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Best Video Chat Apps For Android 2018

Best Video Chat Apps For Android: Technology is making our work easier and humanity is growing very fast with inventions we’ve made in past few years. One of the biggest inventions was the mobile phone. After few years, when it was developed, smartphones came in the market and mobile phone market got boosted. Almost everyone has smartphones these days. Users always wanted some of the crazy things on their mobile phone. They need every possible thing that can fit in their pocket. mobile phones are very powerful these days. They have the capability of doing many things like a computer has. Before the internet came in market seamlessly, people were making calls and sending text messages to their loved ones.

But, when the internet came in the market people started using apps to send text messages, internet calls and much more. One of the most exciting things is Video calls. You can live talk to a person sitting on the other point of the world by looking st his face. This is amazing as now we can look at the person live by making a video call using the internet. All you need is a best video chat app for your Android. There are many best video chat apps for Android but we’re talking about top rated and used by millions of users.

There are many video chat apps for Android but many of them are data suckers and some don’t connect easily to the person you’re trying to call. Hence, it’s hard to choose which app to use for a video call or video chat. Many apps only connect with single users, means there can’t be more than 2 people chatting with each other at once. In this article, we’ve shown all the best video chat apps for Android with their highlights and specifications.

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Best Video Chat Apps For Android

Below is the list of some of the amazing free video chat app for the Android mobile phone. These apps can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store easily.

1. WhatsApp Video Chat

Yes, we’ve listed WhatsApp as number one. Just take a look at the installs WhatsApp have. Billions of users are using WhatsApp. Nowadays, WhatsApp is very common on every person’s mobile phone. When making a video call to someone, you need to make sure that person you’re calling also have the same app installed on his/her mobile phone. Here, WhatsApp wins the game as every smartphone user has installed WhatsApp on their smartphone. If you want to surprise your old friend, you can make a video call easily using WhatsApp.

best video chat apps for android

WhatsApp Video Chat

If we talk about WhatsApp video call feature, it was introduced a few months back from the day we’ve created this article. In the earlier stage, video call wasn’t enough good and experience wasn’t much better. but, now WhatsApp has made something revolutionary in video chats also. Now, WhatsApp is providing rich video call with great audio and video quality. It’s very easy to call someone, just open WhatsApp and click on video call option on any number.

WhatsApp is completely free to use and all features are free. There’s nothing paid on WhatsApp. If you haven’t tried WhatsApp video call feature, check it out. It’s amazing and available on every smartphone device. But, the drawback about WhatsApp video call feature is that you can’t chat with two people at once. There’s no group chat option available.

Play Store Link: WhatsApp

Platforms: Android, Windows Phone, iOS

2. Tango

This is the app for crazy people. This app makes video chatting very funny and bring video calling experience to next level. If you don’t know Tango, it’s the first app which has video calling feature. Over 350 million users are using tango. Your video calls are no longer boring, Tango brings the masks and other avatars which make your video call amazing and funny. These amazing features are available for free. You can buy some of the in-app-purchases to bring your experience to pro level.

best ever video chat app android


If you’re looking for an app which provides you the best possible video quality in every internet connection speed, then download Tango app instantly. Fun things are never ending using Tango app.

Also, users can play video games while talking on the video call. Isn’t this amazing thing! No other app is currently providing all these features for free. You should probably use this app. This is one of the best video chat apps for Android mobile phones.

Play Store Link: Tango

Platforms: Android, iOS

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3. Facebook Messenger

Here comes the social media giant comp[any Facebook. Facebook was found on 2004 and within few years, it becomes the giant of social media. Millions of users are using Facebook so stay connected with friends, family and to meet new people. You can chat, share photos, create a business page and much more on Facebook. Also, Facebook introduced Messenger app for mobile phones and desktop website too.

best video call apps for android

Facebook Messenger

Using Facebook Messenger, any Facebook user can make video calls to anyone who’s their friend on Facebook. This feature is amazing as all you need is the internet connection, Facebook account, some friends and messenger app. The quality of video chat is amazing on messenger app. There are millions of users using Facebook messenger app. You can even make group chat with your friends. What you need to do to make a group video call is, just simply create and group, add all your friends and you’re done. Now, make a group video call with all your friends and talk together to have some fun.

If you don’t want to use messenger app, you can use your laptop or computer to make video calls easily. Just open your Facebook account in a web browser like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox and make a video chat. This is amazing as there’s no need to download the app. With all these features, the Facebook Messenger is completely free to use. This is amazing and one of the best video chat apps for Android in play store.

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Play Store Link: Facebook Messenger

Platforms: Android, Windows Phone, iOS

4. Just Talk

This video chatting app is an amazing app for video chats. It has many features with whom you’re going to fall in love. Its interface is very simple and it’s only designed for making video calls. You can make high-quality audio and video calls easily on 2.5G connection and above. The user interface of this app is very simple.

Just talk offers group video chat. This is an amazing feature as all your buddies can talk together at once. During video chats, users can play games, can share pictures and much more. There’s a feature called creative touch and you should check this app. It’s amazing. Video quality is also very enhanced and good.

best video calling apps to use


With all these features, this app is totally free to use. You might try some in-app-purchases. Use this video chat app on your Android phone. This is amazing and one of the test video chat apps for Android phone.

