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How To Delete Skype Account 2018

Skype is well known for the video and text chats with people all around the world. it was the first ever service which provides enhanced and rich video conference service to the people. Right now, millions of people are using Skype to stay connected with relatives from all around the world. Users using Skype can Text each other, can do video calls and video conference. This is what Skype is known for, also many business organizations are using Skype because of the Stale internet connection and many other reasons. But, what if we want to delete Skype account? There’s no option in the app to delete the Skype account and most users don’t know how to delete Skype account.

In fact, if we login to the Skype account using the Desktop web browser, we don’t see any Delete account option. So, it’s the mystery for people still but it ain’t what it seems to be. Actually, we can’t delete the Skype account but we can close our Entire Microsoft account. Now, once we’ve closed the Skype account, all the Micsoroft related services like Xbox, Mail, Drive and so on will be deleted too. Hence, Skype account closure will close all other services also. Most people prefer to change the Skype name which isn’t the real name and changing all the information so that they can’t be found on the Skype as Skype account closure will delete all the Microsoft related services. We all knew that username in the Skype can’t be changed. So, if you don’t have any option to hide your identity on the Skype, you should move all the user data from current Microsoft account to new one so that you can close the Microsoft account and this will close the Skype account too.

Steps To Delete Skype Account

Note: Once you’ve submitted the Microsoft account closure forum, Microsoft will wait for 60 days to completely delete your Account data. After 60 days you won’t be able to retrieve your data back. In case, you want your data back, simply log in to your Account and you’ll get the guide to restore your account or data. but, after 60 days there’ll be no option. So, make sure that you’ve backup of all the data associated with that Microsoft account. You should spend all the money etc. linked to that account. Make your whole account empty and ready to be deleted.

Recommended Procedure To Delete Skype Account

We recommend you to change your Skype-related information and this is almost similar to Skype account closure. As deleting your MS account might be frustrating for you. So, why not delete your General information like Gravatar, Name, Email address etc from the Skype? It’s easy and there’s no need to close the MS account. In Skype, users can change the Email address of the Skype and can add up to 3 Email accounts. However, linked MS account can’t be deleted or changed but profile Email address can e changed. Below are the steps to remove your General information from the Skype.

  1. Log in to your Skype account using the web browser. Visit and enter your login credentials.
  2. Now, click on Edit Profile option on the left side of the screen and a new page will appear.edit skype profile
  3. Simple again click on Edit and scroll down, enter your new Email address and click Set As Primary.change skype email
  4. Remove old Email address by clearing the input box. and save the changes.
  5. Change your Gravatar to the blank image or any cartoonist or nature character.
  6. Change Skype name by editing the name input fields and you’re done.
  7. Save all the changes. You’ve hidden all your general Skype information. (Similar to Skype account closure)

Steps To Delete Skype Account Completely

Users who want to completely delete their Skype account should follow the steps given below. but, we want you again that all the Microsoft related data and everything associated with the account will be deleted. (In short, you’re deleting the MS account, not the Skype account alone).


  1. Visit this page here.
  2. Now, log in with your MS account by entering the login credentials. (Make sure you’ve entered the right Microsoft Account Email address).
  3. Now, you’ll get important instruction from Microsoft regarding the closure of the account. Read all of them to delete skype account
  4. After reading all the instructions, click account closure
  5. Select all the Option to confirm that you’re ready to lose all the data and access to services related to that account.accept all the options
  6. Now, submit the form and within 60 days your account will be removed completely. You can login within 60 days and can save your account from completely closing.

Note: All the Skype-related information will also be deleted after 60 days. So, be patience.

We hope you like all the information on this page. Now, you should be able to delete Skype account. If you still have queries, feel free to comment down below. We’ll reply you as soon as possible with the right answer.

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