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How To Crack Wifi Password
Crack Wifi Password


Can You Crack WiFi Password? Read Guide Here

Cracking a WiFi password is still a puzzle and not many become successful in this case, but everyone wants to know how they can crack a WiFi password or they are trying to get apps and software like wifi hacker or wifi hacker for android and many others. Most of the websites claim that their method works in cracking WiFi password but if you tries that method there are only a few chances that you will success in cracking that password. Now only two questions appear in your mind:-

Is it possible to crack a WiFi password?

If yes then how we can crack a wifi password?

Well, I will explain you these two questions.

First question: – Is it possible to crack a WiFi password?

Answer: Yes, you can crack a WiFi password but in few cases, it might take hours and there are many chances that you will succeed in cracking that password. That depends on WiFi password that how strong is that password.

How WiFi Password Crack/Find Works:-

Well, this is a big question, a WiFi crack actually works by matching a password and if that password will not match next password will be used by the bot which you can create or download an app to let it done for you. On the mean time you can also set which type of password that can be, if you do that it will take less time because a numerical password takes less time to crack than the alphanumerical with the special characters.

How you can crack a WiFi password:

crack wifi password
cracking wifi password

Below are the methods by using which you can actually crack a WiFi password and you should try these methods to crack WiFi password.

Using apps:

There are a bunch of apps available in play store by using which you can crack a WiFi password and that depends on that apps password dictionary and programming skills used by the programmer.

Most of the apps on the play store for cracking a wifi password is only available for rooted phones that mean you can still download them but they are not going to perform the cracking operation for you because the superUser access needed on those apps are not available on normal phones. You have to root your phone before going to start cracking any kind of password.

Using Kali Linux: 

Well, I know you have heard the name of this OS that let you do many things that Windows OS don’t let you do. Using Kali Linux we can create our own password dictionary and create a password finder in the terminal which let you find a password easily or rarely. Kali Linux is popular when we talk about the hacking because kali linux is one of the NOS(Network operating System) that means when we are going to perform an action on nerowrk we must neede an Operating system.

cracking wifi password with kali linux
cracking wifi password with Kali Linux

In Kali Linux there are many tools like Aircrack-ng which lets you capture a handshake from the WiFi network and after that, you have to crack that captured file or you need a dictionary to extract the password from that captured file. This method works very well if you have a good dictionary. You can also use Crunch like tools to generate your own password dictionary easily. Before working on these tools you must have some knowledge of basic Kali Linux commands because all of the cracking commands used that basic command and if you are master of those you can crack any kind of wifi password.

Using WPS Pins To Crack WiFi Password:

WPS stands for WiFi Protected setup which. It’s a pin authentication to use any WiFi network. In Kali Linux, you can use many tools like Reaver and HT-WPS breaker like tools which lets you break any WPS-enabled WiFi. Most of the routers these days comes with WPS enabled and you can crack WiFi password easily by cracking WPS pin.

Using Applications On Windows OS:

There are also a bunch of apps that let you find WiFi password but here you won’t have to use your own skills, the application will do all for you. Because basically Windows like 10,8,7 are not specifically known as Network Operating System So these kind of software on Windows have lot of limitation on any kind of cracking Opeartion but you can still use them when you are not performing a big task.

windows software to crack wifi password
windows software to crack wifi password
Note:- Cracking a WiFi is a criminal offense and I don’t recommend you to do so. There is also few chances that you will crack a WiFi password if you don’t have programming and Linux skills so don’t waste your time in such work.

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