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Best Drone Under $1000 Dollars [2018]

We all are probably excited about the name Drone. When it comes into our mind, we’re probably thinking of an air vehicle which can be controlled using a remote control. The use of drone machines is increasing in Army to keep their eyes on the Enemy and some restricted areas. But, due to rise in videography for many purposes e.g movies, videos etc. Or, people can use a drone as a toy to do crazy things e.g for fun purposes. There are thousands of drone choices available in the market and some of them are very costly and some are in the budget. But, it’s really hard to decide which one to choose as there are a lot of choices are available. In this article, we’ll be showing you the best drones under $1000 dollars in 2018. These drones are recommended by the experts and we’ll be listing some of their pros and cons here.

There might be many reasons for buying a drone e.g to take shots of objects on earth from the sky. Or we can watch any area from a long distance. e.g you can watch your backyard even from your bedroom using the drone. People are also using drones for fun purposes e.g recording fun videos, vlogging, using it as a fun toy etc. 1000 dollars is not a huge amount but not also very less and hence you probably want to invest 1000 dollars to buy a drone which is good and can do the work according to your needs. A perfect drone is small in size, portable and easy to pack, easy to carry, have good strength, less in weight, long lasting battery backup etc. Under 1000 dollars you’ll probably get a drone which has all these features. Check out our list of best drones under 1000 dollars and buy the drone you want.

Top Best Drones Under 1000 Dollars

Below is the awaited list of some of the best drones you can buy from Amazon. Buy link is given for every Drone with their specifications and price. (price may vary as per market)

DJI Mavic Pro

best drones under 1000 dollars

This is one of the best drones under 1000 dollars. The best thing about the drone is that it’s very lightweight, and powerful. If we talk about the size of the drone, then it can be folded as small as the bottle of water. So, you can take it to any place without having any problem. It can fly up to 64kmph hence it’s good enough and we can capture True 4K video with it. Below are some of the pros and some cons about this drone.


  • This drone can be folded to the size of a water bottle which is too small hence it’s portable and can fit anywhere just like a water bottle.
  • Due to OcuSync transmission system, you can fly this drone up to 64kmph (40mph) with 7KM transmission range for around 27KM.
  • A camera attached to the drone which can shoot True 4K videos.
  • Sensors to avoid the accidental destruction and hence increased safety, reliability.
  • Better positioning with GPS and GLONASS.

Buy Now $874


  • You can only fly this drone for around 27 minutes and hence you’ll not get enough battery backup from the drone.
  • No internal memory, you’ll have to use an external memory card to store the recorded videos.
  • No self-timer included.
  • Offers only 1X optical zoom.

GoPro Karma with HERO5

1000 dollars best droneIf you want to record shake free video from the air using the drone, then GoPro Karma with HERO5 will be the best choice for you. This drone comes with a drone, with Hero 5 which can record 4K videos for you from the air and also on the ground. As you’re getting a drone on which GoPro Hero 5 is installed and this means that you can use the camera for some other purposes. Stability of the video is the best feature of GoPro Karma with Hero 5 which is probably one of the best drones under $1000 dollars.


  • Stable vides with video stabilization feature.
  • GoPro Hero 5 included which is removable and this means you can use it for some other purposes.
  • Foldable drone with lightweight case included.
  • Drone controller comes with touch display which gives you the smooth experience of flying the drone.

Buy Now $899


  • GPS signal problems are reported by some users.
  • Some software bugs in the controller.

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone

1000$ best drones on amazonThis drone comes with 2.7K KD video camera which can record HD videos for you from the air. There’s 3-axis gimbal recording feature which offers you the stabilized HD video. If you want to stream live video, the feature called Lightbridge digital streaming. While streaming, your video will also be saved on the micro SD card, hence it’s like streaming cum recording. For indoor flights with stable and safe flights, it has flight assistant and technology inside it which allows you to fly the drone without any distractions. GPS with auto takeoffs and auto landings makes sure that there’ll be no harm caused to drone while flying or landing it.


  1. Flight assistant for the intelligent indoor flying.
  2. Auto takeoffs and auto landing included which makes you sure that there’ll be no destructions caused to the drone while landing or take off.
  3. Optical and ultrasonic sensors call vision Positioning that allows flying preciously in indoor conditions even without the GPS signal which is a great thing.
  4. GPS navigation for better control and positioning the drone in outdoor conditions.

Buy Now $699



  1. Size can be a headache for you if you want to travel with the drone.
  2. There are some firmware bugs reported which can be resolved with the firmware updates. If you have a drone with the latest firmware version the bugs in the controller might be less and with future updates, the system will become more stable.

Chroma Camera Drone with CGO2+ 16 MP 1080p

drones from amazon bestThis is one of those drones which can capture really stable and clear video from the air. It captures smooth and steady 1080p definition video. People who are purchasing drones only for video recording purpose then this drone will be one of the best choices you can get. Hence, we recommend this drone because it’s one of the best drones under $1000 dollars. The most fantastic thing about this drone it that it’s easy to fly and if you haven’t used any drone ever then there’s no training required. This drone makes your flight a lot easier with easy to use features and controllers. You can fly it as long as 30 minutes.


  • It has a tracker which keeps the camera pointed towards the person holding the camera. Hence if you have the problem in capturing the stable video of a person, just give him the controller and drone will follow and keep the camera focused on him.
  • Return home function available. Hence, one action will change your drone’s way to your home’s location.
  • Users can adjust flight boundaries.
  • Nicely designed controller with the big touch display.

Buy Now $989


  • Not easy to program the drone for the advanced features.
  • GPS signal problem if out of at higher altitude.

Veho Muvi Q-Series Q-1 Professional Aerial UAV Quadcopter Drone

drones under 1000 dollars amazonThis drone can be called as an all in one drone with 3 flight speeds e.g eco, drive and sports mode. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to record a video from the sky in the normal or sporty event. This drone will adjust its speed automatically so that your video looks more professional. It has the follow-me feature which is very useful and the person who needed to be recorded from the air needs to wear a trackable watch and drone will adjust the speed, height, camera etc. according to the person wearing the watch. Just like all other drones, it also has GPS feature with 20 minutes flight time.


  • The follow-me feature can help you to record remote controller-free videos with a lot professionality.
  • 3-speed modes which can adjust the speed of the drone automatically.

Buy Now $995


  • Many users have complained that there are no replaceable parts available in the market if the drone parts are accidentally broken.
  • GPS problems are faced sometimes.

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