Google account who’s using Android device as most of the services on Android needs Google account to run. Follow the steps given below to backup Android contacts using Google contacts:

Step 1. First, open your Android phone settings and go to Accounts.

Step 2. Under contacts select Google and select the Google account which you want to use to backup contacts.

backup android contacts

Enable Contacts Sync

Step 3. Then you’ll see all the sync options, find Contacts option and enable it. If it’s enabled then your contacts will be synced automatically.

Caution: Make sure you’ve enabled contacts sync on your own Google account. If you’ve enabled contacts sync on a Google account which isn’t yours or of your friend/family then your contacts can be seen by them easily. Use this contact sync service with your own personal Google account only.

Now, once you’ve synced all your contacts you can get them back easily anytime. Just visit Google Contacts and you’ll e able to get all your contacts there. Also, you can add your Google account on another Android device, then follow the method given above and get all your contacts back again on your device.

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Alternate: Direct Import Contacts To Google Contacts (Using CSV File)

In this alternate method, we’ll be showing you how you can easily import contacts to your Google account without enabling contacts sync on the mobile device. This process is very simple but you need to Export your contacts. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. First, visit Google Contacts.

Step 2. Now, click on More>Import Contacts. Here you need to upload CSV or vCard file.

make contacts backup on google contacts

Import Contacts

Step 3. To get CSV or vCard file of all your contacts, open contacts app on your Android device.

Step 4. Click on Options and select Import/Export option. Then select Export to Storage or similar to that.make android contacts backup

Step 5. Then you’ll get CSV or vCard file on your device storage. Upload that file to Google Contacts.

how to make android contacts backup

Upload CSV or vCard File

You’re done, you’ve successfully created a backup of your contacts on Google Contacts.

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Method 2. Creating Offline Backup Of Contacts

This method is similar to the first method but you’ll be making an offline backup of your contacts. Also, there’s no need for internet in this method. We’ll be showing you the best way to make an offline copy of contacts on your Android device. Follow the steps given below to backup Android contacts:

Step 1. First, open your Contacts app and click on Import/Export.

Step 2. Then select Export to SD Storage.

Step 3. Now, copy the exported file to your PC/Laptop or any storage device where it’s safe. Meanwhile, you can upload the file to any cloud storage like Google Drive.

By doing these steps, you have an offline copy of your contacts. Whenever you need your contacts if lost, simply open contacts app then click on Options>Import and select the exported file. You’ll get all your contacts back easily.


Step 1. Open your contacts app and select import/export.

Step 2. Then select export to SIM card.

Step 3. Select all the contacts you want to export to SIM card.

Step 4. Export and wait till the export is complete.

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Now, all your contacts will be exported to SIM card. If your device isn’t working or damaged, you can put SIM card on any mobile device and access the contacts easily.

These are the best way to backup Android contacts. We’ve shown you an online and offline way to backup your Android contacts. Follow these steps and methods easily and forget the fear of losing your contacts. If you’re having any problem then comment below.


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