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How to Download Torrent Files with IDM

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the first choice of most of the desktop users. It’s because of easy to use interface and features. When it comes to downloading games and movies, you probably head towards the torrent websites. Torrent websites are the best place to find almost every content for free. There are millions of torrent files users download these days. To download a torrent you need software like uTorrent to connect to the peers and servers so that you can download the required files. However, some users aren’t satisfied with the download speed and interface that uTorrent and other torrent downloaders provide. They want to download torrent files with IDM. It’s due to features and downloading window interface IDM provides to users.

There are many ways you’ve been reading on the internet to download torrent files with IDM. But most of them aren’t working or downloading speed is very slow. It becomes very frustrating but in this article, you’ll get working method which will help you to download torrent files with IDM. These methods work with all download managers and you can download torrent files with download manager easily. There are many websites providing this service. You can use them for free and can generate an download link which can be used on any download manager to download files.

We have tested three websites which work best in this case. No only you’ll be able to download torrent files with IDM but your download speed will also be increased.

Download Torrent Files With IDM

There are three web services we’ll be introducing you to download the torrent files using any download manager like IDM. These services are totally free but you can also sign up for a paid account if you like their services. Below is the step by step method to start downloading IDM files by IDM.

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1.Offcloud Service

This free service is one of the best ways to download our torrent files using any download manager like IDM. This service is totally free but users have some limits like limited download servers and number of downloads per months. Download speed on this website is very amazing and speed will be increased up to 2X. There are many paid subscriptions for unlimited download.

download torrent files using idm


You need magnet link to download the torrent files using IDM from Offcloud. Also, you can download files from any browser or download manager as Offcloud will generate a direct download link. You can even subscribe to their paid services to enjoy more features. Below are the steps you should follow:

Step 1. Download the .torrent file if you don’t have magnet link. You can also copy magnet link as most of the torrent websites provides magnet link.

Step 2. If you don;t have magnet link, open the downloaded .torrent file with uTorrent or any other torrent downloader and copy the magnet link.

Step 3. Visit Offcloud and create your account. Paste that magnet link there and click on download.

Step 4. You download will start automatically in the browser, but you can copy the download link and add it to IDM.

Step 5. Enjoy your download with IDM. Also, you’ll feel some boost in download as Offcloud has good servers to increase your download speed.

This is the simplest and fastest way to download your any torrent file using Internet Download Manager. Though, if you didn’t like this service below are some other services that might fulfill your requirements.

2. BitPort Service

This is another amazing service and very useful to download torrent files using IDM.

how to download torrent files using idm


However, this service won’t be boosting your download speed as much as Offcloud does, but you can try this service for free. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Go to BitPort website and create a new account. You need to enter your Email.

Step 2. You’ll get a confirmation Email, confirm your account to fully activate your account.

Step 3. Now, you’ll get options on screen to put magnet link or upload a torrent file.

Step 4. If you have magnet link, put it there otherwise upload a .torrent file from your PC and click on Continue.

Step 5. Wait till their servers have finished their processing. You’ll get a download link after some time.

Step 6. Copy the download link and paste it in the IDM to download the torrent using IDM.

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3. Putdrive Service

This is another great service where you can generate a direct link to download torrent files. This service is also free up to some limits. You need to create an account on the website. Download speed is not that much amazing but it’s the best alternative if Offcloud doesn’t work in your case. Follow the steps given below:

Step1. Visit Putdrive website and create a free account there.

Step2. Now, login to your account and upload your .torrent file. Wait till the file is successfully uploaded and their servers have created a download link.

Step3. Once your download link is generated, copy the download link and put it in IDM.

Step 4. Start your download and enjoy torrent file downloading with IDM.



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