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How To Cancel Order On Amazon, Cancellation Of Orders on Amazon

Amazon is one of the E-Commerce giants delivering their quality services to the customers. Millions of users visit Amazon app/website to buy things online. There are millions of sellers selling their goods and millions of daily users buying things in few clicks. E-Commerce has really solved people’s problems in shopping as there’s no need to visit malls, shops etc. one by one to buy the favorite things. All can be viewed and bought using the E-Commerce website only. But, there are many things we’ll have to take care of while purchasing things online and you probably be aware of frauds, bad goods etc. on online shopping websites. Most of the sellers are still banned but due to a huge number of sellers, it’s really hard to find the culprits. But, the good fact is that users can cancel their orders and can return them according to the return policy. If you’ve ordered something using Amazon and later want to cancel that order, you can do it within few clicks. There will be no charge for this. In this article, we’ve shown the process on how to cancel order on Amazon.

Sometimes we’ve ordered something in hurry without knowing more about the product. This happens many times or we later decided to buy something else rather than the thing we’ve already ordered. Almost every E-Commerce websites provide tracking facility to the customers so that they can track their good or can cancel the order anytime using the app or website. There’s no need to call customer care for this purpose.

It can also happen that someone has ordered something using your Amazon account without your concern. So, you should sign out of Amazon account from all non-private computer/mobile phones. Below are the detailed steps to cancel order on Amazon.

Step By Step Process To Cancel Order On Amazon (If Order Is Not Shipped)

  1. First, log in to your Amazon Account.
  2. Then click on your name on the menu. It’ll be written as Hello “Name“.cancel amazon order
  3. On next page, select Your Orders.cancel order using amazon app
  4. You’ll be taken to the page where all your ordered products will be displayed.
  5. Find the product you want to cancel. Click on Cancel Order to cancel order on amazon
  6. After this, a new page will appear where you need to choose the reason for the cancellation of the order. Select any of the reason.
  7. Select Cancel Selected Items.cancel order on amazon
  8. After this, you’ll get a message saying “This order has been canceled“.amazon order cancellation process
  9. Your Amazon order is now canceled and there’s no need to worry about that order now.

These are the complete steps to cancel order on Amazon if your Amazon order isn’t dispatched yet. But, if your order is dispatched, then the steps will be little different as shown below.

Cancel Amazon Order if Dispatched

If you can’t receive the Amazon order you’ve ordered due to any reason or decided to cancel it in the meantime e.g 1-2 days before product is about the reach you then it can be canceled using the Amazon app/website easily. There’s no need to contact sellers or customer care for this purpose.

If you’ve already paid the amount for the product, the refund will be initiated as per their policy. In fact, if you’ve received a call from the delivery agents, then refuse to get the delivery. Just tell them that you’ve canceled the order and there’s no need to do receive the product if you don’t want. You can then later open the Amazon app/website and can cancel the order. below are the steps for that.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and click on your Account name.
  2. Choose Your Orders from the options.
  3. A new page will appear where all your orders will be listed.
  4. Locate the order to cancel and then select Request Cancellation.
  5. Follow some formalities e.g reason behind the cancellation etc.
  6. Your order will be then canceled.

Note: If you can’t see the Request Cancellation option, then this means that order is out for delivery. You will receive the call from the delivery agents. All you need to tell them is to cancel the order. They’ll then cancel your order or if you want to schedule the order and want it later, this can also be done easily. Tell them to schedule or cancel the order.

This was the complete process how to cancel order on Amazon. If you’ve some queries regarding the process then comment down below and we’ll reply you soon.

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