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How To Do Subscript In Word Document (Subscript and Superscript)

Subscript and superscripts are really very important while creating a document. If we want to write formulas, chemical equations etc. in Word page, we obviously need to put subscript and superscripts in Word. Without them, our document will not look better and it will be less attractive to the eyes of the readers. Even if we don’t use superscript to show the power of any number or to write a chemical equation etc. Then it would be very difficult for readers to figure out what actually is written on the screen. In old times not all editors know how to insert subscript or superscript to into the document which is being written by them using a computer. Even not all the software support this feature which was also a big headache. But, with the rise in use and features of Microsoft Word, it becomes easy to do subscript and superscript into the Word document page. We’ve given a complete guide on how to do subscript in Word and superscript in Word.

In Word document, the typography of sub&superscrpt isn’t like the reduced size of the digits or the text., They’ve given the heavy texture and design to them as usual text in the Word. This makes them good looking and we can do any type of typography on them using the Word. it’s very useful as while writing the formulae and printing it later on the paper will actually make it difficult for the user to read it properly if the size of the sub or the superscript is just reduced.But, if the font is visually consistent with all the rest fonts, then it becomes easy and familiar for the reader to use that thing printed on the paper.

With the rise in technology and use of mathematics in the study, we’re using complex codes and formulas to represent most of the things in our daily life. Like in Chemistry we’re using formulas to write the name and reaction of the chemicals in the short form.

Many people don’t know that how they can use subscript or the postscript in their Word document. So, in this article, we’ll be exactly showing you how to do subscript in Word document. it’s very easy and quick, the only thing you need is that you should know the steps to do this. Follow the guide in this article to know how to do subscript in Word.

How To Do Subscript In Word Document

  1. Open a New Document in Word.
  2. Now, write the formulae or any text inside the word.
  3. Make sure you’re on the Home tab.
  4. You’ll get the Subscript option in the home tab toolbox to do subscript in word
  5. Click on the subscript and then type the value you want as to do superscript in word
  6. Once you’ve entered the value make sure you’ve unchecked the sub-script option from the toolbar menu.
  7. Press Ctrl+S to save the document.

This is the simple way you can use to write anything in the Word as the subscript. The steps are too simple and quick. But if you’re not satisfied with its word, you can select the text to be set as subscript and set its find size to low. This is how it’ll work fine.

How To Do Superscript In Word Document

To use the superscript the steps are almost similar.

  1. Open a New Document in Word document.
  2. Now, write the text on which you want to add superscript.
  3. Now, choose the Superscript from the options available in the Home tab menu.choose sub or super script from home tab menu
  4. Type the text to set as superscript and then uncheck the superscript option.raise to power in word
  5. Save the document by pressing Ctrl+S.

Using this way, you can easily enter superscript text into the Word document.

Using The Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys are used to do something quickly as there’s no need to select an option from the screen. Like if we want to create a new document in Word, we need to click on File>New. But, if we simply press Ctrl+N on the keyboard a New Document will be created instantly. This is the importance of the Shortcuts. There are many shortcuts we can use in Microsoft Word. We have the list of Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys and you should check this out. Below are the shortcuts you can use to use subscript or superscript in Word document.

  • For Subscript: Ctrl + =
  • For Superscript: Ctrl + Shift + +

We now hope that you’re able to do subscript in Word document. But, if you’re still having the problem or have some questions regarding the process then comment down below and we’ll try to help you out in every possible way.

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