Play Store Link: Just Talk

Platforms: Android, iOS

5. Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the famous and amazing app for Android phone specially designed for video calls. Now only video but you can make audio calls also. You need to register using your mobile phone number on this website. They, you can make video calls to your contacts who’re using Google Duo. Video chat quality is very amazing and enhanced on this app. It works well on every Android mobile phone. This app has many amazing features also.

best video chat apps on play store

Google Duo

It has a feature known as knock knock which enables you to look the live preview of the video caller. It means you can look at the face or the live video of the caller before accepting the call. Many users have rated this app with good ratings because its video call quality is amazing. You can make audio-only calls also whose quality is also amazing. There are millions of installs of this app on Android phones. But still, group video chat is missing in this app. hope Google will bring this feature soon.

The user interface of Google duo is very simple and user-friendly. All you need to do is just confirm your mobile phone number and start using this app. This is like WhatsApp but for calls only. Use this one of the best video chat apps currently Play Store has.

Play Store Link: Google Duo

Platforms: Android, iOS

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6. Imo Free Video Calls

IMO is well known for its video calls in low-speed internet connections. Many users claim that it can make video calls in 2G connection and when we tried this app in various kind of situations, it really worked. You can make video calls in low-speed internet connection. Video quality will be very poor but it actually connects to the other person easily on low internet connection.

free video call app

IMO Free Video Calls

Also, if you’re having a high-speed data connection, you can make really good quality calls easily. This app has chats option as well. You can chat with the persons using Imo app as well. It has stickers etc. as chatting feature and you can send stickers to the person you’re chatting with. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. You need to register with your mobile phone number and start chatting with people who have IMO installed on their mobile phone.

With these amazing features, you can download and use IMO for free from Google Play Store. Also, IMO users can share pictures and videos with each other. Chats are encrypted and your chats are safe. IMO has group chat feature which is amazing. Create a video call and connect with your friends with your call to enjoy group video chats. This is totally amazing as there are few group video chat apps available which work fine. IMO is probably one of the best video chat apps for Android.

Play Store Link: IMO Free Video Calls

Platforms: Android, Windows Phone, iOS

7. ICQ Video Calls & Chat

This app is amazing, simple and beautiful for making video calls. We’re introducing you the best video chat apps for Android according to their features, fun facts and much more. This application provides many things to its users.

You can make free video calls to anyone throughout the world. Also, it has a feature of Chat Room where you can join the groups and can chat with them. With all these features ICQ video calls & chat is simple and secure video chatting app for Android phone. You can chat with your friends using text messages also. ICQ has all multimedia chat features included.

best video calling apps on playstore

ICQ Video Calls & Chat

users can even broadcast their message to a number of users at once. All your subscribers on ICQ will get your stream or message instantly. These amazing features can be accessed by you using ICQ video & calls app.

Play Store Link: ICQ Video Calls

Platforms: Android, iOS

8. Skype

You probably have heard about Skype. This is the top most used Software for video calls, online business meetings etc. It’s also available on mobile platforms like Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices. Using this app, you can make amazing video calls to your loved ones. But, you probably need a fast internet connection. Otherwise, it won’t give you the good result. Video quality on Skype is better than any other video chat apps that why it’s used for business purposes also. Group video chat is amazing and has very great video quality.

best fee video call apps on android

Skype Lite

Skype has many features. You can Video chat, voice chat, and can also do text message chats with your friends. The voice-only call is also very good. It’s better than WhatsApp voice call. you can even have some bots enabled on Skype with whom you can do a lot of fun things. These bots are approved by Skype itself hence are amazing.

You can even call on US/Canada landline numbers from India using Skype. Skype have Skype Lite application which is the user can track the data usage while making video and audio calls. This is amazing as you don’t have to use separate apps for this purpose.

Play Store Link: Skype Lite

Platforms: Android, Windows Phone, iOS

9. Viber Messenger

Viber is one of the most popular mobile text messaging and multimedia messaging apps. It’s used by millions of users worldwide. This app is similar to WhatsApp but has some of the features which make it awesome. You can send video, audio, pictures, text messages to your receiver. In Viber, you’ll get amazing stickers which are very crazy and awesome.

best video chat app

Viber Messenger

Users can make video chat using Viber app also. Video quality is amazing and works very well in low connection speed. But, if you’re using it in very low internet connection speed like 2G then you won’t get something great like IMO does in low internet connection speed. But, if you’re using the high-speed internet, quality of the video is awesome. If we talk about its video features then you get all the features that other video chat apps have.

Viber is completely free to use. You can use every many features easily without paying them. but, there are some in-app purchases that you might want to try. Use this best video chat app to chat with your friends.

10. Hangouts

This is another flagship app from Google using which you can make video calls to your loved ones. Using this app is very simple. It’s like any other messenger app. You need to sigh up to this app using your Google account.

best free video chatting apps

Google Hangouts

You can make a video call to any person you know using this Google’s app. This is basically used for business purposes and other things. But, you can use this app as video chatting app with your loved ones. There’s an amazing thing about this app, you can make video calls with multiple people at once. This is great, as most of the video chat apps don’t have this feature.

Play Store Link: Google Hangouts

Platforms: Android, iOS


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